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OSU campus is very traditional and park like. I was disappointed in my first year classes as I did not find them challenging after taking AP classes in high school. I had graduates as teachers and they were hit and miss, some have no business teaching but most were funny and chill.
Super friendly students, always a party somewhere, lots of class options though often filled up. But for the price we pay the campus could use more maintenance and is overdue for upgrades. My dorm in particular had heating issues and moisture in the window never went away creating mold. The showers were quite scary. One of my classrooms was unbearbly cold to the point it interfered with concentration.
I have not had significant experience thus far but my research professor has been a truly wonderful mentor thus far. It seems that OSU's departments mesh well with another and help each other grow and educate. It's also relatively affordable!
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I transferred to OSU from the University of Oregon and it was the best decision I could have made! My professors and teaching assistants were all fantastic and made the experience worth the change. Corvallis is a beautiful city and so is Oregon State campus. There could be a bit more diversity, maybe encourage people to participate more in exchange programs or something.
The campus and the people are friendly. Advisors are willing to help me. Dorms and housing are a little expensive. There are a lot of groups and club for students to join in.
I'm just beginning my adventure in earning a degree at OSU but thus far it has been a fairly easy task. They really make it seem like they are accessible for online students which will be helpful as I live on the other side of the country.
I enjoy the flexibility of Oregon State University for transfer students, and for those of us who have trouble sticking to one principal. I have fluctuated back and forth in how I want to progress in my life goals and have had a significant amount of useful assistance from the Psychology department advisor. Additionally, I enjoy the ease of the website and ability to take online courses to complete degrees in a wide variety of specialties. I would, however, recommend changes to the Veteran's program, as I have had issues getting some questions answered in the past. Nevertheless, I feel it is important to mention that this appears to be improving over the years and I hope it continues to do so. Lastly, the price point is a bit out of reach, though the course information seems well worth the price.
Oregon State has great professors. I just transferred here. They have a lot of places to study. There are some minor issues though. They charge so much for parking. Some of their parking lots are like half a mile from main campus. They do not offer much (barely) scholarships either. I also do not like the class size. This is a big state school, but most of their 300/400 level engineering classes are 70+ students which gets crowded.
Overall, I have not been an OSU student for very long, however I can say my experience this far has been incredible. There are so many opportunities at Oregon State, and regardless of what path you choose, you can meet incredible people in your field of study!
There are so many great and smart people here that have made my experience beyond amazing, but there is one issue. Being at such a large school makes everyday life feel so un-personal. This can be great in someways, more opportunities compared to other institutes, access to higher end facilities, and even the ability to try things you never even knew were possible. The problem that appears though is that to many parts of the school, students are just an income. There are so many departments that do whatever they can to cycle through everyone and it makes retention an issue at this school. Overall though, I've enjoyed my experiences here at OSU!
I love OSUs Atmosphere and all of the nature life around it, its a very beautiful campus. I also love OSU because of the diversity and all of the amazing people living in the community.
I ended up transferring because I had repeated difficulty getting a spot in classes and it was putting me behind, plus wasting my time and tuition on classes I settled on. The advisors are aware of the problem but nothing they can do about it.
I am currently an online student and I love it. The professors are very helpful and give plenty of information to succeed in the assignments. The faculty are very helpful and professional. This was an excellent choice of coming here.
I like that OSU makes it a point to try to be an inclusive environment. That being said I think that if they would do this more with their actions than their words then we would certainly benefit from it.
OSU is an awesome school! It's always so beautiful and they have such a diverse amount of food. but that is not to say that their food is way to expensive! they charge an extra $2 for a couple slices of bacon on your sandwich at the deli, like we already don't pay upwards of $40,000. Theyre GPA calculations need to be fixed, even if you take a course somewhere else it won't override your last course and both will be taken into account for GPA, man is that wrong, it has stopped many people including me from getting some scholarships because one class is bringing my GPA down over 0.5 points!! apart from all that, OSU has a great party scene, if your into that, and an awesome student life. It is FILLED with resources for students and if there is no reason for one to struggle with classes! overall, i give osu 4/5 stars
Oregon state has a beautiful, large campus, and it also has many students. That being said, there isn’t much parking and parking passes are extremely expensive especially for on-campus residents, $300 to be exact. Aside from their outrageous prices for everything including food, OSU is a nice school. It offers many programs outside of classes that are made to help students succeed in math and science classes which are very helpful. Some professors are amazing, and some are alright and tend to let their TAs do all the work, it’s just luck of the draw. So while OSU’s prices and some professors could use some adjusting, it’s overall a great school that has many programs of different kinds to offer.
I love the campus it is absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere is so welcoming and feels like home. I wouldn't change a single thing about this campus.
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While there are definitely some teachers who clearly are passionate about their work and teaching, I feel that the overall experience is average at best. The coursework and teaching styles are not particularly challenging, which makes it very easy to fall into comfort and lack of motivation. The location also doesn't offer much in the way of activities outside of school and opportunities to engage in off campus activities.
Creating friends here was very easy as an engineer. Living in a dorm that was strictly for engineers helped me find a great group of friends and study group that helped me through my classes. They were my support group and as a minority, they have a lot of places on campus to receive help and guidance.
Oregon State University is really just an average University that specializes in different subjects than the surrounding universities. OSU is more of a "I came here because i'm interested in STEM subjects and its close" than a "We are the go to school for STEM education." Aside from this, campus life if decent despite the town having virtually nothing to do, and the education is pretty much what you would expect.
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