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This university gives its students an amazing experience when it comes to maintaining your relationship with God;and staying on top your game(with reference to education)with state of the art Professors, study material and student tutors. I love how the Christian faith is integrated with every single course offered at ORU.
Oral Roberts University is a place where young adults can come and share their walk with God with other students. While also learning in a Christian based automosphere, ORU is on the best university in the US
ORU offers a blend of personalized instruction from faculty with low student to professor ratios with a large enough student body to support a variety of professors in each discipline. The new Global Learning Center provides cutting edge virtual reality learning opportunities, the emphasis of development of body, mind, and spirit is unique among universities, and I love the diverse, international student body from 90+ countries!
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This school has good academics. I studied Biology and the professors made it challenging and helpful. The school could have offered more scholarships and helped more with post graduation job search.
Oral Roberts University is the best place to grow both academically and spiritually. It really develops you as a whole person; Spirit, Mind and Body have equal attention. As an international student, I see that Oral Roberts University has an amazing program that gives me the same opportunities to grow and reach my goals.
I love Oral Roberts so much. The campus is absolutly beaustiful and the academics are fantastic. I am an education major and although the work is hard it is a very fulfilling program. campus worship is fantastic. The food though is not very good and could use improvement.
It's legitimately the only school I've ever enjoyed attending, from kindergarten to first year in Canada, nothing else compares.
I admire the professors and their intrigue in the field they teach. The dining area could use a touch up, but I still love the place.
The community is phenomenal and the professors care deeply about the Students! At ORU, I am not only getting an education, I am learning more about God and how to be a Spirit-led individual in every area of my life.
ORU is a great place to pursue your degree. However, I had a bitter experience with my major and my classroom schedule were all messed up. Overall, the Campus is really pretty, Chapel services are awesome and I would definitely choose ORU to complete my degree plan if there wasn't a problem in my degree program.
Though it is a Christian university, do not let its religious belief deter you. The academics, campus, students, professors, and local area all combine into a great experience and educational opportunity.
Oral Roberts is an amazing school. It is unlike other universities. Oral Roberts is life changing, and I believe that anyone who commits their time to Oral Roberts can pass and that God will move in their live's.
I have enjoyed this University ever since I started here. I am starting my Junior year. The people here are so friendly. It is not difficult at all to make lasting friendships.
the university has taught me how to become a whole person meaning that I'm getting educated for the world out there physically by exercising mentally and spiritual. Additionally it has motivated me to have different worldviews and to go to the uttermost bounds of the earth to show Jesus to the ones that haven't experience him yet .
My experience at ORU was life-changing to say the least. I made friends that I know I will have for a lifetime, traveled the world, and have now started pursuing my graduate degree under the teaching of phenomenal professors. ORU prepares you in mind, body, and spirit to go into the world as a competent representative of Christ in any field you go into.
I live the campus. It is full of symbolism and beauty. The staff is so helpful and excited to see you interested in their school. They work with you to be sure you get what you need.
Oral Roberts University is a place like no other. The consentrated purpose of the university founded on its powerful past along with its pointed academic goals merge to create one of the most unique universities in America.
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I love the environment that their is at ORU! its such a friendly environment. All the friends that you make there eventually become like your family! It's home away from home.
This university is outstanding and the president and faculty are always challenging their students in all aspects of their lives (spiritually, mentally, and physically). Furthermore, the campus itself always is developing more and more for their students.
I have found that the teachers seem to genuinely care about teaching. The biggest plus to me has been the focus on Biblical worldview and staying true to God's word.
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