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O'more is wonderful when it comes to meeting incredibly talented people. All my professors have had a lot of experience and have a lot of feedback to share. It's such a small school, that all your classes end up being studio and one on one time. Which is great for the major, and the student. Although some professors were greatly talented you could tell that they weren't educators. They could sure design but couldn't seem to communicate well with students. A lot of project would be miscommunicated leading to falling behind on the syllabus and sometimes even cutting out a project completely. Of course the school already knows of the issue, so most professors don't last one year. I'd like to see better professors at O'more. But I understand why it's so hard.
The staff is really reliable. The scenery is relaxing all except for mosquito season. They are 'updating' the school grounds; cleaning it up a bit. Everything is close by so it isn't a long walk from building to building. The set times are easy to work around, if you have a job. The professors know their stuff. They are experienced in their fields of work. They challenge you to do your best and think through your work.
Security is available and always visable
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There is no campus housing. You have to live off campus.
Franklin is a charming town. If you are more into the party scene, Nashville is thirty minutes away.
Everyone is themselves. It creates a nice atmosphere.
We do not have Greek life. Our students would most likely only be able to form one sorority if we had Greek life.
There are expensive places to eat, dives, and chain food places. It is whatever you want. Food is easy to find, it is just what you are wanting to spend.
The apartments around here are very nice, but expensive. Even going in on a house with other students can be a pricey venture. The only downside of O'More is the lack of campus living. You can find a more reasonable apartment about thirty minutes in any direction of Franklin.
The onsite cafe is great. They work with you. Almost any kind of coffee or specialty drink they can make, and at half the price of the coffee shops downtown. Their soup is amazing, as well as their dessert and specialty sandwiches.
The facilities are great. Everything you need is at the palm of your hand. O'More does not have on campus living. It also lacks in sports, but we do have a croquet tournament once a year.
Everyone does their own thing. Different departments hold different activities, and the student government throws together a lot of social activities. It is pretty relaxed. If you want to participate you can and if you don't, you don't have to.
We have an on campus security guard that patrols not only around the campus, but in the buildings. I have never felt unsafe. The security is very friendly and the campus is so small an administrator is a step away.
I have not personally been a part of an internship, but I have heard great things. Most upperclassman rave about the internships.
I am extremely happy with my program. I would definitely do it all over again. I believe O'More has prepared me for finding a job not easily, but more easy then if I had gone a different route.
O'More isn't what I would call strict. We do not have dorms so we do not have any living stipulations. There has never been a drug or alcohol problem since I have been there. Students basically do their work, socialize, and study at O'More. There are sometimes newsletters about the parking, but most everyone follows the parking guideline.
O'More is very diverse. It is refreshing to be in a class that may include people from not only other parts of the U.S. but other parts of the world. There are a lot more females than males though.
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Its beautiful. the people are friendly and everything is close.
Some places will be more expensive than others naturally. But there is something for every price range and it is still yummy and full of variety.
Theyre big, and fast. they labs are nice and clean.
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