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OCC will make you feel at home and as if you are welcomed. The atmosphere is amazing and will make studying a little less dreadful than what others presume it to be.
I love going to this college. This college has an abundance of resources available to any student. I feel safe and happy to go to this amazing school.
I made sure my experience at OCC was not aligned to the stigma of simply going to class and going home. I wanted to make my two years there memorable and that it was. I instantly got involved on campus with the Business and Entrepreneurship Club, Speech and Debate and more. I had the opportunity of meeting the most amazing people in these organizations and in my classes, some who I consider my best friends to this day. I was able to grow as a person beyond what my imagination thought I could in community college and it has prepared me impeccably for jobs, transferring to Chapman University and life in general. I’m extremely grateful for all the incredible people and professors I had the pressure of meeting.
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i like Occ because its very nice and they offer a lot of classes. the only thing i would change, is the way the online accounts work b=ecause they are down a lot.
The campus, though may be small, is a very friendly place. Filled with variety of students from different backgrounds. Professors here are very diverse and most of all they're very dedicated people to guide students toward success.
It’s a nice start for those who don’t feel like they’re ready for college yet. It’s loke high school 1.5, the step before real college for those who plan to transfer. Teachers, students, faculty, everyone works with you so you can achieve your goals, it’s wonderful.
Here at Orange Coast College, there is so much to choose from. There is such a wide range of classes and schedules, opportunities, internships, and fields of study no matter which direction you choose. Orange Coast College is meant to be affordable compared to four year universities, and its schedules accommodate those who have different hours of work and time to study. I'd say, to get the most out of your time here, invest in your learning. My classes were most beneficial depending on the professors. Some professors are much more passionate and yearn for their students to comprehend the material. Do your research before taking the class, study to learn the material, and focus on your goals for the future.
I love the campus it is honestly very big. Most the classes’ I have been in are 35 or less people in them. All the professors are very good I haven’t had one I don’t like. It’s alittle difficult to find classes at first but once you do it’s really easy. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves most the time but the environment is great.
What I loved about Orange Coast College was the fact that everyone is welcoming and friendly. The food on campus is good and affordable. The professors I had were really very passionate to teach and interesting lectures.
Orange Coast College is an amazing school that offers lots of academic help and involvement. I am very proud to call myself a pirate!
In my opinion, OCC can be a great place if we know how to take advantage. I can meet new people and make friends. The faculties are nice, and they are the motivation for me to go to school. I spend a great time in school. At OCC we learn about different topics, about different things that we like (or not). Things that now we don’t know for what we need it but maybe we will need. We have teachers who help us understand too.
But OCC has negatives points too. Sometimes we have a lot of work and homework, and we arrive exhausted at home. Some teachers are too strict and demand a lot of us, and some classes are too boring.
In my years of attending OCC. The school offered a lot of great professors that helped me on learning a lot about how important school was and they offered a lot of help on making the subject interesting. I also liked how OCC offers a lot of help for student to transfer school. I think what OCC could change up is by advertising more on their student help center.
Orange Coast is very unique. We are diverse and host a lot of international students. We are focused on succeeding and moving onto the next level. I love it here.
Orange Coast College was a great school, teachers were friendly and helpful. The Campus is very well maintained and the horticulture department was always a great place to study. Orange Coast offers a variety of classes including furniture making which was challenging and fun. If I were to change anything about OCC it would be the limitations on repeating a class. Right out of High school I was terrible at math and unfortunately had to take it three times because I didn't pass. Once you don't pass three times they force you to attend another college. In my opinion this is flawed because certain subjects are very difficult for some people and they need multiple chances to finish. For years it was the only thing that prevented me from continuing my education.
I never thought I could actually enjoy a community college until coming to Orange Coast. My professors were excellent, the student life is great, and I had a blast running track here. The administration is good in guiding you on how to find your way through school as well as figuring out the campus. The counselling is good but just make sure you make an appointment in advance because there are tons of students who come here. One thing before enrolling is to get priority registration to ensure that you get the classes needed. Parking the first 2-3 weeks of the semester are ridiculous due to every student coming during that span so come 15-25 minutes early to campus before your class begins.
Love the staff, always supportive and wants to help you improve which was a difference from high school and the campus is beautiful, larger than some campuses but beautiful nonetheless
Best College Ever! great professors, great academic programs, and really helpful staff. The campus is great, lots of new buildings on the way, lots of parking available, and if extra free parking available a cross the street.
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Orange Coast College consistently lives up to it's reputation of being the best community college to transfer. Throughout the year I've received hands-on advice and pathways to successfully transfer into a four year university of my choice.
The campus is really something else. For a community college, it stands out in comparison to others community colleges I've experienced. Though most student commute to school and there homes, it still feels like 'a college where people mingle and socialize like a normal schools with dorms would have
OCC has an excellent academic staff eager to help and provide guidance to students. The student body is not renowned for its academic rigor, but the atmosphere is incredibly diverse, friendly, and supportive. The campus offers many resources to students financially and academically, and help is always within reach.
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