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Nursing program is a scam Run to the exits. They fail a significant high number of students every year. Instructors are awful. Regardless of how much you study they have to fail a certain amount of students to make money. If you are Hispanic or black good luck to pass. OJC nursing is very corrupt.
Otero Junior College is truly an amazing school. The staff is very friendly and make an honest effort to see if you need help or if you are doing okay. The students at OJC are also amazing. Everyone knows everyone and it's just a very tight knit and welcoming group of people!
The Campus is pretty and not too large. The classes are small and easy to follow. There are a lot of opportunities to get extra help if you are struggling with any classes. The professors are easy to access and tutors are available on campus. This college is great for athletes because the professors are very understanding. The dorms are a little small but if you get a Conley dorm they are a fairly good size.
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I will be joining the Mens soccer team this upcoming 2018 school year, and I have been very pleased with the coaching staff. They are informative, educated individuals that are willing to help their athletes with whatever they may need.
When it comes to Otero Junior College i would say easily the best things about being a rattler is how there is so much help offered in every aspect of our education and student life. Also the diversity at school is great to be apart of learning about different cultures that i never even knew existed. Another would be the trio program that they offer is so helpful and really brings a comfort in being a student there with all the help they offer.
I just finished my second year at Otero Junior College, and graduated with cum laude honors. This is my home town and I lived at home, but I have seen the dorm areas. They are new in the last few years and convenient to the college - right across the street. The professors are very helpful and easy to get to know. The campus is beautiful and easy to access. I have met students from all over the country who come here to study a variety of things. There are plenty of opportunities for athletes in golf, basketball, volleyball, and even rodeo. I am thankful for my hometown junior college. And it was easy to pay for - I am finishing two years debt free!
Otero Junior College is an amazing place. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the staff is top notch. You get individual attention from your teachers because the class sizes are so small. I think this college is great for anyone looking to get an associates degree or to transfer from.
Professors are willing to work around your schedule to help you succeed.
Very tedious work but necessary to lean. Some assignments are worth while others seem like they're just space fillers
Many resources are available and willing to help..
Faculty and resources are often available and always willing to assist in any way possible
Most professors have had professions in the classes they are teaching.
My experience at my school has been very convenient. Classes are very flexible.
The professors online are really helpful. Its easier to stay on top of assignments in my opinion.
Our post-grad services are wonderful. Finding a job is east after graduating.
The professors are very understanding. The courses are separated into what your career is. The classes are small making it easier for the professor to work with you
Student career prospects are good. Students work on campus and staff helps to find internships. The nursing program had a career fair this year to help their students continue their education or find jobs.
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I learn, and don't have a hard time learning the material.
OJC staff and students are amazing and caring.
Business major with a ton of classes and internship opportunities
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