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I've been attending Owens for 2 years now. It's a very comfortable school with a simple atmosphere and diverse crowd. If there is one thing I would like to see change with Owens, it would be the full inclusion of the four-year programs they've been working on.
I like that everyone is willing to help. I am in the Radiology program and all the instructors are great! They love seeing each student succeed, and their doors are always open to help you any way they can!
Owens is a very good two year college. It is much cheaper then other schools and the credits you earn are easily transferable. The whole process was easily, and they are advisers who help every step of the way so you are not on your own. The teachers are very helpful as well.They are many resources, such as tutoring, to help students achieve academic success. The courses are offered in class and online. I like the whole atmosphere of this school.
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The campus is great. Everyone works hard. Instructors can provide more one-on-one attention. The Hospitality Management Program was too focused on the culinary experience. Many classes focused around food and beverage instead of hotels, cruise ships, theme parks, etc. Being in a program is nice because the instructors have first-hand experience in the industry and can help you network and learn your skills. It is a resume enhancer but I have still struggled to find a job even a year after graduation.
Good local college, basic classes to take before transferring to a University, not a party school. Not much of a campus.
They are helpful and the campus is small, I like that. They have a variety of programs both associate degrees or certificates.
Owens is a very affordable way to start off. The classes will transfer to all of my four year college choices. There are no dorms or housing and little to eat on campus, but housing and food are not too far away. There are many clubs, but no christian clubs at this time. With no on campus housing there is no party scene, but I see that as a good thing. The campus is very diverse and I do not feel like there is much racial tension on campus. All of my professors are very helpful and do a great job at giving students a top notch education and preparing you for a four year college or a job in your field.
Owens is great! I previously attended UT and switch I don't regret my decision what so ever The class sizes are smaller and this really allows for a teacher student connections It allows for the teachers really help you when you need it and also has programs of tutoring like bigger university's do The wide range of people that go there is great Young, adults even people who are grandparents go there it has quite a mix of people It's encouraging to see this wide range of ages going back to school and Owens is very accommodating to the different age groups. They even have transportation around the campus and will even take you to the learning center that is about 15 -20 minutes away from the campus. Campus is a decent size but is small enough to walk to your classes and make it there on time. The programs they have are career ready Allows you to get into the work force as soon as you finish. Owens is hands down the best decision I've ever made and wish I would of chose there sooner.
The professors are amazing! They're all about helping their students learn. Whether it's staying after class or meeting with students at the library on their own time, the professors help their students strive to be the best of their abilities.
This college has been an amazing experience for I have learned a lot. From the time I was accepted to now. I have had many ups and downs here, but then again its college , so it is going to be challenging. I have a few favorite professors that I recommend in the culinary field they are Chef Edward and Chef bill. They both have truly helped me through my culinary journey. They have push me to do better and showed me in techniques.
The staff is so friendly and helpful. They made dealing with financial aid and credit transfers a breeze. The Veteran's office contacted me immediately because I am the spouse of a veteran. I thought returning to school at 50 would be difficult but they made me feel so welcome and the Dual Admissions program with the University of Toledo is awesome!
Great bang for your buck, free gym with tuition, large library, and close to my home. The professors are determined to help you succeed and are hands on. The courses are challenging, but doable if you work full time.
Owens is great. I have an associate's degree in Networking and Information Systems Assistance through them. I am currently working towards an associate's degree in Business Administration, which I intend to transfer over to The University of Toledo to get a bachelor's degree.

The quality of the education you get for the price you pay is excellent. College credits are only a fraction of what you pay at a four year institute and, coupled with the smaller classes, can be of equal or greater quality than lecture halls.

Many professors have legitimate business experience (some of my professors worked at IBM, Rudolf Libbe, etc.), so they know what they're teaching.

Overall Owens is clearly above the competition in terms of community colleges. It is absolutely recommended for people who want a basic college education or the ability to take courses to transfer to a four year institute.
The staff is amazing. I really love the student services and writing/math centers. The centers are right by each other and are easy to find and full of amazing people that will help you out tremendously.
Owens Community college is in a perfect school for getting your basic classes out of the way before transferring to your preferred college it helps save money compared to other colleges or universities that charge more for basic classes compared to Owens. The class locations are always convenient and usually keeps their campuses clean. I would like to see Owens more spirited towards their college though. Most teachers are helpful and are willing to assist after class hours, some can be too easy while others average.
Love the effort they put into making everyone feel included. I enjoy my classes and the price but wish they had more classes available at different times.
I love Owens. I always feel on the campus. They have wonderful events throughout the year happening. Classes are small and the professors are awesome. I would recommend everyone to apply to this college.
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Owens Community College is a great affordable option. I’m currently a student at OCC majoring in biology. OCC has saved me thousand and I have had a great experience!
Small classes and small campus! Teachers can cater to you and help you succeed in their classes. Great specialized programs.
I have been at Owens Community college for 2 1/2 years going part time. I absolutely love the college. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the professors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My only wish was that Owens was a 4 year college.
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