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I have enjoyed my time here but it is a little too expensive. I have reached the end of my senior year and can not graduate because I have ran out of federal funding. That makes it so I can't graduate without more help, and I haven't gone to school before.
You can grow, not only as a student but as a whole person. Whole person empowered education. For a better future.
Oral Roberts University is an excellent school for growing closer in your personal relationship with God and connecting with fellow Christians. I would like to see the attendance and swimming proficiency policies change.
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I really enjoy the whole person assessment here at ORU! They teach to your mind body and spirit(whole-person)! I love having a college where I can be developed wholly!
Student life is so wonderful. The academics are challenging. I do not know of a person who breezes through any part. We all work very hard. If you have a disability this school is maybe not for you.
Oral Roberts University allows you to grow relationships from different backgrounds. Furthermore, this university also further develops a student intellectually, spiritually and mentally.
Oral Roberts University has helped me in multiple aspects in my journey to become more successful and to grow as individual. One aspect this university has helped me in is to cope with the pressures of college life, for instance: during finals week the school hosted a small roll coaster ride for students to use as a stress reliever. Also, in the school's hammer center there was free candy at the front desk. This helped me and other students greatly.
Experience-wise, I have had the time of my life at this university. I am thankful for ORU for the ways it has pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to achieve things I never thought possible.
The community aspect is really nice. All of the staff are very nice to work with and they try to answer your questions within a timely manner, or send you to someone who can better help you.
My experience at Oral Roberts University so far has been wonderful. The atmosphere is healthy and friendly, the teachers want to help you succeed and the student body as a whole has a good feel to it. The school has ongoing events, all kinds of sports and a top-notch academic curriculum. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
My experience at Oral Roberts University has been incredible! The staff and faculty are beyond phenomenal and are willing to do whatever they can to help you succeed in college and life overall. Student life on campus is shockingly more neighborly than I expected. It is not difficult to meet new people and establish short-term and long-term relationships. The academic programs they offer at ORU cover every field in society and all are done at a professional level. But most importantly, the atmosphere that the university carries within its enclosure is often times is heavenly. The peace that is felt walking from class to class is unusually prevalent and a massive aid to students. I am blessed and beyond proud to be a now sophomore at Oral Roberts University, and I hope that you consider becoming a student at this God-Ordained university.
I love ORU, especially the teachers, the classes, the ease of making friends, and the Chapel services. It's just very expensive and the tuition went up $700.00 in just one year!!
A good school focused on God and His relation to humanity and how the students effect the world and their world. Great Academics and a respected school.
I have had an incredible first year experience at ORU !! It far exceeded my expectations - from the great lifelong friends I have made to the excellent classes and instructors ! It’s the BEST !!!
Oral Roberts University develops a student academically, emotionally and spiritually. There are a variety of Majors offered. I highly recommend this school, not only to high school graduates, but also to non-traditional learners.
Oral Roberts University hosts a variety of different events/activities that embrace international students, and ORU has a range of various activities for students on campus to participate in
I believe one's experience at ORU (or anywhere for that matter) is what you make it. Many memorialize the things they didn't like and completely forget about the unique qualities of this university. ORU does an excellent job of fostering community, transparency, wholeness, education, and health. It's an amazing school to go to!
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It’s a great school! Campus life is fun, students and faculty are encouraging. I have never heard of a music school where everyone encouraged you instead of competed with you, but this school is it.
It has been a fantastic life changing experience to be in ORU. Love the people and Worship Center is awesome!
Attending Oral Roberts Universityhas been one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life. Oral Roberts embodies developing the whole body in every class as well as the curriculum. I am extremely fortunate to partake in the meaningful discussions that occur in class with professors and around campus with other students and staff. Both my spirit and natural body are fed daily as I continue to grow in the knowledge of God which then assists me in developing my own philosophy of life that will cause me to live a successful and fulfilled life. My goal is to be able to impact the world in a positive way by acknowledging diversity yet ecouraging mutual respect.
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