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The school is nice in general. They offer a variety of majors. I was in culinary school and enjoyed my first year, however my second year was very unorganized and teachers changed multiple times. I felt that the program could use some work.
Ozarka is a great community college. The faculty are more than helpful and kind. The courses are a breeze with the help offered. All you have to do is give it all you got.
Ozarka College has very helpful staff and lots of classes to choose from based on what you are interested in. Ozarka College has been a life-changing experience and I'm going to miss everyone there once I transfer.
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Ozarka bases their course load on the majority of their students, which are single parents. I would like to see more areas of study in the curriculum.
This is an awesome little community college with great teachers and great programs! I have received a lot of support going here and teachers that have gone above and beyond to help their students.
For a community college Ozarka College is wonderful. I transferred into Ozarka from another community college and Ozarka was so much better. The quality of education at Ozarka is wonder and the college is designed for student success...not all community are...Ozarka is wonderful!!
This college is in a small town in the Ozarks. From humble beginnings this school has come so far. I can't complain about my experience here but there are some things that I wish were different. I do not think the classes prepared me well for transferring to a University. I think that the curriculum was a bit elementary and very easy to pull high grades. I also wish there were more diversity (there was not even a foreign language offered.) I think it is important to have different types of people and experiences in college and I can't say that Ozarka fufilled it. I also didn't feel like I was part of anything. This school is just where I went to learn and right when my classes were over I left. I didn't hear about any clubs or organizations and I didn't see any participation either. I think it would be in the school's best interest to encourage their students to interact a bit more, even if it is just a student/teacher appreciation day!
The teachers spend time with you and teach in a way that you get it. If you still don't get what is being taught, they will put it in different ways till you get it. If you don't want to bother the teachers further, there are numerous tutors on campus that will help you with whatever class you are taking. I love that in everything you do, the teachers and the staff encourage you and they don't really feel like teachers, but your friends. They help you to build/choose your career field if you are still undecided, and they also help you to transfer to other universities gradually, so when the time comes it is not a hassle for you. I would like to see more clubs and activities to get students involved more, other than that, the school is great overall.
The campus is very nice and maintained. All of the professors are nice and very helpful! The classes were enjoyable, they were very educational and fun.
I've not had one bad experience with Ozarka. Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful. They care and want you to succeed.
I love starting at Ozarka made my transition very easy from high school to college. This college made my stress levels decrease.
I wish that there were night and weekend classes, but I manage. Transferring credits here was very easy, no complaints.
The grading and communication from student to teacher is fast and effective. All directions are clear and easy to understand. Sometimes I do feel like I am in an in-person class because we communicate very often.
I feel like the professors care about their students and want them to do well. However, I think there is too much online. When I sign up for an in-person class I expect it to be that.
There isn't too much value of a degree from this school because the highest degree is only an associates. Employers do not come to this school very often. I haven't heard much about the career center, if there is one.
I think that some of the classes could be a bit more challenging. I am only able to get my associates at the school I'm currently attending. I don't think that the jobs are plentiful enough. I feel like this school caters to students that don't have financial stability, but doesn't put as much effort into students that have a good financial background. Most of the jobs are work-study jobs, therefore they aren't available to me. I think there should be more opportunities for students that are not on financial aid.
Teachers and the rest of the staff are very helpful. They always believe in you and what you want to do. Having someone on your side means alot!
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The 2 years i have spent here at Ozarka were both exciting and eye-opening. I have learned a lot while attending Ozarka.
The teachers are always there to help you if you do not understand something!
The staff is just like family and they actually care about your success in the future!
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