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Orange Coast College is an average community college that has fulfilled my general education courses at an affordable price while I get my associates degree. There are some great professors, but many of them do not prepare their students enough for university level classes in my opinion.
One thing that I like about this college is that based on the community that it is in. Also the social life of it looks interested to attend I've heard good reviews of it.
As much as I loved OCC, you really have to enter this school with a game plan on your academic career if you want to move onto a 4-year university. The counselors are very sloppy and no help. They almost make you feel like you need to stay at the school for four years if you want to attend a UC. Do not fall for it. There are many resources that can help you move onto a school like UCLA, Cal, USC, ect. You just need to be willing to dig and find it. A huge recommendation is the Honor's Center. They have a lot of tag programs and you don't need to be a "high school honor student" to be in the program. Do your research. Know what you want. Use the proper resources this school has to offer.
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So far at orange coast college its been a great experience for me I'm loving it the campus is beautiful and the student life is wonderful i came because it was the number one transfer community college in orange coast college and i had to attend here ans so far im loving it
The school had an excellent student life and I got all of the classes I need pretty easily. Great location and easy to navigate. This school is excellent for transfer to CSU and UC programs as well as many private universities.
Its only my first year but already I have enjoyed the school and campus life. The campus may seem big at first but after awhile you learn to get around. There are many great facilities to study and get work done such as the library and computing center, The school offers a lot of help for students academic, financial, and social wise. Many classes offer free tutoring at the student center for extra help. The school also offers work study which is very helpful for getting extra cash and it also works great with your class schedule. Many of the professors also have office hours in case you need extra help.
The Orange Coast College campus is huge with great facilities, and beautiful. There are so many places outside to study, or lay under a tree, while the library has the latest technology inside. It is also located very close to many stores and the beach. The professors care about their students future as well do the counselors.
The campus is truly a sight to see and the people there are helpful. Overall great experience. My first impression of the college were the helpful staff that are there to make the experience something short of unforgettable. This college is unlike any other I've been and it has remained that way.
This college is wonderful, excellent choice in affordability, academic records and flexible change in majors if you’re an international student. Also the Global Engagement Center, for international students, often hosts parties to those who miss their traditional holiday like: Lunar New Year,...and a comfort place if you’re not used to talk strange people. The professors are great, they are available through office hours and after classes; if you come across a diffficult problem in class, they will help you. The food in OCC is okay, rich in American Cuisine. Other than that, OCC is safe and quick to take initiative to protect and ensure students experience in study and life.
As a freshman at OCC, my experience so far has been nothing but positive. The professors all seem to genuinely care about making sure the students receive as much knowledge as possible and that they are provided with the resources they need. I don't regret spending my first year here.
This is a great two year school. Most of the professors here love what they teach and have experience in their fields. They have a lot of knowledge so pick at their brains.
I love he campus and some teachers can be very helpful while other can be straight down mean. The school does have a nice library and have a lot of resource for you readily available. I enjoyed the extended hours during finals week.
Orange Coast College is generally a great school! Just big enough to feel like you're in college, but not too big that it's overwhelming. Professors are good, just make sure to check Rate My Professor before registering. Parking is a disaster the first few weeks of school, but that's about it.
The student services have really been helpful in returning to school for a new career path.
It would be a major improvement if they offered more online courses for the working students.
Orange Coast College is a really amazing school. The attitude of the staff there is really positive and helpful! They strive in every department that I have dealt with to help you succeed at completing your education. It was a really positive experience that I personally will never forget.
I really enjoyed my time at OCC. Every professor I had was passionate about the subject they were teaching, especially on classes that never appealed to me like History, Humanities and Economics, the professors made the topics engaging and I ended up doing well in those classes. Free student tutoring is available and the campus is beautiful and spacious.
Great professors. Only thing I wish they would do would make it a smoke-free campus. When you walk around you smell a lot of cigarette smoke and vape. It is somewhat offputting.
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wish i had gone to a 4 year instead but i saved a lot of money going here. the teachers are the only thing that made going to occ, besides the money saved, worth it. the teachers i had were very hands on and were always eager to help.
it's hard to make friends since everyone's trying to get in and out but i made some good friends with effort.
Orange Coast College is a typical 2 year institute, it's what you make of it. The institution expects you to transfer on your own with little assistance. There are some good professors that will change your life, but other than the few, there are the typical professors who don't care to remember your name.
All the staff are friendly, hardworking and smart. I personally am taking online classes for the first time, which is really hard, but I am amaze by the organization of the classes and its materials.
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