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I like how the campus atmosphere wasn't just teens and young adults, and there's nothing wrong with that but seen other older adults like myself past 50 years of age. I think I also seen a couple of women in there 70's and I seen an older gentleman of 80 years old or more how cool was that and the young teens weren't rude or crude to me and I think the others. I thank The LORD that I haven't had a bad experience with the other students and I hope and pray it stays that way. Of a truth GOD is great always!
As a student , it has been a great experience attending Oxnard College. The teachers love their job. They make you want to learn. From the classes I've had , the have been very hands on which has helped me learn very quickly and acquire a lot of experience. I feel its helped the college been so hands on. The cafeteria is run by the culinary class , they give affordable dental cleanings and checks at the dental assistant class and there's many more ways classes are involved with the college. The way they go out to high schools and recruit students has been a positive impact on the college and the students.As far as for safety, they offer a campus escorts to take you to your car during the time your night classes end, and I was very surprised to hear that. Overall the campus is very clean. Some classrooms do need remodeling but it is a great experience attending.
Oxnard college is a great community college, although the campus is small it has the best professors. I’m a freshman and the staffs are really helpful, they have different programs that could help you with your needs.
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I’m happy to be going to this school. Oxnard College has a great environment, professors & counselors are very nice and try to help as much as they can. Will definitely recommend anyone interested going to school
My experience at Oxnard College has been great. I just received my Associate's degree in Natural Science, and I will be entering the Dental Hygiene program at Oxnard College in August 2018. Since I started my academic journey at Oxnard College, the professors and counselors have made themselves known as approachable and exemplary in providing guidance. As a first-generation college graduate, I am so proud to be accomplishing my academic milestones at Oxnard College.
As a Junior at Oxnard College, being a student at this institution for two years has really helped me become exposed to different things. The campus has so much to offer, students only have to be willing to take advantage of the rich resources provided. I have been able to navigate my way through college easily with the help of the wonderful counselors and staff, which have been a great help.
Despite what outsiders may think, Oxnard College is a wonderful school! It has become a second home to me, and I will definitely be coming back during summer whenever I want to take extra classes. The faculty are all caring and truly do want the students to succeed. Our Student Government also does everything in their power to represent students and help them out, whether it's by connecting with us through their listening campaigns, or by creating a meal voucher program so students can have access to the hot food we have on campus. Speaking of which, OC is the only school in the district to provide hot food to students! Everyone at Oxnard College is always willing to help to the best of their abilities and have made it possible for me to be able to graduate within 2 years with an over 3.5 GPA. Choosing to attend Oxnard College has been the best decision of my life, and I wouldn't change my experience here for anything.
My experience with Oxnard College has been great since the day I started all my instructors have been fantastic and so has my counselor this is a great community college to attend.
I really enjoy how Oxnard College provides a variety of career programs as for I have just started the Fire Technology program. This campus is very clean and presentable and a great choice if deciding to start at a community college or perhaps choose a career program.
My experience with Oxnard College has been amazing. Most of my instructors are very well informed with the material that they cover. The campus is relatively small which I enjoy. Every staff member that I encounter have been friendly and offer to help me with any questions that I have. The atmosphere and environment are very amiable.
Oxnard College has some really great professors, so definitely look on rate my professor before signing up for a class! They definitely need to update the class rooms. The desks they have are terribly small.
The school is relatively small but it has a friendly atmosphere. The teachers are very accommodating and knowledgeable on their subjects. The student affairs are also very much engaged in helping new students adjust to college life
Oxnard College is a great college. So far my experience there has been great professors are very helpful and understanding. The only thing I have had issues with is speaking with counselors sometimes they are very busy, but at the same time its understandable during final weeks.
What I would like to see change are some of the staff members. Those who continue to receive poor evaluations should not teach at this school.
The campus is open and welcoming to most, but not as much for older students. The approach to learning disabilities is inadequate as students are required to identify themselves and their disabilities to all instructors. Not enough social science courses.
Being the first person to attend college in my family and choosing to attend to Oxnard College was awesome. They made me feel welcomed and answered my questions. The staff was friendly and truly cared about my goals and education.
The staff is helpful the professors actually care about the knowledge and skills they provide you. They makes sure they provide every tool you need In Order to be successful in achieving our career goals.
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Oxnard College is a wonderful college a little hard staff to understand but you will survive when walking into the campus you will notice the nice land properties and the wonderful new structures of the buildings. Teachers are very helpful have not really had a tough professors awesome tutors and help like i said staff such as the financial aid office can be kind of rude when it comes to help and advice. Waiting for counselors is not to long of a wait as well registration process is just like any college you will see. Overall a perfect campus to use a stepping stone to your 4 year institutions.
I have had a pleasant experience, even though I have only attended 3 classes here. Mainly, due to the fact that I am applying to their Dental Hygiene program and that I also live a couple miles away. It has grown for the better in the last ten years, and I'm glad because its making the city of Oxnard a better place too.
I am only a freshman and have just about finished my first semester.It has been 35 years since my high school days and I have nothing to compare it too. If I must say something, than say the professors are going out of there way to make sure I pass and earn a career.
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