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I came to Oregon State University from a small town in Idaho. The campus is very welcoming and safe. The University has a vast variety of courses you can take. My favorite elective courses were the PAC (physical activity courses). I got to take backpacking, rockclimbing, yoga, etc. They were all 1 or 2 credits and were a blast to take. Having PAC courses along with my major courses really helped me feel like a had a balanced life and it helped me meet a lot of fun people while getting to exercise. Oregon State is in Corvallis, which is a fairly small town that has an amazing downtown community. I was fortunate enough to get to experience working downtown while also attending the University. People are very welcoming and friendly at Oregon State and I couldn't imagine going to a better college.
The facility is very big and beautiful. The parking lot is not enough space for most of students. The food is good.
There is very good with a lot of tree but it's make my allergy get worse, I don't know if something can help me with my allergy
I'm enrolled in a graduate program at OSU and so far my experience has been very good. Although the student population is less diverse than other schools I have attended, people are in general friendly and welcoming here.
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Oregon State University hosts an E-Campus program which allows students to be fully involved with their college experience from anywhere in the world. The E-Campus experience provides students with a supportive, informative, and easily navigable platform for study. There are classes which introduce the student to the university policies and provide tips for a successful college experience. Students can also be paired with a success counselor who is instrumental in allowing a student to begin or continue their college career with confidence. The professors and advisors at OSU are hands on while being fully involved in the student's experience. There is no lack of communication and community building even within an E-campus environment.
Amazing campus, super helpful professors, the rain is really nice.

The recently had a tuition hike so getting a degree is a lot more difficult.
OSU has a gorgeous campus with plenty of courses to offer; it’s been like this since my family started attending OSU 60 years ago. However, unless you’re a graduate student, the university doesn’t care about its undergraduate engineering students the way you might think. They may provide you resources, but the way university employees engage with students is sometimes disappointing.
A disappointing element of the university is the athletic department, and the conduct of its student athletes. I read a statistic somewhere that over a recent time period, OSU had among the most number of D1 athletes commit felonious crimes. Likewise, OSU’s athletic director, Scott Barnes, seems to be out of touch with the OSU fan base, based on how he conducts himself in responses to inquiries by the fans. He seems to be able to raise a lot of money from donors to spend it on “search committees” for new coaches when they are often not needed.
I’m working on my degree online and have been pleased with the classes and helpful guidance counselors.
It was really difficult as a freshman to get the classes I needed. They seem to increase enrollment without adding class space. Corvallis is an adjustment, if you’re not from a small town. So far my overall experience is average. If I could fix something it would be the rundown dorms.
Oregon State has been a good university to attend. Credits transferred easily from PCC and that made the transfer process much easier. I have like most professors that I have had so far. They are all willing to put in the time to help individual students succeed.
The campus during fall term is amazingly beautiful! All of the leaves on the trees turn orange and everyone is getting excited for the football games.
I have had a great experience with Oregon State University so far. Advisors are easily accessible and all the courses I need for my program are available online which means I can take them whenever and wherever I want to.
I don't always see the value in the tuition. I don't want more money thrown at Reser when attendance is so low, because it loses money. The sports culture sometimes seems to have a strangle hold on the allotments when the student facilities could all use upgrades. The dorms especially need updating.
I love the atmosphere here at OSU, walking around campus makes you feel like you are on the East Coast but gives you the luxury of being in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. An hour from the beach, hour and a half to Portland, and only four hours to Seattle, Oregon State University is a great place to be!
To start, I was a transfer from a community college and did not experience a true freshmen year. I'm also former military and the reviews for this college I think depend on which school you attend. I was in the college of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering and I can tell you I love my degree but would have gone anywhere else for it knowing now what I went through. Going down the list, only one advisor was worth talking to and only certain students could talk to that one but this has recently changed (after 4 years of complaints). There are some absolutely great faculty but a majority are disinterested, elitist (and one that is extremely sexist/racist). The overarching college has raised tuition every year with little appearing in the classroom and hearing how corrupt the council of the college is, that should not be surprising, My education was ok, I feel confident in most areas but am continuing my education to fill in the gaps.
As a current ecampus student, Oregon state university's online post-baccalaureate computer science program is not only teaching me what it takes to pursue a career in computer science, but also tests my organizational skills as an online learning environment does much to challenge an individuals ability to fend for themselves.
I like the campus feel and corvallis in general, it's a friendly place to live with beutiful scenery, lots of cute shops, events, and places to eat. I do wish there was more involvement from students in campus events and organizations.
The school has so many different opportunities within the school and emphasizes getting out and becoming friends with other people. The facilities are clean and especially during the winter it keeps us warm. Throughout the week there are always activities going on somewhere on campus with the different clubs or even our student council. They have enough teachers that want you to succeed that balance out the teachers who don't truly care. Classes are available with many different paths to get wherever you want to so that you are able to get your degree.
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OSU has an amazing amount of faculty support and student involvement. There are countless clubs and organizations to be a part of, two of which I am a part of: ROTC and Greek Life. The campus is quite beautiful and has a good location, with many restaurants and parks close by.
OSU campus is very traditional and park like. I was disappointed in my first year classes as I did not find them challenging after taking AP classes in high school. I had graduates as teachers and they were hit and miss, some have no business teaching but most were funny and chill.
Super friendly students, always a party somewhere, lots of class options though often filled up. But for the price we pay the campus could use more maintenance and is overdue for upgrades. My dorm in particular had heating issues and moisture in the window never went away creating mold. The showers were quite scary. One of my classrooms was unbearbly cold to the point it interfered with concentration.
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