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I really enjoy how Oxnard College provides a variety of career programs as for I have just started the Fire Technology program. This campus is very clean and presentable and a great choice if deciding to start at a community college or perhaps choose a career program.
My experience with Oxnard College has been amazing. Most of my instructors are very well informed with the material that they cover. The campus is relatively small which I enjoy. Every staff member that I encounter have been friendly and offer to help me with any questions that I have. The atmosphere and environment are very amiable.
Oxnard College has some really great professors, so definitely look on rate my professor before signing up for a class! They definitely need to update the class rooms. The desks they have are terribly small.
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The school is relatively small but it has a friendly atmosphere. The teachers are very accommodating and knowledgeable on their subjects. The student affairs are also very much engaged in helping new students adjust to college life
Oxnard College is a great college. So far my experience there has been great professors are very helpful and understanding. The only thing I have had issues with is speaking with counselors sometimes they are very busy, but at the same time its understandable during final weeks.
What I would like to see change are some of the staff members. Those who continue to receive poor evaluations should not teach at this school.
The campus is open and welcoming to most, but not as much for older students. The approach to learning disabilities is inadequate as students are required to identify themselves and their disabilities to all instructors. Not enough social science courses.
Being the first person to attend college in my family and choosing to attend to Oxnard College was awesome. They made me feel welcomed and answered my questions. The staff was friendly and truly cared about my goals and education.
The staff is helpful the professors actually care about the knowledge and skills they provide you. They makes sure they provide every tool you need In Order to be successful in achieving our career goals.
Oxnard College is a wonderful college a little hard staff to understand but you will survive when walking into the campus you will notice the nice land properties and the wonderful new structures of the buildings. Teachers are very helpful have not really had a tough professors awesome tutors and help like i said staff such as the financial aid office can be kind of rude when it comes to help and advice. Waiting for counselors is not to long of a wait as well registration process is just like any college you will see. Overall a perfect campus to use a stepping stone to your 4 year institutions.
I have had a pleasant experience, even though I have only attended 3 classes here. Mainly, due to the fact that I am applying to their Dental Hygiene program and that I also live a couple miles away. It has grown for the better in the last ten years, and I'm glad because its making the city of Oxnard a better place too.
I am only a freshman and have just about finished my first semester.It has been 35 years since my high school days and I have nothing to compare it too. If I must say something, than say the professors are going out of there way to make sure I pass and earn a career.
Very well organized campus and faculty ready to assist every step of the way. Smaller campus but very diverse.
Over all, teachers genuinely care about their students succeeding. The school has improved a lot with new buildings and better services for students. Near beaches, so good weather all year.
Oxnard College is a small community college but has great professors. Since the school is small, students have the opportunity to have that one-to-one learning environment. the only thing that would be nice to change is the campus life, in which students can be more involved in clubs and in group activities.
Ive been attending Oxnard college sadly I did not qualify for any financial aid bit its not an issue because The proffessors at Oxnard college and the student services are totally worth spending my money on, overall Oxnard college Is a great school really good counselors too, they really seem to appreciate there visits.
I went to the library here. I was helped out very easily and the environment was nice. I did very well on my test the very next day while studying here.
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I like how the college helps their students and provides them with various resources regarding from financial aid help to transferring and different ways to get involved in and outside the college. Overall I really enjoyed my time at the college, the staff and students are very kind and helpful they make you feel welcomed and apart of the college.
They are starting to offer more classes in my career field and i am grateful for that.
I enjoy going to Oxnard College. They are always very helpful when i go in with questions and are on top of helping other students.
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