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I would like to see my professor answer my questions quicker and video tape a class she gives. More orientation would be better to know the online site when and before beginning the class.
The School is expensive and you sometimes wonder what teachers are up to. The school is easy however
The enviorment is very nice, the school really has great pride. The only thing I would like to see it improve on is the availability of parking around the school. The campus is great, I hope you decide to become an OLLU saint.
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I love the fact that the class sizes are so small because if you take the time, you can actually create a very strong bond with your teachers (who are always more than willing to go out of their way to help their students). The campus is beautiful, everyone there is so friendly with each other, it’s such a great family to be apart of.
Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio is a friendly, small and close campus. The advisers, professors and other staff members are very helpful with whatever your needs are.
Everyone at OLLU is very welcoming and gives you a family vibe. The classes are small so you really get to know everyone. OLLU provides many services to help you in both your academic and personal struggles.
For the most part it is an amazing school, friendly, helpful. But my religion class stressed me out. I did really good in all of my classes other than that one. I felt so discouraged and overwhelmed over this one class . I was taking four classes while working at least 24 hours a week, I was so worried I would lose my scholarship award if I did not pass that class. Other than that I really do love this beautiful school, but I do wish it was in a better neighborhood and was a bit closer to me but it is all worth it.
I love Our Lady of the Lake Univeristy because it's such a small community and all the professors you have are really there to help you succeed.
Excellent professors - great place to live in san antonio tx - i love the ministry program and attend retreats regarding our Awakening Program - the place is just so friendly, very family oriented and a wonderful place to be - i have gone to catholic private schools since the age of 3 years old - Holy Trinity Catholic School - Bishop Dunne Catholic High School and now Our Lady of the Lake University - I would recommend this school and all the programs they have to anyone interested - thank you for any consideration possible for me
Our Lady of the Lake University is a wonderful campus filled with amazing professors and faculty that are willing to help to achieve any goals you set your mind to.
As my first year as a freshman here, the classroom sizes are extremely small which are useful for more interaction with the professors. I would like to see more additional classes for development especially in the language classes.
I loved how small it is and how everyone knows everyone. I feel safe and I feel like the professors can really get to know each student.
When I attended OLLU I had a great time. The class sizes were small so I had a lot more interaction with my professors and they were always there if you needed something. All the professors that I had were very helpful and I learned a lot more than I thought I was. The price was a bit high but other than that it was great.
What I loved most about Our Lady of the Lake was the small classroom settings. Most of the classes I took were no more than 20 students. This allowed for the professors to be able to create relationships with their students and to actually get to know them. The atmosphere of the campus and the culture that it held by being in the west side of San Antonio, Texas, created a unique environment. Most of the classes I took were science based, and the fact that a lake was located right next to the campus created many situations that were perfect for the professors to take the classes outdoors to do research. All of the professors were completely understanding and wanted the best for their students. They did everything they could to prepare me for life after college. They were also very understanding of my schedule when I was involved in collegiate soccer.
OLLU is a beautiful campus, the enviroment is very at peace and spiritual within your fellow classmates.
The thing I love about Our Lady of the Lake University is the teacher to student ratio. This allowed me as a student to have a better relationship with my professor rather than just being a number. The campus is beautiful and offers a lot of space for students to study or do homework. Everyone here on campus is very friendly and always willing to help it does not matter if they know you or not. Professors are always fast to get back at you with information you need and they love when you come to their office and ask questions, they truly are here to benefit the students.
Such a wonderful school! Great professors, who are concerned with student's long-term goals. I applied to this university even though I am not a devout Catholic, and never have been. I was shocked to find out that this is not a requirement. This proves that this school is superior when it comes to diversity. There are people from all walks of life, including the staff.
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i fell in love with the campus. the teachers are really gate. like any other college there will be parties, it just depends on if u go or don't
I love the church. And all the diversity. And I love all the ideas that our lady of the lake has and the religious connection. Our lady of the lake has a lot of good things. Our lady of the lake is in a good area where there is a lot of close things.
I am enrolled in the on-line program and find many of the instructors are slow to grade and it is hard to get a response from them. I have had 3 excellent instructors who utilized group chats weekly and gave excellent feedback. I believe all instructors should use this process for on-line students. Many of us are in all different time zones which also makes group work hard to accomplish. It can be done but many are up at 11 PM after working all day and taking care of the children to complete an assignment. I believe there should be a area group to ensure everyone can participate.
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