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OCC was a great school to get my general education and some undergraduate work done. The campus was great, and some of the professors were pretty great. One drawback though was I was hoping to get more undergraduate coursework done but wasn't able to due to lack of courses unfortunately. All in all, OCC was a pretty good school and very inexpensive.
Orange coast college seems like the worst place to be as a freshman wishing to be at a "big kid school" but I quickly learned that it is the best option for kids who are figuring out life and their direction in those first years out of high school. It has been a fun and crazy experience that I would not trade.
Orange Coast College stands out because you can make your experience exactly what you want it to be. I was looking to take a summer class to get back into a school program without heavy commitment, and Film 100 has turned out to be a perfect fit. I love the relaxed, yet opportunity-rich feeling of the campus. Applying to the school and registering for classes was very easy online. I know I will be able to get help from the staff when I need it, but otherwise I am able to have an independent school experience which is perfect for this stage of my life. I would recommend my friends to OCC based on my great experience this summer its value for the cost.
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I fell in love with Orange coast college my first semester there. The environment is very welcoming and the professors truly want to help you succeed. I highly recommend Orange coast college to anyone of any age that hopes to further their education and get the skills they need to transfer to a university.
I like the overall atmosphere the professors are caring and helpful but there are certain areas of the school that have a rotten egg stench to it and the piping needs to be changed because its affecting the drinking fountains taste.
Orange Coast College has great academics and professors. They truly prepare you for transferring to a 4-year university. The level of work is not that different. They also have a wonderful honors program that is associated with a lot of universities throughout the country. You can join the honors program and apply through them to these schools for a higher chance of acceptance. It's a great and much cheaper option than going straight to a 4-year after high school. It gives you time to explore majors, careers, and save up.
I love this school. Its great if you are looking for a community college that you can get involved in and try new things. I've taken part in the theatre program and I love it!
It's a good school with professors that want to help you prepare for a four year University. They have a good variety of classes to satisfy any interest you have. They let work at your own pace, for example I graduated after spending six years at OCC. What's great about this school is that there's no big hassle if you suddenly decide to change majors. The counselors are nice and good at explaining your options when you are shown your education plan. They have a great disabled students program that caters to your specific need and are very helpful explaining your needs to your professor.
I really like Orange Coast College because it provides a great diversity of students and teachers from all races from all over the world. It is great conversing with all of them and makes my time here a great one.
I never wanted to go to a community college when I was in high school but from my first day at OCC I fell in love. The campus is beautiful and they are always working on keeping it that way, the food options are diverse and very VERY good. Teachers and courses are great so are the students you meet. Parking can be hectic because of how many students attend but there are lots of parking lots to choose from. Classes are so much cheaper than at a 4year and all my friends and I did the same assignments. Not too much of a party scene at OCC but in the area, there are tons of house parties, clubs, and bars you can go to. 20 min drive to the beach from campus, 10 min drive to South Coast Plaza, everything else around OCC is really close and there are tons of options for just about anything you can want. Truthfully, I wish I didn't have to transfer to a uni and I could just obtain my bachelors at OCC.
I absolutely LOVE Orange Coast College. The teachers I have gotten the chance to learn from the past two years are some I will never forget. The professors that teach here truly care for their students and will do anything to help them succeed. I wish I could stay for the full 4 years!
I am currently a freshman at OCC and it has been an amazing experience for me. I have made many new friends and gotten to know a few of my professors. I feel at ease when I can talk to a counselor. They are very intelligent and are always able to help guide me in my future and career. They have many helpful resources that I use quite frequently. I use the career center to take tests to see what I want to do in the future. The school has a student center that offers tutoring. I have really enjoyed my experience, especially for such a cheap price! It's amazing how much focused professors are on their students here at community college. :)
A good place that will get you to where you want to go. The professors are encouraging and kind; most teach very well and want you to succeed. The social life, as expected, is pretty dead, but if you make an effort to connect with peers, you can make friends.
Excellent Community College. It doesn't even feel like a community college. Buildings are modern and new ones are currently being built. We have thousands of students and one of the most international students.
Professors are wonderful and there wasn't a class I didn't like.
This school is alright, not much to do other than academic here, but it is a pretty good school for transferring.
Depending on the courses and professors you take, Orange Coast College can be a great junior college to go to. They have a variety of resources to help their students succeed, but the students need to make an effort to go after those opportunities.
My experience at Orange Coast College has been an overall wonderful one. A majority of the professors are very kind and understanding, as well as willing to help anyone out. If there is one thing I would change it would only be that some office hours were more accessible.
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Overall, I have had an awesome experience here. I feel well prepared as I am getting ready to transfer to a 4-year institution in the fall.
I entered Orange Coast College fresh out of high school. The school was exactly how you would invision a community college. The overall school is very good but there are certain professors that are terrible at what they teach yet there are others that are Excellent at what they do.
OCC provides many opportunities to meet students's need such as job fairs, language exchange parties and transfer fairs. They also support international students by having an office called global Engagement Center. They not only give international students academic advice but also provide information about housing, and on-campus jobs. In order for any students to be successful academically, all students can have access to tutoring service on campus for free.
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