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Though it is a Christian university, do not let its religious belief deter you. The academics, campus, students, professors, and local area all combine into a great experience and educational opportunity.
Oral Roberts is an amazing school. It is unlike other universities. Oral Roberts is life changing, and I believe that anyone who commits their time to Oral Roberts can pass and that God will move in their live's.
I have enjoyed this University ever since I started here. I am starting my Junior year. The people here are so friendly. It is not difficult at all to make lasting friendships.
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the university has taught me how to become a whole person meaning that I'm getting educated for the world out there physically by exercising mentally and spiritual. Additionally it has motivated me to have different worldviews and to go to the uttermost bounds of the earth to show Jesus to the ones that haven't experience him yet .
My experience at ORU was life-changing to say the least. I made friends that I know I will have for a lifetime, traveled the world, and have now started pursuing my graduate degree under the teaching of phenomenal professors. ORU prepares you in mind, body, and spirit to go into the world as a competent representative of Christ in any field you go into.
I live the campus. It is full of symbolism and beauty. The staff is so helpful and excited to see you interested in their school. They work with you to be sure you get what you need.
Oral Roberts University is a place like no other. The consentrated purpose of the university founded on its powerful past along with its pointed academic goals merge to create one of the most unique universities in America.
I love the environment that their is at ORU! its such a friendly environment. All the friends that you make there eventually become like your family! It's home away from home.
This university is outstanding and the president and faculty are always challenging their students in all aspects of their lives (spiritually, mentally, and physically). Furthermore, the campus itself always is developing more and more for their students.
I have found that the teachers seem to genuinely care about teaching. The biggest plus to me has been the focus on Biblical worldview and staying true to God's word.
Oral Roberts University is a campus that I love being on. The atmosphere is very social and the classes are always very engaging. The students here strive to be their best at everything they do. The professors that I have encountered while being at ORU have always been so helpful. The professors go above and beyond, they not only teach classes, but they pour into their students as well. I have learned so much from my professors here at ORU. The school requires that students attend chapel twice a week and the services never disappoint. The sermons given in chapel are always thought provoking and life giving. I would recomend ORU to any student looking for a college.
ORU has been an intricate factor in redefining and molding my mindset and lifestyle to be that of a whole person - One educated in the mind, body, and spirit. Since becoming a student at ORU something about me has changed each day, and I really believe that I'm learning how to truly thrive in life. I do encounter obstacles and challenges, but I'm being trained how to strategically overcome each of them, while going through! It's absolutely amazing. There is not another school on the face of the earth that could compare to Oral Roberts University!
Oral Roberts University has provided a fantastic experience so far. Individually, it is a university well suited to different personalities, cultures and lifestyles, but collectively ORU ensures I grow in spirit (it is a christian college), mind and body. ORU makes college a time of fun. The faculty and staff are readily accessible and the provide a rich learning experience in classes.

The many associations and clubs on campus, dorm life, and intra-murals promote unity, community and togetherness with my friends and I, along with the lounges for the commuters. The campus worship, chapel services and devotions have developed me spiritually and helped my Christianity. Overall, ORU is has been an amazing experience, and it is a highly recommendable place to achieve the next stage in educational aspirations.
The teachers are great, the students are amazing, the campus is always clean, the environment is wonderful. I love everything about this school.
I like the loving community. the pursuit of excellence, not only academically but also physically. The professors are genuinely caring with their students.
The things that I would like to see change, even though these changes are already in effect. I would like to see more investment towards the betterment of student life.; the upkeep of classrooms and dormrooms.
My Experience at Oral Roberts University is one of the best places to be at. The community and the atmosphere is such a great place to be in. It is a positive university.
My experience at Oral Roberts University has been amazing! The faculty, advisors and students are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Almost all of my professors are very understanding and patient with students and care about their success in the class. Oral Roberts is a Christian university and so when you arrive from the very first day you will feel God's love through the people on campus. One of my most favorite events held on campus is Campus Worship. There is nothing like it. Everyone on campus gathers into the chapel to praise and worship. It feels like a concert!
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Oral Roberts University is a fantastic college with a good, strong christian ethos. They emphasize on the whole person and truly the college moulds your mind, spirit and body. The school is relatively expensive but scholarship opportunities are available. The student association ensures good student life and living experience throughout your four year study.
My experience at Oral Roberts has been absolutely fantastic. The people here are so loving, and all of your professors want you to succeed. You are always welcome to come to them with questions, and more often than not they will do there best to help you. Also, the campus is beautiful. It's green basically year round, and they always plant new flowers. There is a gorgeous lake on campus, and the whole campus centers around our Prayer Tower which is gorgeous inside and out. The only thing I would think to change would be the amount of geese and squirrels on campus.
I have loved my experience at ORU. The students and faculty are very welcoming and easy to work with. I have gained a lot of connections which will help me in my future profession. I have also learned many essential skills in business and personal communication. Overall, ORU is a great university that I would highly recommend to anyone I meet.
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