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The thing I love about Our Lady of the Lake University is the teacher to student ratio. This allowed me as a student to have a better relationship with my professor rather than just being a number. The campus is beautiful and offers a lot of space for students to study or do homework. Everyone here on campus is very friendly and always willing to help it does not matter if they know you or not. Professors are always fast to get back at you with information you need and they love when you come to their office and ask questions, they truly are here to benefit the students.
Such a wonderful school! Great professors, who are concerned with student's long-term goals. I applied to this university even though I am not a devout Catholic, and never have been. I was shocked to find out that this is not a requirement. This proves that this school is superior when it comes to diversity. There are people from all walks of life, including the staff.
i fell in love with the campus. the teachers are really gate. like any other college there will be parties, it just depends on if u go or don't
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I love the church. And all the diversity. And I love all the ideas that our lady of the lake has and the religious connection. Our lady of the lake has a lot of good things. Our lady of the lake is in a good area where there is a lot of close things.
I am enrolled in the on-line program and find many of the instructors are slow to grade and it is hard to get a response from them. I have had 3 excellent instructors who utilized group chats weekly and gave excellent feedback. I believe all instructors should use this process for on-line students. Many of us are in all different time zones which also makes group work hard to accomplish. It can be done but many are up at 11 PM after working all day and taking care of the children to complete an assignment. I believe there should be a area group to ensure everyone can participate.
I like Our Lady of the Lake University because of the atmosphere it provides. There is no pressure for students to join every kind of club and there is no rush to get to class because everything is very close. I really enjoy my time here at Our Lady of the Lake!
Everyone on campus is super friendly, including the staff and the professors. I feel very welcomed and glad I chose Our Lady of The Lake University.
Our Lady of the Lake University is an impressive haven for learning to say the least. I have been attending this institution for one year now (as an off campus commuter) and have had nearly 100 percent positive experiences. So far the professors here have been very helpful and sincere in their efforts to foster student success. OLLU reached out to me to offer scholarships when no other four year university did. Even when I struggled to pay tuition, they found academic scholarships to finance my degree plan. If a student is looking for a one on one environment that allows student growth on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level then Our Lady of the Lake University is the place.
Our Lady of the Lake is an amazing campus that students can go to learn many different things. I am glad to be attending OLLU!
Since the moment I applied to the second I registered for classes, I felt like I mattered and wasnt just a number. Excellent staff.
The faculty, staff, and administration all are very kind and helpful if you need to ask questions. Everyone is dedicated to ensuring your success as a student and providing a warm, exciting, and inclusive student life.
This is a beautiful campus, with caring professors who help you succeed. The university has a great student success center and professional writing center. Safe campus, university police will escort you to your car at night, its amazing.
I am taking online courses with OLLUSA and I love it. The counselors, the professors, and the students are amazing. I have never had so much support from my school community as I have with OLLUSA. If you want to attend a Catholic university, this one should be at the top of your list.
I love the people here. The positive energy that fills the halls is great for not feeling like you're stuck at some university. Anyone can have a great time at OLLU!
What I like about this university, is that classes are very small and you get to communicate better with the professors!
Overall my experience at Our Lady of the Lake University has been pleasant. The teachers are engaging and the study body is extremely positive.
The online Msw program is very high for what and how the professors teach. During my internship the professors were highly unprofessional, cancelling on important Skype meetings at the last minute through a text message, calling my someone else's name. My aid and class schedule got messed up during my internship to a point where I was getting harassing calls and text all hours of the day. Now that I transferred to a different msw program I am having a difficult time with receiving my internship contact and elevation so I can receive credit for it. Very unprofessional.
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As a transfer student I have to say the adjustment to a new campus environment was a lot easier than I thought. I had excellent help by staff and administration. As far as financial aid, they've help me tremendously on how to save and what sites and foundations offer excellent scholarships and loans. In the end, it'll be all worth it.
I have visited with OLLU and they were very helpful and inviting, I enjoyed the campus tour a the help Priscilla Elizondo gave, she was very helpful and answered all my questions even the uncomfortable ones. The interior of the building even though they are old they were very nice and well maintained. The young girl that gave me the tour of the campus provided some interesting facts about the school and the grounds. Over all my experience with the school has been great.
I love the history of the lake. Staff is very friendly and teachers truly care. I could not have found a more perfect university for me. I love the small campus because you truly get to know your classmates.
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