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I never wanted to go to a community college when I was in high school but from my first day at OCC I fell in love. The campus is beautiful and they are always working on keeping it that way, the food options are diverse and very VERY good. Teachers and courses are great so are the students you meet. Parking can be hectic because of how many students attend but there are lots of parking lots to choose from. Classes are so much cheaper than at a 4year and all my friends and I did the same assignments. Not too much of a party scene at OCC but in the area, there are tons of house parties, clubs, and bars you can go to. 20 min drive to the beach from campus, 10 min drive to South Coast Plaza, everything else around OCC is really close and there are tons of options for just about anything you can want. Truthfully, I wish I didn't have to transfer to a uni and I could just obtain my bachelors at OCC.
I absolutely LOVE Orange Coast College. The teachers I have gotten the chance to learn from the past two years are some I will never forget. The professors that teach here truly care for their students and will do anything to help them succeed. I wish I could stay for the full 4 years!
I am currently a freshman at OCC and it has been an amazing experience for me. I have made many new friends and gotten to know a few of my professors. I feel at ease when I can talk to a counselor. They are very intelligent and are always able to help guide me in my future and career. They have many helpful resources that I use quite frequently. I use the career center to take tests to see what I want to do in the future. The school has a student center that offers tutoring. I have really enjoyed my experience, especially for such a cheap price! It's amazing how much focused professors are on their students here at community college. :)
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A good place that will get you to where you want to go. The professors are encouraging and kind; most teach very well and want you to succeed. The social life, as expected, is pretty dead, but if you make an effort to connect with peers, you can make friends.
Excellent Community College. It doesn't even feel like a community college. Buildings are modern and new ones are currently being built. We have thousands of students and one of the most international students.
Professors are wonderful and there wasn't a class I didn't like.
This school is alright, not much to do other than academic here, but it is a pretty good school for transferring.
Depending on the courses and professors you take, Orange Coast College can be a great junior college to go to. They have a variety of resources to help their students succeed, but the students need to make an effort to go after those opportunities.
My experience at Orange Coast College has been an overall wonderful one. A majority of the professors are very kind and understanding, as well as willing to help anyone out. If there is one thing I would change it would only be that some office hours were more accessible.
Overall, I have had an awesome experience here. I feel well prepared as I am getting ready to transfer to a 4-year institution in the fall.
I entered Orange Coast College fresh out of high school. The school was exactly how you would invision a community college. The overall school is very good but there are certain professors that are terrible at what they teach yet there are others that are Excellent at what they do.
OCC provides many opportunities to meet students's need such as job fairs, language exchange parties and transfer fairs. They also support international students by having an office called global Engagement Center. They not only give international students academic advice but also provide information about housing, and on-campus jobs. In order for any students to be successful academically, all students can have access to tutoring service on campus for free.
The professors are very thorough and detailed with their teaching. Most of them are always available throughout the week if students need any help whatsoever.
Great school and professors really care! There are lots of activities including clubs, sports games to attend and honors societies to be involved in!
I loved my time at Orange Coast College and I believe that there are many great professors there. There were many resources that were offered and the school is a very friendly environment. The only thing I did not like as much is how tired I became of the campus after going there for three years but that is not the fault of the college. The campus had a very diverse amount of people both in age and ethnicity and it really made my experience that much better meeting a myriad of different people and making multiple friends.
Orange Coast College is an average community college that has fulfilled my general education courses at an affordable price while I get my associates degree. There are some great professors, but many of them do not prepare their students enough for university level classes in my opinion.
One thing that I like about this college is that based on the community that it is in. Also the social life of it looks interested to attend I've heard good reviews of it.
As much as I loved OCC, you really have to enter this school with a game plan on your academic career if you want to move onto a 4-year university. The counselors are very sloppy and no help. They almost make you feel like you need to stay at the school for four years if you want to attend a UC. Do not fall for it. There are many resources that can help you move onto a school like UCLA, Cal, USC, ect. You just need to be willing to dig and find it. A huge recommendation is the Honor's Center. They have a lot of tag programs and you don't need to be a "high school honor student" to be in the program. Do your research. Know what you want. Use the proper resources this school has to offer.
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So far at orange coast college its been a great experience for me I'm loving it the campus is beautiful and the student life is wonderful i came because it was the number one transfer community college in orange coast college and i had to attend here ans so far im loving it
The school had an excellent student life and I got all of the classes I need pretty easily. Great location and easy to navigate. This school is excellent for transfer to CSU and UC programs as well as many private universities.
Its only my first year but already I have enjoyed the school and campus life. The campus may seem big at first but after awhile you learn to get around. There are many great facilities to study and get work done such as the library and computing center, The school offers a lot of help for students academic, financial, and social wise. Many classes offer free tutoring at the student center for extra help. The school also offers work study which is very helpful for getting extra cash and it also works great with your class schedule. Many of the professors also have office hours in case you need extra help.
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