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Small school, which allows you to get to know your professors and not just be a number. Good size campus which allows you to bet anywhere pretty quick.
Great online school. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn while working full time. Although some of the workload can be heavy. Be ready to learn.
So far, my experience has been pretty good. The classes haven't been as challenging as I expected yet, but that will change soon. The people are friendly. The meal plan is awful. Living on campus is very expensive, but it's a great way to meet people. There have been some issues with the wifi and heating, but nothing too major. I do not regret my choice of college.
Review Oregon Institute of Technology
I have only been at OIT for one quarter but I can say this school is a good fit for me. My classes have been challenging and I have had some good professors. The food is decent, however I reside in an apartment on campus do I usually cook for myself. There is a lot of school spirit and support for the teams. The school has an orientation that allowed us to meet many people before the first day of class and there are a number of clubs and activities to participate in. There are parties every weekend, but they don't seem to get too wild.
I fell in love with the campus after taking their virtual tour online. The building and the history that was provided made me feel like I was really there.
Oregon Institute of technology is a great school if you are interested in a small university, and is interested in the programs they have.
The teachers are great and really care about their students. They are available for academic and emotional support. The only problem with OIT is the registrars. Their office is so uncoordinated and lacking in communication. I fear they lose a good deal of students because of their lack in organization.
I love OIT. There is so much to do here and is well worth the tuition money. I would love to see more degrees offered here but its not a big deal because this school is already awesome as it is. The professors are caring and great. Every personal hardship I have had, they have understood.
I have never been to the campus. I am an online student.
The school is a good school. All of the classes are taught by instructors that seem to care about the students' success.
I have no idea. I am an online student.
I have no idea really. My classes and lectures are all online.
Any issues that I have ever had were resolved. The professors are knowledgeable and supportive.
It depends sometimes on what kind of professor you happen to get in most cases, some tend to explain topics better than others while some just assume you know the subject and move on. There are a smorgasbord of class courses and some lead off in two different directions making it exciting and interesting to chose what you want to finish your degree in.
The teachers only briefly cover the topic on internships and leave it for the following years to return to it more frequently. If you are really interested about an internship you can go to your Academic Advisior and they'll help you look for some possible internships.
The school puts on various safety lectures and seminars that actively help promote person safety. The school also does a very good job of letting the students know what the many safety procedures and evacuation measures are so that each student knows what to do if there is a fire, blackout, active shooter,etc.. The school makes us feel very safe
The people around us last year weren't so loud and annoying so there wasn't too many problems in that area. The dorm rooms are pretty small for two people but with enough rearranging there is enough space to fit everything. The RA's are really helpful and they don't look for the faults in their residents rather they focus on making personal connections with their residents.
Review Oregon Institute of Technology
We don't really see their influence around campus that much and towards the end of the year i just found out what they actually do. They don't really do many parties but they do some community service. There are not a lot a members and that is why i think they aren't recognized too much on campus.
School spirit is a big thing and every Friday our school mascot (Hootie the Owl) goes around and pumps people up for the games that are happening that night. A lot of the students attend the games along with a lot of people who live off campus.
I wouldn't change my college if i could do it again because they have a really practical way of doing prerequisites. Instead of having to take all the prerequisites first then go into the major classes like most colleges. the college i attend (Oregon Institute of Technology) has you take a few perquisites along with some of your major classes. That way you don't spend only a few years in your major but rather your whole college experience is spent in your major.
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