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My online experience was actually pretty well! Almost all of my teachers were really good about helping me and still teaching me through an online platform. There was only one teacher that would not put in my grades correctly and did not fix them after saying they would.
My experience with Ozarks Technical Community College was great! I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would for a community college. If I could change anything it would be more places available for studying!
Fantastic program and teachers, there school is easy to understand and more then willing to help you if there's something you don't get.
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The teachers, instructions, and overall setup for the online program at OTC is beyond great. I was really scared about going back to school, they have made learning fun and easy.
I've only had one semester there and what I lied about Ozark Technical College is navigating the college and learning the different roles and stuff that will help you succeed in college was one of my favorite classes.
I think the online it's just fine I wish we did a lot more zoom so I understood it more but I like Idea that we have the option. I have learned a lot doing online classes so it has taught me a lot and I also changed my degree to Criminal Justice minor in business
Ozarks Technical Community College I think is a very good college, not perfect, but for a community college, it is absolutely one of the best and for anyone wanting to go into a community college, I would highly Recommend OTC. The people are very nice, extremely resourceful, the classes are nice and fun, they offer a good amount of work-study programs and scholarships you can apply for, they are always willing to help you in any situation, the majority of classes are transferable to most if not all other colleges in Missouri.
I am not taking any of my classes online. However, I am using Canvas for my textbooks and I think that it works extremely well and is well organized.
due to the pandemic i was stuck with online school but it was overall an okay experience it was a bit diffcult though to transition to on campus to online.
some of my professors took longer to reply to question i had on some assignments but other were pretty good to messaging me back
Staff was always helpful and there for you. Teachers were generally pretty great, although there was definitely room for improvement in some as always. Classes were easy to attend/schedule, and the campus was nice and clean. Parking isn't too bad, as I have seen and had worse at other colleges. Transferring was easy, and they made it smooth. Overall, a smart choice for students to get general eds done and get their Associate's before moving on to specialized classes and a Bachelor's.
I had quite a few classes online. They were generally pretty easy to navigate, and for the most part teachers seemed up-to-date enough to use Canvas. There were definitely some teachers who had little to no experience with technology or with the Canvas program and had difficulty creating assignments/tests properly, but usually they were flexible and would try to fix any issues. Materials are easy to access, and somehow I even managed to do Biology labs online. Overall, a decent experience.
Online learning has been super easy this year with the help of OTC staff and resources. They also make communicating via online easy.
I love Ozarks Technical Community College! Great professors that actually care about your success. Smaller class sizes are easier for one on one learning. There are lots of different career opportunities. They also have multiple locations making traveling to school easy.
My professors had the option to choose online learning or in-person learning following Thanksgiving and that option was very nice. My teachers have taken advantage of that choice and been very successful with their choice to remain online.
I have really enjoyed my time at OTC! The classes are very small and comfortable and the learning environment is very engaging and positive. I have enjoyed the small campus and intimate interactions with my classmates and professors. I'm able to express my thoughts comfortably and I enjoy the overall experience I've had at OTC.
I'm making this rating on behalf of the Hearing Instrument Science Program at OTC. I loved OTC as a school, great place to get an education. However, DO NOT join the HIS program! Complete waste of time and money. The instructors were cliquey and rude. You graduate completely underprepared for the workforce. I work in the field and have yet to pass my licensing exam that they assured had a 99% pass rate when I was signing up for the program (I've talked to alumni who also haven't passed after at least 3x). I've taken it 2x and have paid over $500 so far. Pretty ridiculous, I'm trying to pass an exam for something I'm already doing. They also forgot to mention that there are NO jobs in Springfield. You have to relocate. The instructors gave no focus on the matter of sales techniques. The entire field revolves around sales with most clinics being commission only. It's a racquet. I have coworkers who got licensed on the 1st try through the IHS Learning Course (only $900 and takes weeks).
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Classes online were made very easy through Canvas. It's very organized, especially if you have a teacher that uses it correctly. I appreciated the flexibility of online classes.
Online learning through OTC has been top notch. All the professors I have had are all very good at communicating.
OTC is the best and most adorable way to work toward your college degree. They have so many hands on programs as well. They always have their students best interests in mind.
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