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OSU Corvallis has any major you could think of. There's also tons of clubs and PE classes to stay active. I've had many frustrating moments dealing with admin this year, from unresponsive maintenance requests in the dorms to fighting a parking ticket with proof of photo proof.
Everyone I have reached out to has been super helpful and patient with this 34 year old navigating an online degree. They spend just as much time and attention on the e-students as I have expected from other colleges I have been to in person. OSU is well respected and I can see why.
OSU Engineering could use an overhaul. Too many students are admitted and it makes each student that much more removed. I have friends at Cal Poly and WSU and their programs are more personal and hands on. I would recommend any potential engineering student to look at out-of-state options regardless of the tuition difference. The opportunities you receive may make up the difference. Of course you need to also consider your personal fit aside from academics.
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Oregon State University lost my ACT scores. I could understand how that happens at a large university. My issue is the office staff doesn't seem to care and has no sense of responsibility. I can call and be put on hold long enough to hang up and I've actually been disconnected on their end after a lengthy wait. It's unacceptable to have such poor service considering their application fee is one of the higher ones. I don't even wish to attend this university as it was my safety school, now first impression has ensured it is not even that.
What I love about Oregon State is the overall atmosphere, visually and physically. Visually, the campus is gorgeous and full of warmth from the orange brick to the green trees that turn to a rich auburn in the fall. I love the sense of pride in Beaver Fans. I am a Beaver Cheerleader so I feel the pride strongly and I love that I can find it in everyone around me here.
Yes it is true that a great many classes are always full and hard to get into. It is important to look ahead before registering to see which ones are required and which ones are only offered during certain terms. You can add another year to your time here if you don’t plan carefully. The advisors try their best to be helpful so make sure you see them before you waste your time. I have liked most of my professors though and the students are friendly.
There's thing I like and don't like. Such as, I like the variety and schoo, spirit. I love being at a D1 school especially in PAC 12. I do not like the lack of diversity and country town feel.
I am a current Oregon State University student for four years. I am loving how diverse this university is. Being able to be a part of different cultures frm around the world in one place is astonishing. What I love about OSU is that it is well organized and caring just like my high school. It reminds me of my high school because for one, this school's colors are black and orange while my high school's primary colors are black and orange, and for two, the admin, teachers, and all OSU faculties care for the students health and education; they want students to succeed. The downfall about this school is that it has bipolar weather where it is sunny today, and the next few days will be windy and rainy. So for the people that plans on coming to OSU, be prepared for unexpected flu's.
Oregon State University has a great educational program, a great atmosphere, and a welcoming environment.
It makes me angry that they throw so much money at sports. They've been trying for 10 years to finish Reser and it looks worse than ever. Now they want to add 10,000 seats when I've never seen a sold out game. How about that money be used for class seats so I can get a finally get a spot in Spanish
This school has a great engineering program but they seriously neglect their social sciences. I majored in Psychology and they didn't restrict other majors from signing up for important core classes. Due to this they would fill up quickly and I ended up taking most of my courses online.
I transferred from Cascades because it was too claustrophobic with limited classes and extra curricular options. But I've found the Corvallis atmosphere to be too crazy. The professors aren't very engaged and the TAs lack experience. I feel like Goldilocks looking for just right!
The Public Health and Human Services department at Oregon State University was wonderful. I felt passionate about helping others before I began undergraduate school, but this passion intensified as I furthered my education. The faculty cared about my education, and I never felt bored regarding the material. On a larger scale, the University itself was a terrific experience and I'm glad I chose it. Go beavs!
The campus is beautiful. However, the town is very underwhelming. There is nothing to do in Corvallis, especially if you are not in Greek Life. And if you are not used to the rain, this place is deadly. Not a healthy environment. However, the administration is amazing and so incredibly helpful. The Deans, not so much.
By early April the counseling center had no more appointments through the end of the year. It's unacceptable because of the fees we pay for these services. It's not something I want my parents involved in so I can't get it at home. OSU let me down.
I've only taken a few classes here so far but I love it. I took a microbiology class with Kenton Hokanson and he was absolutely incredible. Everyone is friendly there and I felt very welcomed.
I had an awesome time being at OSU (when I was still on campus). The campus is honestly so beautifully taken care of. The natural view is something that helped me stay relaxed and positive. There is a lot of clubs activities that people can participate in, so you can make friends and learn new things very easily. The people are very nice and friendly. Just right outside of campus are food joints/hangout area for students to meet up. I would go back there and enjoy my last few terms if I could. I honestly miss that place.
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I enjoyed the opportunities to join in out of class activities through clubs that enriched my knowledge and gave back to the community.
The only fun things in Corvallis are parties. You'll be crawling into spring term because you've depleted your health. The campus food is awful and generic. The workout facilities need upgrades ASAP. Most of us just can't wait to go home but because we're term system we go into summer.
The option to have a completely online experience, without losing the quality of in-class education is unique and incredibly important. As someone with a transient lifestyle, it makes it much easier for me to live my life while still pursuing my degree.
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