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The faculty and staff are amazing from the President of the (now) University to pre-advising students with transcripts or financial aid. The student life is fantastic for being a smaller institution hosting monthly events for students. Job placement is not a problem either as all of the programs have 85% - 100% (majority closer to the 100% mark as well) on national board pass rates as job placement (I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure those statistics are correct). The campus is small, but very nice and easy to navigate as well.
Our Lady of the Lake is an amazing college with well trained individuals. It even offers programs for high school students to participate in to help them decide if the medical career is right for you.
Honestly have never enjoyed my classes as much as I am now. Everyday I am excited to go and learn. It is a small school, but it is also filled with great students and faculty who all have the same end goal.
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I am about to start Our Lady Of The Lake College, I am excited. I am ready to start this new Journey in life. I am ready to get down and dirty and get my Nursing degree under my belt.
It is a great college . It is a spiritual college . The teachers are all nice and kind . The he professional really know their field of study .
Classes are small,you get to know all your professors and your classmates.The campus is really safe(like leave your stuff unattended safe) & on top of that EVERYONE who works at the college is helpful and there are free events(i.e crawfish boil)Now with that being said,the college is boring.Seriously boring.This school is essentially an all girls catholic college.Literally nuns walk around and an intro to theology course is required to graduate.It's also hella expensive so if your parents aren't rich or you don't have a job rethink your choice. The environment, in my opinion, is better for working parents or people with degrees making career changes.THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL THAT YOU TRANSFER to unless you like to gamble with your career.The school is SO small & program space is limited ESPECIALLY in the Rad Tech and PTA programs.I could go on & on but to be short,if you want to have a social life, live on campus, & not see Jesus on the cross in every classroom choose another school
Great Community, and teachers that care. The school is small which allow the professors to know everyone and actually interact with all the students.
I really enjoy Our Lady of the Lake College because of the small classes. The teachers really work well with you to see that you reach your future goals in life. The campus is small and is very easy to get around. If I have any problems there is always someone to answer my questions. The staff is awesome. The school is located in a very nice area. It is also right next door to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. The only thing I may change would be to add more parking and add some living arrangements for our out of town students that are closer to the college. Sometimes traffic to and from there is very bad. But other than that I really enjoy my time there. I am so looking forward to being a graduate from Our Lady of the Lake College.
My experience at Our Lady of Lake University has been an rewarding experience. I love most about OLLU is the staff and instructors. I get a chance to work with the student body; which I get a opportunity to network and build with like minded students. I would referral other to have the chance to excel and help Hispanic community.
I loved the Masters program, it was extremely difficult and challenging. My undergraduate program was not as challenging in some aspects but very challenging in others.
I had some of the most interesting classes and amazing professors. I would have never made it through my Math classes without the amazing teaching skills of Dr. Napoli.
The professors care! If you need anything always there! The Christianity part of the college is awesome! All religions are welcomed!
My undergrad! So glad I chose a small, private college to fulfill my bachelor degree goals. And a plus for being healthcare related!
No problem all clear on what transfers and what does not, no catches
They have a CRNA program that many BSN students plan to pursue
They are willing to help, but are still controlled by a higher up. They may teach the material and another professor makes the test. You may also have as a many as 5 teachers for one class all with different teaching strategies
A degree from Our Lady of the Lake College shows you are ready to give back to your community
While the workload is heavy it is not "hard" it is just a lot.
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Very personable and helpful, easy to walk into the offices and get answers!
The class sizes are very small which makes it easier to talk to your professors one on one!
The nursing program schedules classes without knowledge of students flexibility!
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