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I go to OIT on the Wilsonville campus. I like it a lot, I drive from Portland. I take one class on campus and 3 online. The school is convenient. However, it is hard at times to get with the academic advisor. I have never met her in person which will be very helpful.
It's a great college to go to, the town is kinda horrible. But the college is worth the sacrifice of the town, almost 100 percent garanteed a job when you graduate.
Very nice school, located in Wilsonville so it's accessible from almost everywhere. I'd like to see more in person classes as opposed to online.
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Friendly, warm environment that is genuinely dedicated to helping you succeed in life and strive to accomplish your goals.
All hands on learning, with a tight knit community. They host events like having tv or game marathons, and they even went to a showing of Black Panther in a group.
Oregon Institute of technology is a well built college that offers a lot for the students that go there. I would highly recommend it, between the small town feel that the area provides, the general atmosphere, and even all of the clubs they offer, it is a great place to avoid feeling too homesick. The teachers are all extremely helpful and know their materials.
I have attended 2 other colleges and OIT by far cares at the most about their students. OIT has a very high return on investments and they do a great job at helping students to get jobs after they have graduated.
I love this college. It is smaller and lesser known. Mainly focused on offering medical and engineering degrees. The faculty is fantastic. The classes are small and provide lots of hands-on learning opportunities. They have great job placement and ROI records for the medical imaging programs.
The teachers care about their students and there are many ways to find and be part of the community there.
Relatively small class sizes, making it easier to get your questions answered. Really passionate, smart people.
The academics are second to none. Would like to see more things offered in the town itself for college students
I attend the Wilsonville campus.

Overall, the building is large and kept quite clean. The staff and students who attend here are extremely friendly and helpful. I'd definitely recommend this school to anyone!
The Oregon Institute of Technology is a 4 year university settled in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The programs and degrees offered at this university are like no other. Staff go above and beyond to push students to be their best and to achieve more than they think is possible. When things get difficult, staff encourage students to use their many available, on campus resources. As well as academics, OIT has an amazing campus life. The student body is small overall, but almost every student is involved in one way or another. Overall, OIT is a college that genuinely cares about the success and well being of their students, while making college a lasting, positive experience.
I'm excited to start my brand new career in the Sleep Technology field with the guidance and support of the Oregon Institute of Technology staff.
I liked the small class sizes. Every class that I took at OIT, had less than thirty people in them. This made it very personable and easy to seek help and advice from the professor for a specific class. I also liked the hands on opportunities that they offer to the students and field training that they provide for some of their programs. Overall it is a great school that I would recommend to anyone looking to further their education in a great environment.
Oregon Tech is a school where students can be themselves and are encouraged to do fun activities such as hiking, skiing, and even camping during the weekend. When I visited the campus, it was somewhat close to finals and almost no one was walking around instead they would be sitting almost anywhere and studying their hardest which I look for in schools. Students have their own lives but when it comes to business that is when everyone focused. What I would change is probably the housing options, do more than just single or double rooms, probably do a triple room as well.
I love the campus all the staff is very friendly. I love how all the staff is really committed to the students and their success
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I like that Oregon Institute of Technology is a very hands on school. People there are helpful and nice and theres always fun activities going on. If they where a little better with their budgeting and spending I would have given them full stars.
Small school, which allows you to get to know your professors and not just be a number. Good size campus which allows you to bet anywhere pretty quick.
Great online school. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn while working full time. Although some of the workload can be heavy. Be ready to learn.
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