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I feel like I got a well-rounded education at Otterbein. I never felt like just a number to professors. They all genuinely cared about me and my education. The campus is small enough to see somebody you know everywhere you go but you still have the chance to meet new people in every class or organization. There is a strong sense of community across campus. There is support from faculty and staff, organizations, and even the President. President Comerford makes a clear effort to support all organizations and students to the best of his ability. He truly cares about the university and hid mindset trickles down to all levels at Otterbein.
Worse college I’ve attended , don’t come here if your a person of color! You will feel attacked and isolated and treated unfairly , this school is thirsty for money they will get you and make you pay for anything majority of the dorms on campus don’t have air conditioning and are cold as shit ! Food is disgusting and a waste of the 5k a year
I enjoyed the professors in my major. They were always willing to help me and adapted to my schedule since I played a sport and had a job.
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Otterbein is the perfect school to go to when you're looking for a career in nursing. The program is excellent and I look forward to applying to said program when I start the semester. Overall, the cost of tuition is not horrible, though to attract more people, they should lower the cost or offer more scholarship money.
Otterbein is a great school for Equine and Zoology, any other your money and go somewhere else. As a nursing major you will be expected to sacrifice every aspect of your life to a program that doesn’t care about you. Professors do not care if you pass or fail. The campus is mainly run by athletics, Greek life, and theatre...if you don’t fit into one of these categories you may feel left out. One last thing, the dorms are trash and cost $14,000 a year, and the food is undercooked and boarderline inedible.
I am research scholar. I worked in the department of Health and sport's science, Education and Sociology.
I like the student- faculty relationships. The faculty at Otterbein are amazing and always there to answer any questions or concerns.
Sitting in the classes and observing the lectures was incredible. Otterbein has small class sizes, gives enough space to the students to interact. The university offers a variety of study abroad programs.
One thing that I have observed is that the school is not diverse. I speak as an international student from Africa. I think a lot still must be done when it comes to defining the term diversity. I believe it’s important to a have a class or an institution that represents the world. As the world moves closer than ever towards globalization, it is important to have as many representatives as possible in training leaders for the next generation that we are creating.
Amazing University highly recommended!
Otterbein University gave me a solid foundation in Human Movement studies that will further me into my graduate school career in becoming a Chiropractor. Small class sizes allow for close interaction with faculty and lead to my success and acceptance into a Doctoral program in the field of Chiropractic. The school has a lot to offer academically and a diverse group of students that have varying interests. Student life is mediocre due to the lack of clubs and organizations. The food is not great at all and in my four years attending Otterbein we have been through two food providers in which health inspection failures were not uncommon.
An amazing university in an excellent location. The academics are great and they offer a lot of student aid options.
I'm only a freshman, but so far I am loving Otterbein! I made friends immediately and everywhere I went. The professors are extremely caring and genuinely want you to do your best.
Amazing faculty and degree programs. Great support systems. Beautiful campus. Needs a more diverse student body.
I've been to Otterbein several times for college visits. I first went there last spring break to meet with the wrestling coach. We then stayed in contact for several months and I visited again over the summer for tour of the school, and campus. In early September I did an over night visit with the wrestlers and had a great time experiencing campus. Everyone I meant enjoyed the campus and the school overall.
Professors and administrators strive to help students when they are in need. The Otterbein community is made up of great people including the students.
So far I like everything honestly, everyone is really nice and helpful. Professors take their time to explain everything and Westerville is a really calm and relax area so it’s really nice to attend there.
Overall, great experience. I love the program I am in. There are small class sizes and the professors truly want you to succeed. Otterbein has taught me a lot academically, as well as personally. I have been opened up to new experiences in my short time there as well. The only thing I would change is how expensive attending this university is.
I like having a tight nit campus, but being so close to central Columbus. You get the best of both worlds! There are so many originations and clubs, many resources and a huge community connection. Sports are also a huge part of campus life. I love my major and departments really help students find their interest and help them accomplish their academic and career goals.
I love how close the community is, it is so welcoming and open to others. We are a small campus in the middle of Westerville but still in our small enough community that you don't feel like you're right in the middle of the city. All of the faculty and staff on campus are so kind and always willing to help you with whatever you need, even if it's just someone to talk to. One thing that could be improved on campus is when classes are offered, this is because when someone like me comes to campus who already came in with college credits, I can't always get into the classes I need to get the credits for the semester to be a full time student
I love the atmosphere and the professors, who all seemed to care about my education. The only thing that is unfortunate is that parts of the campus seems to be a bit run-down, but this does not change my overall view of Otterbein. I was able to make friends easily and get along with anyone I came in contact with. I began to develop a personal connection with my professors and those who worked in admissions and the financial aid department, all of the staff cares about your education!
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I came for the theatre program at Otterbein. I had to make a lot of compromises because I love the Department of Theatre & Dance, but the campus itself is much less to talk about. The food they offer is sub-standard, and students aren't allowed to live off campus until they hold senior status. It's a super tiny school, so it can be hard to meet new people. Everyone's really nice, but it just feels pretty mundane when there's a free weekend or evening.
Science related classes were amazing and inspired me to become a bio major. Student not very friendly, mostly stick to their own clicks. as a commuter it made me feel extremely isolated and was my main reason for transferring.
Otterbein has an amazing nursing program that really prepares students for their future careers. Otterbein is a very welcoming place that everyone can belong to. There are tons of student organizations on campus and the Greek life is very unified at Otterbein.
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