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I had no problems going through the financial aid process to get funding to pay for tuition. It was very straight-forward. A Financial Aid rep was there to answer any questions I had and I was able to get funding even though I've been to college before and was near my aid limit. After going through the program, I don't believe it was worth the nearly $14,000 I paid for it. I'm almost done with school but don't have anywhere near all the skills I need to secure a job in my field.
Gives Basics but Not Enough – Being an Audio Engineering major, I can say that I've definitely learned the basics to using and navigating through Pro Tools which is the most widely used program for recording and mixing audio. My classes have been a bit more heavy on the mixing than recording because there are no microphones in the classroom for us to record with. There isn't much homework because we can't work on projects at home without the proper software. The main things missing from the curriculum would be an in-depth class on micing techniques (which we were supposed to get but for some reason it was over looked), signal flow, and frequencies. What I didn't like about the program is that they threw a couple of IT classes on us that are unnecessary. Windows XP and A+ are not needed because the vast majority of Recording Studios run on Mac computers.
This School Is a Mess – Aside from not getting books and materials on time, teachers and staff quitting left and right, unnecessary classes, and poor learning facilities; the worst complaint I have about this school would be the complete lack of structure. I'm an Audio Engineering student and once I actually got into my core classes, it seemed like there was no definite beginning or end to any class. I even have to share my classroom (and teacher) with 2 other classes, making it difficult to get all the information I'm entitled to. I'm extremely upset because we didn't get a key Micing course due to the fact that the school does not have the proper microphones to teach the class. Who knows what else has been skipped?! I was lucky enough to get an internship at a Recording Studio, but let down when the studio manager told me I didn't learn everything that I needed in school to secure a job as an Audio Engineer. And with only a month left before graduation, I doubt that I will get what's missing.
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Reliably Acceptable – The School is mainly an IT institution. The network is readily available in all classes for students. The network speed is up to standard and is acceptable to me
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