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Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College Reviews

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The professors are very helpful and supportive. If there is a problem the professors work hard to fix it or find a solution that best fits you. I would like to see more clubs being offered.
I love it we have a lot of programs that help and are hear if you need any thing to help you achieve in your dreams and area of study
My school years has been a very rememberbale experience. Hard words cause I didn't want to / didn't know how to in the beginning now it's a easy and fun experience because I know how to stop and I'm willing to learn and enjoy learning new material
Review Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College
I love the tutoring they have available
the ladies and gentlemen in FA are very helpful and understanding to every need of the student while attending the school
This school has various programs that can help with your career. They also help you get jobs when you receive your degree or while you are in the process of receiving your degree.
Being a nursing major at my school is a bit difficult. The biology courses are very difficult. You have to study a lot and be very focused. But its not impossible just a bit of a challenge.
This school helps students to become better. They also having tutoring available for all classes. I would choose this school again because it helped me become more responsible and very hard working.
It need more online help for the student.
It can be a long process transfer your credits
I like to major in childhood development it s different because help little kids
I think it's okay because timing its flexible but you don't get extra help
Beçuse if yo7 have a degree you can find à job
The professors are nice but student need more help in this school.
Ii feel its okay because I join program I can easily it to my career
Its okay the people are but I just have problems with financial aid.
Being in computer science has allowed me to understand alot more about computers than i already knew.
Review Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College
This school has flexible hours and is very outstanding. If I had to choose this school again I would.
This school has the best flexibility of classes. If you can't do a morning class they'll have the same class at a different time for you. I most definitely can't leave out the many food restaurant near by.
An online class is way different from a traditional classroom. In an online class, it's harder to ask questions to the professor because you may have to email them and wait on a response whereas in a traditional classroom, you can talk to the professor in person. Participation in an online class is easier to me because in a traditional classroom, you may be shy or afraid to speak up iin front classmates. In the online class you can voice your opinion without being nervous or scared.
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