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I love this College. I am on my last term here, but it has been an awesome experience. The faculty and staff are exceptional people who genuinely care about you, and the classes are good quality (providing you have the teachers that have been there for a long while). The Aquarium science program is excellent, and the writing and sociology departments are awesome. Each department has at least one excellent teacher. If you are given the opportunity, the SEAL (Serve Earn And Learn) programs are their work study programs and they are excellent experience opportunities. The only thing I would say is that this is a two year college. Their art department has one very good teacher, but only about 2-3 different classes per year. If you are looking for a large variety of classes, this school won't be able to provide that. What they can provide is quality gen-ed classes, specialty degrees, small classrooms with ample access to instructors, and very kind and accommodating staff.
Haven't had any problems with scheduling or transferring credits.
I haven't had any problems with this school. Everybody I have talked to has been super helpful and encouraging.
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What you put into the program in effort you get out of the program.
I am so happy to be part of this school and to be attending their Aquarium Science Program- the best available!
The teachers are friendly and helpful, and really care about students learning.
This community college is pretty good, and they do have really good programs, if they interest you.
Online classes are more difficult in my opinion compared to face-to-face classes.
I don't always like the times the classes meet at during the week, but otherwise this school is pretty good.
I don't believe there any post-grad services at my school, it's just a community college.
I'm not In a specific program at my school, so I don't really have any comments.
They school is so small that the counsellors can keep an eye on their students to make sure they're on track to graduate. The teachers are helpful because of the small class sizes.
I love this school because I feel like the professors actually want to see you follow the path that's best for you. They're understanding and willing to work with you if something comes up as long as you're honest with them. It sucks that the school is kind of nowhere near anything useful, but that also means it's not usually very crowded. I would choose this school again.
So far, I really the the sense of family and community I feel at such a small school and in the AQS program. I'm sure next year I will feel even more like that continuing with my classmates.
I love my AQS classes. My BIOLOGY 103 class is pretty ridiculous and the teacher's language barrier is hindering the learning process.
In the AQS program, we are exposed to many internship and job opportunities as well as many networking opportunities. There are unlimited resources and contacts that we have access to as well. You can really tell that they want us to succeed in this program and in our future career!
There doesn't seem to be much diversity here...but there is a lot of acceptance for the diversity that we DO have.
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Aside from my BI 103 class I feel that my education is worth the money I am borrowing. The AQS program is expensive, but with all of the technology and opportunities we have, I feel it is well worth it.
For BIOLOGY 103 this term we a have a new teacher that seems to have a hard time getting her knowledge across because of a language barrier. It is hard to understand her and she has to ask us constantly how to pronounce words that she should know since she is the teacher. Recently she wanted students to urinate in a cup to analyze it in lab. While this was an odd enough request, she wanted us to do so into paper cups with no lids....She also never lets us know when assignments are due, etc. It is frustrating that I am paying for this...
The AQS program the I am in has great teachers and great facilities, as well as great practicum experiences and internship/job opportunities. There is a ton of hands on experience and we have already had so many great experiences and it's only my first year.
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