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This is one of those community colleges where you can really thrive in your fast track to transferring to a four year institution. However, like many community colleges, it is a fight to get your classes. My advice would be to stay on top of it, transfer out(assuming that’s a main goal for the majority of students), and get involved with an internship or program if possible. Overall, decent school.
I love everything about this school. Teachers are very friendly and reachable, small classes, great student life such as sgocc, over 50 clubs
Orange Coast College, being a community college, especially helped me get my feet on the ground and decide which path was right for me. The teachers and counselors were very helpful in my college process.
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The thing that I really love about Orange Coast College is the new classtooms which they are building and which will be done soon. This classrooms will open new opportunities for those who want to study gastronomy. The only thing that I don't like about this college and I will love to see it change is the long wait to have an appointment with a counselor; it's just a horrible experience.
The convenience from my home in Santa Ana (when I lived there) was amazing. Many of the professors were good and effective with their teachings. Classes sometimes would fill up fast (depending on the class and demand). People were relatively chill. Weather was good because you know, California. Made some friends here and learned a lot.
It is an amazing school with great teachers who care about your success. A lot of resources on campus. Offering dorms starting 2020. Some homelessness in area but over all very safe.
Fantastic Campus and great professors! As a veteran there are so many services available to me, and I have a clear plan set up by the Veteran Counselor to transfer to a 4-year as soon as possible. The staff on campus has been nothing but spectacular.
I currently attend Orange coast college and I love the diversity of class offered here. Its a bigger community college but I love how much cheaper it is to attend classes and its nice that they offer two free years. The professors are amazing and very knowledgable and passionate about teaching. I haven't had a bad experience with a professor and they are always avaliable to help you when you need it during office hours. I highly recommend attending orange coast college, you will get a great education for half the price of attending a 4 year.
I would rate this because my professors have been pretty helpful and kind, I have been getting good resources in just the first semester of my experience here.
So I went here for junior college and I really did enjoy it. The teachers for the STEM classes where very knowledgeable and it could be argued that they were overqualified. Teachers felt like they enjoyed teacher and helping student to succeed. I felt very prepared for my next steps transferring to a four year university to continue pursing my education. I commuted to school yet was still able to make friends and build relationships with people in and out of my classes.
The professors are congenial and practice what they preach. There are some faculty members who also encourage students to learn, reach for a career at an accelerated rate, and grow your knowledge with the highest potential. With a growth mindset, I believe Orange Coast College is worth attending to with the amount of social and learning support that the school overall provides.
My experience at Orange Coast College has been very positive. They offer many night classes which are very helpful for an older student who works full time. They also offer online courses, along with their sister college, Coastline Community College, provide many more options to receive your degree faster. The teachers are super friendly, knowledgeable and friendly. They are easy accessible and provide prompt responses. The campus is gorgeous and offers two things no other college around has : The Math and Business Computing Center and the newly built Planetarium. The Planetarium is amazing and beautiful – the best part? The whole community can benefit from this facility which offers different types of educational entertainment. The campus is situated in a very safe part of Orange County. Orange Coast College was the best choice for a student who finally decided to attend college 20 years after graduating high school.
This is my first semester here. So far, I am fairly impressed. My professor seems to be exceptional in his expertise in ceramics and am so excited for this class, just hope financial aid kicks in. help desk in Watson hall is very helpful, just very busy. PARKING IS HORRIBLE
What I like most about Orange Coast College are the many opportunities it has for students to grow and to improve their resume. Most professors look out for their students and a lot of the staff is very nice. I do agree with what Google says; OCC is definitely one of the best community colleges out there.
I had attended other community colleges and never recieved so much attention and investment from councilors and professors on my education like her at Orange Coast College. In addition the school makes sure to be a leader in technology for their students. I am now transfering and thankful to the school for the experience.
Orange Coast College has a beautiful, well kept campus and dedicated educators and staff determined to provide a productive environment that offers enrichment to all aspects of the college experience.
I personly love it at occ. I am on the womens waterpolo team and we fit in right with eachother. the campus is beautiful and green very big aswell.
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My 3 years at Orange Coast College have been exceptional. With its diverse class of friendly students, wide array of resources, and caring professors, this is the best community college I have ever attended. As a transfer student who is a communications major, taking courses such as Public Speaking and English 101 pushed me to overcome my fear of talking in front of a live audience and opened up my expressive side as a writer. On top of the outstanding courses this school offers, there are an abundant amount of clubs to get involved in. To get in more touch with my major and the career I want to pursue I joined Sigma Chi Eta, an honors communications society. As a member of this club, I built profound relationships with the professors of the communications department as well as amazing friendships. During my years at Orange Coast College, I was able to develop personal characteristics that I know will help with my readiness to succeed as an upperclassman in University. Go Pirates!
Orange Coast College has a beautiful campus located minutes away from the beaches in Costa Mesa, CA. It is very diverse and has many different club associations to get involved with. Students make you feel very included, and are always willing to help. I highly recommend OCC to everyone!
All the professors I have encountered so far are amazing they all want you to succeed and achieve your goal of transferring or a certificate.
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