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1,224 reviews
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Oral Roberts University is a great place to learn and grow! There are several facilities and they have many sports that you can get involved with.
I loved my time at ORU. It had it's challenges as any school would, but I enjoyed all my classes and dorm life was rewarding. Professors care about more than your coursework, they pray for you and offer guidance. The Student Association listens to both commuters and resident students. Tulsa is a great community to live in and around - plenty of job opportunities especially with an education from a respected school like ORU.
I am actually still a freshman at ORU; however, I have the unique experience of being a student while also working at ORU. I think the highlight of the school by far is the people. I have never meet a larger group of genuine and kind people who share similar interests, who are so willing to help and get to know you, than this university. I am the only freshman on my dorms floor, which is by choice because I have a friend who goes here. This doesn't change the fact that I now know seniors, juniors, and sophomores personally because I get to live with them everyday. This is a unique experience because I can learn from people who were just in the same situation as me only a few years earlier. One final thing I want to mention is the atmosphere of this school. The feeling of acceptance and togetherness is nearly tangible when on campus at this school, and that is incredibly rare for a globally involved university.
There are a few areas of study at Oral Roberts University that are excellent programs, including accounting, finance, nursing, and theology. Most other programs at ORU, however, are very poor. The ORU culture is also very strict and intolerant. You must sign an honor code stating that you will be a Christian and follow a strict moral code. Students have been denied their diplomas because of their beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.
Oral Roberts University has completely changed my life in ways that I can't even imangine. Not only finding my identity but also the academics they're just phenomenal. They encourage on getting to know your professors if you don't understand something or simply to just get more insight on the subject. Oral Roberts University also represents more than 50 nations. My university may be small but it's mighty. The vision/motto for this school is "Make no little plans here" which is so inspiring because it pushes you to pursue what You really want to accomplish and how.
It is a very safe campus. The classes were enjoyable for the most part, and the people there (including the professors) were very nice.
I love the community and academic environment at ORU. The Whole Person Education theme brought to every aspect of life as a student here has been life changing. The relationships and experiences I have received here will help me to better my future endeavors and reach goals set out before me. I would like to see better campus living in future years. That is the only thing I would change about this school.
Provides an environment that focuses on mind, body, and spirit. Each area is heavily enforced by allowing the use of fitbit to ensure physical readiness, a prayer tower to keep you spiritually alive, and prayer gardens for you to go to for relaxation of the mind. ORU is one of the first major universities that has incorporated Fitbit into a students everyday life and be able to take data from it to see physical fitness. This is just one of the innovations at ORU.
I love the friendly atmosphere. The campus has beautiful architecture and agriculture. The spiritual life on this campus blesses me and helps me grow into a better person. This school prepares its students not only for life after college, but to lead in whatever industry we are in completion of graduation.
Oral Robert's is an amazing college for those looking for a Christian college experience. It has given me the necessary knowledge to help me fulfill the purpose I have for my life. It has given a sense of importance and gave me a vision for attending higher education after my undergraduate degree. The overall education and experience I'm receiving from Oral Robert's is astounding and second to none.
Oral Roberts University is a unique, culturally diverse place. It's built on the dreams of Oral Roberts, "Make no little plans." Though it isn't the biggest campus, the grounds are beautifully kept with plenty of places to relax and walk outside. Each building offers quiet clean places to study. The academics are high standard and I have only encountered two professors I did not approve of during my two years here. There are many opportunities to enjoy sports (soccer, baseball, volleyball, and basketball to name a few), theater and music throughout the year and lots of student events. Living on campus has been a good experience. I have ALWAYS felt safe here at all hours. The only thing I'm not happy with here is the cafeteria food provided by Seduxo. Though there are often healthy options, they are extremely limited. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience at Oral Roberts University.
ORU is an amazing school to attend if you not only want to just get a degree, but also be a part of a fun, awesome student body that helps you grow as a whole person, helping you grow in social skills, healthy physical habits, and spiritual maturity. This school not only focuses on just equipping you for the career world, but also for the real, everyday world we live in.
Oral Roberts is a wonderful university. The people here are very nice and friendly. I am a computer information technology major and have had a wonderful experience with my classes and professors.
It's a great school, with the best professors you could ever ask for. They all go above and beyond their duties as teachers and I am thankful for them everyday.
Amazing professors (who truly care about you), fantastic education, prepared me extremely well for my career. The community on campus (especially on "wings") is also incredible! Wouldn't trade my ORU experience for anything!
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Not a very good experience... safety is low people here are friendly staff not so much. There are some activities hosted by student association and there fun. Not much to do on campus. Off campus is not very safe. Sketchy Walmart draws in weird people. Overall not a good school. 1 really big plus is prayer tower and chapel they are really great places to connect with God. Food is okay people complain about it a lot something you get used to on campus. Not everyone is friendly interdenominational so no specific religion.
I like Oral Roberts University mostly because of how nice the students are towards me. The teachers are somewhat tough but they are also reasonable. One suggestion I have to see change at ORU is the class scheduling and how the class can fill up my entire week. I don't mind MWF, but everyday (except weekends) is a little too much of a commute for me.
ORU has a huge student diversity, accepting of all walks of life. Professors push students to understand the material, not just memorize it.
This school was amazing in letting me grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The school is based upon having a "Whole Person Education" which they achieve successfully. While in attendance at this university I was tested to only make me become the whole person and ready to go out into the world whether it be to further my education at another institution or help the needs in my area of expertise. Oral Roberts University is founded upon the idea that students will go out into the world and have "no little plans" for their lives. I believe that no matter who walks on to this campus will have their life changed for the better.
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