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I have gone on a tour there and all my pastors graduated from ther and it is the best place to recieve a Biblical education. Professors and students click well and it really feels like a good community to be a part of.
Ozark is an amazing school with a lot of ministry opportunity to get a feel into ministry and challenge your faith.
It's an amazing university! The professors are extremely educated and truly care about the students. Many professors are widely known and have remarkable contributions to society. The student life is great; it is a community of super respectful and fun students.
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I love my school! At Ozark you learn how to learn and be prepared for life in ministry. The staff and professors actually care about you as a person and it is a great environment to learn. The workload is challenging, but you learn so much.
Being a freshman in college in another state seemed terrifying to me, but Ozark is strong on the aspect of community. It did not take me long to find a group of friends to connect with. Very quickly the school gave me connections to the outside community like churches and different volunteer opportunities available. Ozark loves connecting and serving people. Being at Ozark has given me a sense of belonging and purpose, even if I do not know what I want to pursue in the future. The love I have experience here at this college is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and for that I am truly grateful.
Judgemental hypocrites that don't know how to mind their business. The love of money is more important than the student.
Ozark is a wonderful Bible-based college. I have complete respect for their values and rules. It is a great environment to be in as a college Freshman!
I seriously love Ozark Christian College. The professors display great care in the students and their education, and go out of their way to help is excel. I feel challenged daily to shape my character to look more like Christ. I never consider leaving Ozark.
It is a very safe campus. I haven't heard of any crime happening.
The student body loves to show support of the sports teams.
What makes Ozark Christian College unique is that the student body is so close and friendly with each other.
We learn so much here. Most of what we learn is related to the Bible or ministry, so it is easy to be passionate about studies. The workload is a lot, but we learn so much.
We are not a very diverse campus and the administration is aware of that. Scholarships are offered to encourage more racially diverse students to attend.
We do not have a problem with drugs and alcohol at Ozark. If you partake, you will probably be kicked out for a semester or two.
There is always a security guard on campus, but there is not much for them to find. I have not heard of any serious crimes.
There are almost always people on campus recruiting Ozark students for jobs. Sometimes, they are recruiting for a summer position or internship and sometimes they are looking for full time positions. Some people specifically want Ozark students because they know we are hard workers.
Professors are passionate about what they teach. They all have different styles and I click with some better than others, but all of them are great. We generally have smaller classes, which is great for classroom discussions. The workload is a lot and kind of overwhelming, but we learn a lot and the professors are gracious in their grading.
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The dorms at Ozark are not known for being fancy. The rooms are functional. The physical property of the dorms are not the highlight of dorm life. The highlight of dorm life is the people. Dorm living keeps you surrounded by Christian community. On this small campus, the dorms are also close to everything.
Greek Life is not a thing at Ozark. To be honest, I don't even know what Greek Life is. But people do learn Biblical languages here, which includes Greek. I think it is way cooler to learn Greek than to identify yourself with three Greek letters.
Honestly, I don't care about sports. Other people do and that's great, I just never have. That being said, what I know about the athletic department is that teams are a great opportunity for community. I have never been to a game, so I don't know what game attendance is like.
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