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My experience with Orange Coast College was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life now that I look back to those years. This school took time for its students and the staff was always available to help. I now moved onto university and noticed a huge difference in the way students are treated compared to Orange Coast College. As a community college, there is much to experience with historic value. Modern art buildings, a beautiful modernized library with many opportunities, and not to mention, a Starbucks! Orange Coast college also offered amazing classes that helped me learn a little about what options I had to choose as a career if I was uncertain. Three years later and I still want to go back to the library to read, work in quiet peace, and to take more classes. Orange Coast College is what many think of a "Californian Orange County" typical community college. It is, and it is fun; anyone who attends will enjoy their school and learning opportunities at the college.
So far OCC has been a super good experience as a community college. The campus is very nice and clean and the community is diverse and open. With a very difficult problem in relation to a professor and her right to freedom of speech they dealt with it very well. Everyone is made to feel welcome and safe and that is one of the most important aspects when trying to get a good education.
Orange Coast College is a good community collgege. There are a lot of great professors and staffs. Campus is safe.
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Had a great experience at OCC, they were one of the best JC's in Southern California. Great place to transfer from. great professors, great counselors and great college
As an international student, it has been a pretty good experience for me. OCC is very diverse, it is located in a very safe place and only 20 minutes away from the Beach. The professors, staff, students -- everyone is very friendly, helpful and are always there for you. I thought I would have difficulty with studying and being away from home but I was wrong. I do very well in my academics while having a good social life and enjoying the college!
I went to OCC because of their reputation for transferring students and having an excellent volleyball team. Both of these worked in my favor: I am transferring after one year to UCLA, and our team won a state title. I had a lot of terrific professors that knew what they were talking about , kept class interesting and prepared me for the future. One thing that was frustrating was that books cannot be returned after the first year of school.
OCC is a great school that has a little bit of everything. All of the teachers I've had are professional and want to help you succeed. Its close to the beach and right across the street from the fair grounds. You can meet people from all backgrounds and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The school is always undergoing some update, and continues to stay on top with technology. Choose OCC before going to a 4 year university to have a great time, recieve great education all at a community college price.
I love OCC! Great professors and well kept buildings. So inexpensive, no academic requirements for admission, anyone can go there! parking isn't too bad.
The courses were challenging and informational. However, many of the students are stuck up and clique-ish. This college is extremely overcrowded, which made it difficult to register for classes and find parking.
My friends tell me this is a good community college with different majors, especially for science and engineering. The campus is fresh and modern with new technology. Good school so you should come here for 4 years college.
This is my second semester back in college, after being in the military for four years. I was very nervous to go back to college but everyone on campus was very helpful in getting me to the people I needed for applying and getting in. I only wish I would of started sooner.
OCC is great. For a community college, they have so many fantastic resources it is amazing. The instructors have all been wonderful and caring, and I've never felt like I was receiving a lesser education. I reccomend it to anyone and everyone.
The school, is huge and every well design, parking can be a bit crazy especially in the first two weeks, the teachers are very well educated, and have good equipment to teach, and the coffee is good.
I was quiet nervous to be going back to school at 30 years old a single mom of two kids. I thought I would be able to keep up with the younger classmates fresh out of high school. I remember my first day of classes, I got out of the car and walked to my class room, and my worry was gone. The campus is beautiful with alot of grass and shade trees, it's very relaxing. The new computer lab is top notch, and recently the computers were upgraded. The faculty staff is eager and willing to assist and guide you in the right direction. The teachers I've had so far have been absolutely the best. Hands down OCC ranks the very best.
I love OCC, because they offer flexible classes that work with my work schedule. Teachers are amazing and inspiring.
I was pursuing an AA in dance here just after graduating from Newport Harbor High to save money.
It is pretty straight forward. Go to your classes, it is just like high school but you get to plan your schedule to your life, people generally care a bit more.
It is a community college as generic as can be but they have a large variety of classes and you will seriously safe so much money and they are known for being one of the top transfer schools in the state.
Orange Coast College (OCC) is one of the best options for community college in the Orange County area. The professors really care about their jobs and their students. There are many resources for students who are looking to transfer, just take a few courses, or get a certificate in a specific field. OCC has a high transfer rate to UC and CSU schools and prepares you for a four year college and for life after college.
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My experience with online courses are great! I feel like most of them are easy and convenient for students. They have appropriate class sizes and availability. Blackboard is amazing and convenient.
I have not experienced the post-grad services at my school quite yet. I have went to the career center a few times to just check it out.
Every single teacher I have had at this school were extremely helpful and amazing at their job. Most of them will go out of their way to help students. Classrooms and courses are awesome too. OCC has upgraded several things in the last couple of years that has made going to OCC more enjoyable and pleasurable.
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