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Our faculty sees us as professionals and everyone shares excitement for our professional path. This is a small program with very tight family feel. Our instructors guide us rather that shove us into practice. They are always standing with us as they challenge us, never letting us give up. The faculty of the college as a whole are supportive of everyone in the college. The police department is always making sure we are safe on campus and the advisors are always helpful in choosing the right path for our success. I am happy to have chosen Owens Community College to begin my career.
Owens has ben an experience lasting a lifetime, because of the diverity of people and class sizes. Professors make it more personal because they seem to have that care for students.
Overall I've been very impressed with the Owens Landscape and Turfgrass Management program. From working in greenhouses and nurseries to learning about the chemical makeup of soils, Owens LTM has really taught me a lot in the last year.
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Owens Community College has helped me not be afraid to learn to the best of my ability. It showed me that at all walks of life, everyone has come together to do one thing which is learn and have fun while doing it! My success truly started here :)
I'm a college credit plus student at Owen's and I have already taken one class. It was a good experience because I get to see how college is before actually starting. The professors are friendly and you can go to them if you have questions. I love how the campus isn't huge, so you can find yourself around the campus. There's always security on campus, so you always feel safe walking to your classes. The classes fit your schedule if you have other extracurricular activities. I don't think I would change anything about Owen's because they are a pretty fair college to go to & I recommend going to anybody.
Pretty standard community college experience. Going here for 1 or 2 years and then transferring is a great way to save money, I ended up saving close to $20,000 by going here for my first year and then transferring.

The academics are average. Professors vary but from my experience there's a whole lot more good ones then there are bad ones. Just check the ratemyprofessor reviews before picking classes and you should be good.

That's all there really is to it. It's a great stepping stone to a 4 year university and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go here. Owens has helped me get use to college academics and gave me the ability to go to colleges I wouldn't have been able to straight out of high school.
The advisors are edgememely helpful and awesome! Almost all of my inquiries are responded to within 2-3 days. I never have trouble enrolling for classes, an abundance of help is at my fingertips. The class sizes are small and very suitable for me. I enjoy the variety of restaurants on or near the campus as well, it’s very thoughtful of its student body.
I am an online student at Owens and I have found it to be most enjoyable so far. I would recommend it to anybody looking to take online classes.
I attended Owens a couple of years after high school earning an associate's degree in liberal arts. I really enjoyed the different instructors I had. After many years as a stay at home mom I decided to return to school to pursue a degree in nursing. Owens is affordable, in a more rural area away from the city life, and has opportunities for students from all walks of life. They have a student activity center with gym equipment available to their students and plenty of parking. The campus is easy to navigate and close enough to the major highways that it's not impossible to find. The advisors are helpful for the most part.
The college was easy to find your way around, very clean and well kept. The college just makes you take unnecessary classes. Some of the professors act like they are on high horses and are kinda snotty when asking for help. They will and can kick you out of classes for what every reason they feel. and they can ban you from coming back to the class making you fail said class. Others are actually willing to stay after and help you better understand something. I did like how they have a tutoring center for all different subjects/courses. Parking is a nightmare but what college has good parking.
I have only been at Owens Community College for a few weeks, but I find them to be student success orientated. My professors, adviser, special services, and coaches have given me the tools I need to accomplish the goals I have set for myself both in the classroom and the field. Looking forward to see what my two years at Owens Community College will hold for me.
I really enjoyed Owens Community College because the professors really are there to help you. They are there to make sure you succeed and not fail. They understand that almost everyone there is in school and has either a full time or part time job. So they are very understanding when you bring an issue up to them. I also enjoy Owens because its close to home for me. I don't have to drive 20 minutes everyday to get to school.
Professors are very helpful, and make college a great experience. Classes are small so you get more 1:1 with professors.
I've been attending Owens for 2 years now. It's a very comfortable school with a simple atmosphere and diverse crowd. If there is one thing I would like to see change with Owens, it would be the full inclusion of the four-year programs they've been working on.
I like that everyone is willing to help. I am in the Radiology program and all the instructors are great! They love seeing each student succeed, and their doors are always open to help you any way they can!
Owens is a very good two year college. It is much cheaper then other schools and the credits you earn are easily transferable. The whole process was easily, and they are advisers who help every step of the way so you are not on your own. The teachers are very helpful as well.They are many resources, such as tutoring, to help students achieve academic success. The courses are offered in class and online. I like the whole atmosphere of this school.
The campus is great. Everyone works hard. Instructors can provide more one-on-one attention. The Hospitality Management Program was too focused on the culinary experience. Many classes focused around food and beverage instead of hotels, cruise ships, theme parks, etc. Being in a program is nice because the instructors have first-hand experience in the industry and can help you network and learn your skills. It is a resume enhancer but I have still struggled to find a job even a year after graduation.
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Good local college, basic classes to take before transferring to a University, not a party school. Not much of a campus.
They are helpful and the campus is small, I like that. They have a variety of programs both associate degrees or certificates.
Owens is a very affordable way to start off. The classes will transfer to all of my four year college choices. There are no dorms or housing and little to eat on campus, but housing and food are not too far away. There are many clubs, but no christian clubs at this time. With no on campus housing there is no party scene, but I see that as a good thing. The campus is very diverse and I do not feel like there is much racial tension on campus. All of my professors are very helpful and do a great job at giving students a top notch education and preparing you for a four year college or a job in your field.
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