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No Greek life for on-line classes
So far I love the experience at Ottawa, it works with my schedule, I know what is expected, and I enjoy attending here.
I do not follow their sports
Review Ottawa University - Phoenix
We don't have any sports at ottawa Phoenix campus. All sports are located at The main champus in Kansas
Sunny and warm 99% of the time.
There is a good variety of off campus fast food and restaurant chains. A mall is also nearby.
Program is solid, workload is manageable, curriculum is relevant and facilities are adequate.
Great academics and lots of variety in subjects.
One computer lab with limited printing capabilities.
Greek life is non-existent on campus.
Social interaction is not included.
The school is a satellite location that is geared towards adult, working students. There is zero to none social or cultural or athletic events for students to participate in.
It was very easy to get into my program. For both my undergrad and my graduate degree.
I completed my Bachelors at Ottawa a year and a half ago, and immediately entered the graduate program. Classes are small, professors have at least a Masters, most have their doctorate, all work or have worked extensively in the field and have real world knowledge and experience to share. Classes are accelerated, 8 weeks in length meeting weekly, attendance is mandatory and a large part of your grade, missing class can drop your grade by a letter! Writing is the main form of assignment and PowerPoint presentations are also a requirement in every class I've taken.
The Arizona campuses are adult programs primarily for working adults, no sports on campus. The residential campus in KS has athletics and they seem to be a big deal and a large part of campus life that is reported on the website frequently.
This is an adult campus therefore most students are working professionals. I have never seen or heard talk of drug or alcohol use.
I have had more help at this school with the financial aid process than at any other school. Fast answers and I found out information that I didnt even know about in the past 3 years of college.
Review Ottawa University - Phoenix
The campus is in a more expensive, yet nice suburb. Housing is a little expensive and mostly made up of houses and not apartments. I was lucky to have family that lives in the area but am looking to rent a house this summer.
Online Campus – Cannot really grade, but the support I received A+
Quality Program – The Education program is excellent. All of your instructors are either current teachers or administrators in elementary or secondary ed schools. They not only can teach you the content of your book, but bring real world experience.
The quality of education is great and you are not given busy work. Most of the program can be completed online if needed, but the face-to-face time with your instructor is a must with some classes.
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