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I came here because I was drawn to the desire to teach craft and concept hand in hand, as well as being able to study cross media
Wonderfully welcoming. The campus is beautiful and sits on top of the lovely West Hills in Portland, OR. The buildings are eco-friendly and each is set up for a certain craft, and filled with fantastic tools for success. Everyone you meet is lovely to talk to, and passionate about sharing their skills and talent.
Over priced and crummy hours are the only thing offered at school. No other option other then a cafe with small meals.
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It rains a lot in the spring.
A few students partake in smoking weed. The worst problem is cigarette smoking...worst drug ever!
The computers are slow and the tech never updates them. I am not sure why he gets paid. They supply the lab with one...yes one printer for the whole school which bottle necks everyone when it breaks down...even when it isn't broke down. All the clocks are off on the computers. Internet is slow.
We are a very tolerant college. There is a mix of GBLT, Ethnic mixes, female, male, religious and non religious, trans, and eclectic types.
It is an art much more fun can that get?
There are movie nights, a library, night classes and a cafe that is open at night. There are two art galleries.
There are houses on the campus to live in.
There is a bus line and a mass transit line nearby.
It is an art school, everyone socializes with everyone, that also includes the Gays.
No sports on this campus
There are a lot of eating establishments close to the school and on the bus line.
There is a cafe on campus. Lots of variety.
There is a gigantic apartment complex across the street from the college. I hear the landlords suck though. There is a bus line and a mass transit train near the school so traveling from other areas is easy. Tri-met did however cut the bus line running from every 15 minutes to 30 minutes which is a bit inconvenient.
Would love the campus to be smoke the allotted areas for non-smokers is defiled by smokers constantly.
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The new president Obama law making college financial aid only 6 years available sucks and discriminates against older students returning back to school to finish their degree.
It is a great art school. I would do it again!
Directly across from campus are two off-campus apartment complexes. I personally haven't lived in either, but I've heard a couple students who have say that the rent is more expensive than what they think it should be, given that they are students who live less than 1 block from campus, and the apartment complexes advertise their housing especially towards us. In downtown and on the East Side of Portland, housing is pretty easy to find - it can just get pricey in certain neighborhoods. Commuting from the East Side (or from anywhere in Portland) isn't a problem since our public transportation system here, Tri-Met, is so fabulous and offers several modes of transportation and locations.
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