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As someone who is looking for a rigorous school , Otis College of Art and Design was a great pick. As a college freshman at Otis, the Foundation year has roved extremely helpful in refining my skills and easing me into the workload and high expectations. The schools' small and compact campus gives this very unified and focused environment that differs strongly from other schools with larger campuses and enormous enrollment rates. Furthermore, Otis has extraordinarily talented professors with years of professional experience within their area of skill.
This is one of the least creative places I’ve ever been. It is a shame to call it an art school; you are put down for thinking outside the box. Prepare to sacrifice sleeping, eating well, exercising, having a life outside of school. The social life is nonexistent and there are very few people. If you have depression or anxiety don’t go here because you will be really stressed out. Professors sometimes start demos when we are supposed to be let out for the day so we have to stay. If you are sick you still have to come to class because you will be marked absent and you can only get 2 absences a semester. There is a 50% dropout rate. Don’t go here unless you are a perfectionist who wants to be a part of a company.
Otis College has a good faculty that genuinely care for each student. All of my professors were very encouraging and caring for each and every student making sure they succeed in what they want to achieve.
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Otis is a great school with a good freshman program. The professors are professionals in the fields that they teach.
Their administration office is poorly run. When I applied to the school, the counselor that is supposed to work on getting me went on vacation, and handed my case to a different counselor, the new counselor I guess forgot about my case, and until I called the school he did not get anything for me done still the last minute. The counselors also seems to know almost nothing and has to keep transferring me to different departments only to be bounced back to them. Who the heck is this school hiring? I'm glad in the end I decided not to come to this school. Its bad enough their tuition is so high.
This school was better than I had hoped for, it was surprising to me how little people knew about this school. The school is well connected to the art world, and I have already been in contact with people in my desired field. The teachers here are all working currently in the art field. They go from work to teaching the students. Every class I have taken, although tough, has significantly improved my art and I look forward to seeing more improvement in the future. The school holds many events on the student behalf such as dog distress day to take care and reward their students. The environment at the school is so open and free and has such sweet and caring people. It is a friendly community of students and teachers who support a help each other. The school also has great credibility in the art world, so I know that getting a job will be easier
I attended Otis College of Art and Design for the first foundation year and I had an amazing experience learning from my fellow students and finding who I was as an artist.
There isn't really a party scene... I mean, you can find it, outside of school, but not on/near campus.
Most people work through the night... at least, I do.
The academics are very rigorous, and the students very hardworking.
There's a lot of diversity and international students on campus! People have so many different stories to tell because of their backgrounds; it's great.
Drugs don't really happen on campus; they occur more outside of campus. No one pressures anyone into doing anything.
Now, we're a pretty specialized school, so there's a limit on courses offered in that regard; however, within that purview, the variety of courses offered and available is pretty darn great. The teacher's are passionate about their work, and always willing to talk and help out students. Class sizes are really nice, since it's usually 16-20, and you get to know people well. Some of the classrooms could be more comfortable, but some of the uncomfortableness is necessary logistically for the things we're doing.
A lot of students get offered jobs while in school, and the teacher has to urge them to continue their degree. The school also often has fairs where companies come and showcase the opportunities they have to students. Most internships go to juniors and seniors, though sophomores can find opportunities as well. The career center is really helpful, albeit they could do a bit more to advertise how helpful they are, because a lot of students are unaware sometimes.
Security on campus is pretty darn good! Our school takes sexual assault really seriously, putting all the students through informational activities so we can stay educated.
Housing is pretty great! We live in an apartment complex among residents near the school, so that's pretty cool. They've built dorms for next year, though, so that'll be different.
It's so hard to choose one experience that has impacted me significantly, because my whole time at Otis has been life-changing. It's a place where different people's lives intersect, as we all try to find our place in the world through art and friendship. And there are so many more experiences to be had and things to learn.
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A drug dealer once walked on campus and some people were shot with a BB Gun right outside of the campus gates but other than that it's been pretty great.
There was literally a guy who walked on campus, after following a student from Ralph's and he offered people drugs. It took security a while to get him. Idk man...
I can't even say how many times I have put in work orders and nothing gets done. You have to go the actual front desk to get something done. And if a work order does go through it takes up to 3 months. We waited for 3 months for our fireplace to be fixed. And it was semi life threatening, because it would turn on and by itself and set off the fire alarm.
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