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I'm a biology major and the classrooms and labs are in a new building, that's amazing. Class sizes are smaller, and it's easy to get individual attention with your professors. There are tons of things on campus to get involved in.
Otterbein is a beautiful campus and the ratio of professors to students is really outstanding. Also, many of the professors really care and are there for their students. There is also a lot going on campus to support you through whatever you may need assistance with. For example, if you are going through something emotional wise we have counselors ready to talk with you. We also have good internship/career advantages and many more bonuses. Now, compared to The Ohio State University Otterbein is the farthest from diverse but, it is getting better and that's all that matters. Campus is pretty safe and our on campus police staff (OPD) does a great job keeping up on patrol and response when they are needed in any situation.
I'm getting a good education, but there have been serious issues with racism on campus that the students keep fighting and faculty keeps ignoring. If I could get this degree anywhere else I would, but Otterbein is one of the few schools that allow me to study my area of theatre as an undergraduate student.
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Very small and confortable school that makes you feel at home at all times. A nice sized time within a short drive of a bigger city in Columbus.
Otterbein was an excellent private school. I made lifelong friends there. Athletics are good enough to be focused on more, but overall, it was an excellent experience. Plus the surrounding area is awesome and action-packed.
I have had a very stressing semester and suddenly all my teacher as well as faculty members reached out and offered assistance to both my health and my grades. It truly made me feel appreciated and cared for
The faculty, staff, and students make everything worth while! You can tell that your teachers and advisers genuinely care about your well-being, not just academically but make a real effort to help you succeed and be the person you want to be.
So far, I love Otterbein. It really is a home away from home for me. I have found my place here. The professors are great, all the students are very friendly, and the location is amazing. If I could change anything about it, I would change the food and the cost. The food is pretty risky most of the time and the cost is outrageous and financial aid doesn't do anything to try and help you get more scholarships or aid. Those things sound like enough reasons to leave this place but I just love the people and the staff here too much to transfer. I have grown so much this year and I am thankful for Otterbein.
I've had such a great time here! I'm always challenged and there are some great classes. There are many opportunities inside and outside the classroom. I love Otterbein!
Otterbein strives to be a place of inclusion and diversity, which really makes you feel welcome as soon as you arrive. They have a small, close-nit campus that is located in a very safe and connected community. Everyone treats you with compassion and they are all very eager to help you in any way that you can. There are a decent amount of ways to get involved on campus, whether it be with clubs or with the community, and it's not very hard to make friends. Overall, I am very pleased so far with my college experience at Otterbein.
Otterbein provides such an intimate community. Attending a small school, as inclusive as Otterbein is has been such a nice experience. I would personally love to see more racial diversity on campus!
I like the special individualized attention given to each student. The instructors take time to get to know students' academic needs. Then they give individualized assistance as well as review resources that will be helpful. They also pay attention to students' individual circumstances and suggest ways they can do better.
I am currently a freshman and will be attending Otterbein for the next 4 years. Coming from a different state I was very sceptical on coming to this new school. After spending my first semester here I know for a fact that I clearly made the right decision. The teachers and faculty of various resources have been nothing short of supportive and kind. The university is full of diversity when it comes to people. Unlike the Big State schools where you are just a number in giant lecture hall, you are treated like an individual with the small classroom sizes. you will be treated with dignity and respect as soon as you walk into the classroom by the teachers just as long as you put forth the effort asked of you. You will get as much as you put in here with the numerous internship and work opportunity available here at Otterbein. I would highly recommend this College to anyone who is looking for a new experience.
I love the community! The campus is small, so everyone gets to know each other! I love walking through campus and being able to say hello to almost everyone I pass.
Otterbein University is a wonderful place to go to school. I am happy to be a freshman here. I love how close everyone is here and how all of my classes in my major are connected in some way. I love how we integrate with other majors and that the town of Westerville is very close and helpful with the college.
Otterbein has a very nice, campus in Westerville Ohio. It is small enough so you don't feel like just one of the crown but big enough to offer many programs and student life activities.
Otterbein has a very nice campus set in Westerville, Ohio. The students and faculty are very friendly. There are a wide variety of programs and extra-curricular activities.
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Otterbein University is a great place to be! All of the people are friendly. You develop a close relationship with classmates and small class sizes make it easy to communicate with professors.
Its very diversified and yet everyone feels equal. There are many clubs and courses that are available to meet everyone's needs and interests.
Almost everything about this school is perfect. The professors, the athletic facilities, the academic facilities, the aesthetics. The only glaring issues are the *surprise* nature of the Financial Aid department when they don't let you know of any issues until the last possible moment, making it a pain. Also, there is little parking which is terrible for commuters.
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