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I enjoy the whole experience at Oregon State University. The professors and advisors really care about the students and they know what they are doing. Something I would change is the noise level of the freshman dorms as well as some professors for online classes.
Campus is very well set up and the buildings are beautiful, students are passionate about the sports and OSU feels like your home away from home. But the social life is lacking unless you're apart of Greek Life.
There's lots of majors and classes. I wish I could get into my advisor but it's hard and they're always different. It's close to lots of fishing and h unting but I wish there was more options for party's not frat ones. Campus looks nice in fall.
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Oregon state has a great campus with a ton to do. There is so much in the city, and it is beautiful. The dorms are very small though.
The campus is my favorite part, and it’s a nice college town. They make you live in dorms first year and get a dining plan, which sucks, and the food gets old. Classes are good, but to do well, you need to get help in the tutoring buildings, which are free for most of the classes like math and science.
I loved the campus and the social aspect of this school. Their devotion to having their students succeed is amazing and their college of science was amazing to tour. It is a big school, and while that's intimidating it allows for more opportunities and exploration.
The culture around the the university and the elements of the nature that not only evolves around it, but seems to assimilate towards it as well by adapting to it with tender care and bringing about an eccentric environment you almost can't wait to dive into. :)
The campus is absolutely beautiful although it rains more than half the year. The school offers amazing STEM majors and the resources available are countless.
Great school for engineering, agriculture, and forestry in particular. Most of the STEM fields excel here. There are some amazing resources for undergraduate research in the STEM fields- I don't know about the liberal arts as much.
The website is very good and has a lot of information but it is not very user friendly in my own opinion. It is hard to find specific information even though it is on there.
My personal experience has been very good! Every once in a while you get a bad professor or a frustrating bureaucratic issue, but the school and faculty do everything in their power to make sure you're safe, educated, and having fun.
Oregon State University has a beautiful campus where all the brick buildings have fascinating architecture and within the walls of each building, the professors are wonderful. These educators care very much about teaching and their students.
The admission process was simple and the advisor is friendly and helpful. The website is easy to navigate and once admitted, my account shows a clear path to graduation.
Oregon State University is located in the number one college town in the PAC-12, so you can guess that the school spirit and pride is exceptional. As an engineering major, this school is one of the best. There are many clubs and opportunities for a student. It's up to the students to put themselves out there and follow through with making their college experience at OSU as beneficial as it could be.
The campus is beautiful (especially during the fall) and the school spirit is amazing. Go beavs! The school does a good job preparing you for life after college and professors are decent.
Professors are amazing. Online classes are easy to follow. Advisors are helpful. I have had nothing but good interactions with everyone I’ve come in contact with.
OSU is very involved in their students lives and goes above and beyond to guarantee their safety. However, their endless surveys and training can be tedious, especially for online student who do not go to campus.
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Great sciences and engineering departments. Pretty campus. Diversity is huge and very noticeable. Neutral climate. On-campus jobs are limited. Not many jobs off-campus available either, due to its small town location.
Instructors are passionate about teaching and the campus has a historical feel and is very welcoming.
Canvas, the online course system, is easy to navigate and submit your assignments. Professors are very engaged with the coursework, discussion boards, and very responsive to questions or concerns. I am impressed with the quality of online programs offered at OSU.
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