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I have been at Owens Community college for 2 1/2 years going part time. I absolutely love the college. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the professors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My only wish was that Owens was a 4 year college.
Owens is a great school, and you can't beat the price.
The advising staff will work with you to get you where you want to be.
Transferring was simple.
Professors , for the most part are university quality.
I started at Owens right after I graduated from high school (Fall 2015) . I like Owens because its a smaller school, which means students can get more one on one time with teachers and staff if they need any help/advice. I also like Owens for my majors teachers. Since my major (Exercise Science) is so small, there are only two teachers for my major. Both are very kind and help out whenever/however they can.
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I absolutely love and enjoy my time at Owens. I wish there was a better lunch selection, instead of just the fire side grill and Subway.
Just getting enrollee at Owens for the first time. The process has been great and they are so helpful!
Application process is super easy. Many classes are scheduled throughout the day as well as online class. Very easy for working and family orientated students.
It has been good so far. Very helpful especially since I'm in my 50's entering back too school. Smaller classes. I just wish they have credit for for life experience, I mean all colleges I wish they did more with that. Also the scholarships area is weak, it's like these colleges do not want to help with that, you must figure it out on your own. They need someone to assist more with that at all university and 2yrs colleges.
I honestly am in love with Owens. The professor's are not perfect, but they are incredibly knowledgeable about their subjects. I have really enjoyed all of my classes so far, and my adviser is perfect at suggesting classes and professors. There's also a lot of help to be found if you might be struggling in a class, and OServe is a great deal of help as well. If you are looking for a two-year community college I definitely recommend Owens.
This is a great school and it prepares you for either a career with your two year degree or to transfer to a four year college. The faculty and staff are excellent and care about your education and want to see you excel.
Owens is a great place if your looking to save some money but planning to transfer to a four year university, although some of the classes are not very preparing for a University.
Most of the classes are decent in terms of the professors' way of teaching and level of difficulty. Unfortunately, I've come across some classes that are, in my opinion, high school level( take home exam, open book exams, no true structure). The tuition cost is lower than other local colleges( to be expected). I like the ease of transferring and the ability to pursue a 4 yr degree through the linking of Owens and another school.
I loved how small the class sizes were. I felt that my teachers got to know me well and that will be important in the future for recommendation letters.
I am working on my second degree from Owens and I love the community. For a small community college, they definitely try to build a strong student life engagment base by having multiple types of events. It definitely feels more like a university - if there was student housing.
My experience at Owens has been an absolute roller coaster ride, with me starting my college career in high school with Post Secondary. Once I graduated high school I took a year off school, to earn money, and if we're being real, I didn't save so well that money very well. However when I decided to come back to Owens it was super easy transition, I was able to come right back to the same adviser I had two years prior. Grades, and classes, and everything I needed was still in place, and no hassle on my end. One thing I would change about Owens however is that Sometimes classes are rescheduled with no notice, and you have to find out when you get to the class. Other than that, Owens is great, and a college I fully intend of finishing my associates degree at!
Owens is a great college for those who want to pursue a career through education while working at the same time. Their flexible schedules help students get classes at almost anytime during the day and a low student to professior ratio helps ensure the students will be helped personally by their professor. The tuition is very affordable and i believe the education earned there will pay for itsself.
I havent transfer credits yet but i have a flexible schedule :)
I haven't had experiences on online courses but i know people who loves them and helps them a lot.
Review Owens Community College
The quality is awesome people work hard at owens and treat us right. I wish it was a university but its only a college i plan to transfer later on to get my biology bachelors.
If I'm having trouble the professors will be there and work it out with me.
The students/ workers are really nice and respectful. The quality is really good.
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