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I like the special individualized attention given to each student. The instructors take time to get to know students' academic needs. Then they give individualized assistance as well as review resources that will be helpful. They also pay attention to students' individual circumstances and suggest ways they can do better.
I am currently a freshman and will be attending Otterbein for the next 4 years. Coming from a different state I was very sceptical on coming to this new school. After spending my first semester here I know for a fact that I clearly made the right decision. The teachers and faculty of various resources have been nothing short of supportive and kind. The university is full of diversity when it comes to people. Unlike the Big State schools where you are just a number in giant lecture hall, you are treated like an individual with the small classroom sizes. you will be treated with dignity and respect as soon as you walk into the classroom by the teachers just as long as you put forth the effort asked of you. You will get as much as you put in here with the numerous internship and work opportunity available here at Otterbein. I would highly recommend this College to anyone who is looking for a new experience.
I love the community! The campus is small, so everyone gets to know each other! I love walking through campus and being able to say hello to almost everyone I pass.
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Otterbein University is a wonderful place to go to school. I am happy to be a freshman here. I love how close everyone is here and how all of my classes in my major are connected in some way. I love how we integrate with other majors and that the town of Westerville is very close and helpful with the college.
Otterbein has a very nice, campus in Westerville Ohio. It is small enough so you don't feel like just one of the crown but big enough to offer many programs and student life activities.
Otterbein has a very nice campus set in Westerville, Ohio. The students and faculty are very friendly. There are a wide variety of programs and extra-curricular activities.
Otterbein University is a great place to be! All of the people are friendly. You develop a close relationship with classmates and small class sizes make it easy to communicate with professors.
Its very diversified and yet everyone feels equal. There are many clubs and courses that are available to meet everyone's needs and interests.
Almost everything about this school is perfect. The professors, the athletic facilities, the academic facilities, the aesthetics. The only glaring issues are the *surprise* nature of the Financial Aid department when they don't let you know of any issues until the last possible moment, making it a pain. Also, there is little parking which is terrible for commuters.
Smaller school - you really get to know your professors. Campus location is great. In a very nice suburb of Columbus, OH. Show up. Do the work. You'll do fine here.
Awesome academics with many internship opportunities. Columbus is a great place for after college job opportunities. Westerville is an awesome place to be during college years, anything you need is in this area. Polaris is only 5 minutes away which has everything you need. Athletics are awesome! Great coaching staff for all athletic teams. Hosing/ dorms are great and the food is pretty good. Lots of off campus housing opportunities for upperclassman.
I love the sense of community and how student oriented the school is in everything they do. The class sizes are small enough that you can form a relationship with your professor which is something that was important to me. They also have an excellent education program that I know will teach me a lot and give me life experience to help me become an amazing elementary teacher.
Otterbein is a great college and cares about its students. The faculty are very knowledgeable and support the students to help them with their career paths. The food is decent, but not great. Otterbein is also located in a very friendly and tightly-knit community, and only a short distance from downtown Columbus.
You are immediately indoctrinated during the orientation period with many far left opinions, one of the most prominent being white privilege.

If the orientation process contains political views then it is obvious that the University is designed to make you think a certain way. If you do not agree with the far left opinion you are labeled a racist (or some other buzzword).

I would not recommend anyone go here but especially so if you are white and going into the humanities. You will be shamed for your race / who you like to take to the bedroom / your gender / ect.... and if you don't give into that shame, well, good luck dealing with the backlash.

If I could do it over I would go to a University that cares about intellectual diversity and not so much what your race is or who you have sexual relations with. I DID NOT have that option here and neither will you. Choose wisely.
I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is friendly and the professors truly want you to succeed here. It is personable and the professors know who you are. Everyone is always willing to help you and better your experience.
I come all the way from Hawaii I had no idea what this campus looked like or the kind of people I was about to get myself involved in. I am majoring in Musical Theatre and got in by a slim chance. Otterbein has one of the hardest programs to get into and I am lucky I was looked at and considered in the first place. I got here on the first day nervous and excited. I moved in and immediately got to experience my program and the talent level. From then on I knew I belonged here. There is such a high level of professionalism within the program. Because it is a small program, we become a family and create this idea of an ensemble. We are all here to create, and everyone is important.
I love how Otterbein truly has a close-knit atmosphere. You truly cannot walk across campus without running into a friend or kind faculty member. This being said it is very expensive even with a lot of academic scholarships. In my opinion, the extra money is worth your investment for the most part
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I love Otterbein! The campus is really cute, and it's the perfect size. There is amazing sense of community at Otterbein. You get to know a lot of different people because it is a small, private school.
I love Otterbein University. I love how small it is because you get to know your professors more efficiently, and they know you. The professors are always willing to help you out of class and frequently have office hours. The Otterbein community is filled with various types of people that all intergrate together nicely.
My professors at Otterbein University are really great. They go above and beyond to help me and my peers succeed in our goals not just in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. They have always taken the time to work with me one on one to make sure I understand the material. I also love the community. Everyone here is very supportive of each other. I love being able to walk to class and see at least one person I know, and knowing there are still plenty more for me to meet. Westerville is an awesome town to be a part of. Uptown Westerville is like an extension of our campus, and it is so nice to have shopping, food, and convenience within walking distance.
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