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OSU has a beautiful campus and a pretty welcoming community in the town where it’s located. It’s a small town so finding things to do if you aren’t a huge partier or drinker can be hard sometimes on the weekends. Academically, classes are what you make of them but teachers are generally very supportive and helpful.
Too many classes are taught via rapid fire slides. I really don't know anyone who learns well this way. If you look around, too many students are on their phones and checked out. Also, I thought after GE credits were satisfied that class sizes would get smaller and I'd have more tenured professors. I love the campus, it's very traditional, clean, and safe. It's also very eco friendly. The array of majors and minors got me to enroll at OSU. I'm just getting worried about being prepared for grad school.
I went to OSU through their ECampus program. Professors were hit or miss. Some were exceptional, and some were awful. I'm not sure about the campus experience, but as far as their academics go, I'd say it was a run of the mill state school.
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My experience at Oregon State has been good overall. I like the students and professors. What I would change is smaller class sizes and more availablity for the popular classes. We have a lot of school spirit and games days are a lot of fun.
Except for my dorm I'm having a great time at OSU. I joined a frat so I just moved in early but continue to pay for my dorm because it's required. It's well worth it to get out of there. If you are social then going greek is the best way to spend your time.
I attended the OSAA band finals at Oregon State University. Hotel rooms were difficult to find and very expensive considering the locale. Parking was a nightmare for the event. The dining venues were overwhelmed with crowds because there are too few choices adjacent to campus. The campus doesn't look anything like in photos. The LaSells performing center looks like a Cold War elementary school and Reser Stadium is so much smaller than it looks on TV.
Friendly people and nice looking campus. Good variety of housing and food. Many classes are hard to get and many low level classes taught by assistants.
Living on campus is pretty fun. I wish there were more upperclassmen options. It's hard to find decent housing off campus. Corvallis isn't for everyone, if you are looking for weekend entertainment you'll definitely need a car. The town buses are good for back and forth.
I'm a chemistry major at Oregon State University. The classes are challenging and fast paced. OSU is a friendly campus with lots of activities. It's easy to get around on a bike except when it's pouring rain (which is a lot)
Through my FAFSA I was approved for the Federal Work-Study. I partially based my decision to attend a university over a community college on this aid. OSU has limited opportunities for this program and it's very competitive to get a position. We are halfway through my second term here and still nothing. The Financial Aid department is hard to reach and little help. If the jobs don't exsist, that is the issue. This situation may cause me to transfer and that is not something I want to do.
I'm a freshman at Oregon State University for computer science. There's a lot of exciting things about the program. The campus is very nice. I've enjoyed getting to know the other students, it's a pretty laid back atmosphere.
The first thing I would change is the parking hassles. You will get a ticket if you park improperly, which is fair enough. But twice I've gotten tickets when I know my parking was proper. There is no way to fight it even with photo proof because they think students are cheating to get away with stuff. You can buy an expensive permit but you are not guaranteed a spot and then you're scrambling when it's full.
It is a very interesting campus and you go an meet so many new people. I have connected with so many people.
So far I've had a good experience at OSU. I've like my classes and instructors thus far. A couple of my classroom have very old and uncomfortable desks and limited heating. It's kind of distracting when you have to wear a jacket in class. I ended up in a dorm with 2 girls that I don't really click with but there's enough to do around campus that it's fine. I like the high amount of school spirit.
I've been accepted and my major is computer science. I would really like a scholarship. There is nothing I would change so far.
If cost is a consideration in your college choice make sure you have all the facts. There are a lot of fees and expenses that OSU doesn't put in their estimates. My sophomore year I had a couple thousand dollars unexpected. That was a make or break for me. I was trying to make partial payments on it and then all of a sudden my bill was sent to a collection agency. No one had reached out to me so I thought I was ok if an effort was being made. I was not able to register for classes until it was paid off. It was extremely stressful and affected my grades.
I’ve been accepted to OSU and both my parents went there and met there. There’s every major available and the games are fun all day.
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I had such a great experience here. My professors for my major classes were always really great, the Bacc Core professors were't as amazing, but that's understandable. They do some great research here.
We have a really beautiful campus especially in the fall. It's easy to get around, everything is close and I always feel safe. The dorms are a bit cramped and so far the search for off-campus housing has been a challenge. Trying to find an available house where my roommates and I can all park our cars.
Corvallis is a nice quiet town surrounded by beautiful countryside. The architecture of the old buildings are iconic. The students are very nice. Popular classes like chemistry can be hard to register for I wish they would open more times. The labs get a bit crowded. There are lot of clubs and ways to be outgoing.
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