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Ottawa University has been a fantastic University to study at. They provide numerous undergraduate programs through a 100% online location. They also provide incentives if you have previously graduated from Johnson County Community College. The liberal arts lessons they teach are extremely valuable and worth learning.
At Ottawa University online I have the opportunity to learn at my own pace while maintaining a full-time job and a household. My life is very busy yet I desired to expand my education. Ottawa online has made that possible for me.
Only into my 3rd class, there is a variance in the teachers and how quickly they respond to you. Some will respond the same day or next day and others can take up to a week. Some classes are not graded right away so it is difficult to see how you are doing in a particular class until the class is about 1/3 of the way done.
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Only con is the financial advisor was not helpful. Teachers are willing to help. If you have questions or an emergency they respond quickly. One teacher offered extra credit. Love the online books.
I have enjoyed attending Ottawa. I have been able to continue my education and always been able to get a hold of staff especially my advisors right away and they always know how to help me with my issues.
Professors for the most part are excellent, though a few have higher standards of themselves than is needed (think apa police). It would be great if those teachers followed the rules, but they set their own, so the students never quite know what to do. Other than that, financial advisers are a hit/miss, but overall education is excellent.
I attended school here three years ago and unfortunately due to medical issues I was unable to complete and I'm looking to return to school
The college staff cares about students financial aid applications and walk you through anything you need. The instructors are extremely positive and calming in this liberal arts setting.
The school is great. It's fairly easy to navigate through the online courses and internet tools. It is a little expensive, but I pay for being able to do classwork on my schedule while not having to go to an actual classroom.
My advisor stayed connected with me to make sure I completed my financial aid and was prepared for the semester.
The environment I very comfortable and relaxing. Every aspect of the process is explained in detail. From the class requirements to the timeframe to complete your program. Prerequisites are verified in advance to ensure a smooth transition.
I enjoy many aspects of my program including the discussion groups. I learn so much from others studying in this field. There are many essays due weekly and other assignments. I have not reached classes requiring in depth internships yet.
I would enjoy a coffee bar if we had one.
The professors are very hands on and return their emails within an acceptable timeframe. I enjoy the comments on my assignments.
I will have the knowledge needed to apply for career positions in Human Services. Ottawa University allows me to learn what is needed to become successful in my chosen career. I am able to intern while I am enrolled in classes. I learn hands on training and can apply these opportunities with my school work.
At this time, being an online student I do not see any issues. When I log into the school site, their is always information about safety and how to contact someone for help. My school is very adamant about getting the word out regarding safety. This not only affects academics, it also affects social interaction.
I am getting too old for parties, at my age we call them, " a get together". Meeting classmates of all ages, races and lifestyles is fun for me. I enjoy meeting up at a Starbucks or even at a movie. Due to safety, their are not a lot of parties around my area. We do have a pool party every once in awhile.
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I was able to complete internship during my AAS degree. It was fabulous, I was able to mentor for an adolescent and I was able to assist at a adult care center. Both internship were different and life changing. During my time mentoring, I taught a young girl the importance of self worth, it was amazing to teach someone the importance of an education. As an assistant at an adult care facility; patience was very important. I struggled with understanding what people may have needed. After time and a bit of patience I learned others ways to understand what people want. Both positions required a flexible schedule that was challenging at times. I was not paid for any of my time. Both positions required me to be responsible for persons well being, their actions, and to spend quality time.
Enrolling online is very hard if you are not familiar with the software. Registration can be done by meeting with an advisor. My advisor was not that knowledgeable; she did get help and answered my questions accordingly. The curriculum for my program could be a little bit more student friendly, in my opinion. Not to say, I am enjoying my classes. Which brings me to my professors; very smart. I enjoy learning from professors who go above and beyond to teach. My last professor allowed me to call her cell phone with any questions I may have had.
My school offers program designed to help me complete my degree in Social services. My school offers a variety of academic studies geared towards any specialty I choose. Classes are available every semester and are very flexible with my schedule. I am an online student and can work and pursue my degree at the same time. The facility is high tech and very student friendly.
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