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Olympic College is a wonderfully diverse place to learn. Internet classes could be monitored better by professors and emails answered. Parking is terrible. The overall atmosphere is safe and clean.
I love the atmosphere at Olympic College. When I first stepped onto the campus everyone was so nice and helpful if you were to ask any questions. If I was lost people would go out of their way to make sure you got to where you needed to be or they would give you detailed directions. I also found that the classes and teachers were very helpful. The tutors here are amazing and there is a tutor for just about everything here!
This is a community college so there isn't any dorms that are available, but it is in the middle of town so there is a lot of housing all around it. The party scene isn't advertised here on campus, but there are local bars that are close by if you want to have a night out. Otherwise there is a lot of other things to do that are close by to the college!
The campus is beautiful and it is still changing since they are adding a new state of the art theater! All in all everything here is all around 5 stars, and I would recommend this college to anyone!
Great programs, great classes and great professors in a tight and close community. Excellent for busy adults who work or have children.
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The campus is absolutely beautiful and the teaching staff is fantastic. Good at their job and eager to help and assist with any needs. You can tell that this school takes pride in it's environment and it's student body. 10/10
I would describe my time at Olympic College as mediocre. I took a few great classes, a lot of poor classes (typically dependent on teacher) and many in betweeners. My biggest problem with Olympic College actually had less to do with classes, and more to do with the administrative aspect such as getting answers from advisers, people in financial aid, and the cashiers office.
Olympic College has changed my life. I am currently in my senior year at Olympic College and I have excelled through through their visual arts program. I have won first place in five art competitions, received an award for outstanding visual arts, been interviewed by two school magazines, acted as an artist in a short film produced by the school, and been connected with a local performance theatre as window muralist. The school has done an amazing job promoting art and employing professors who are passionate about what they teach. Instead of suggesting what students could do with their talent, teachers actually find opportunities and encourage their students to try them. I have developed so much just from the guidance of my art professors. Not only are the teachers excellent, but the college recently opened a new art building to further promote their art program with the most advanced art supplies and technology.
Olympic college is a fantastic learning environment. I have felt welcome in this environment because of the equal opportunity policy that guides the college. The instructors especially in the nursing department are very committed to student success. I recommend.
Most professors are good. There are a few "dry" professors. Don't ever take statistics online, and be prepared for lots of essays!
The professors are amazing, and advising takes your life goals seriously. The financial aid advisors take there time with you, give easily understabdable and detailed explanations.
Olympic College is a community college that is really geared toward student success. They offer online, and in person classes many available during the day or evening or even on weekends. In addition to the many classes they offer they also have free tutoring available for math, biology, physics, chemistry, English and writing. The financial aid department will help you every step of the way to ensure you're getting as much help with your tuition as possible. They also offer free seminars monthly on how to study more effectively and how to manage the stresses of college.
It is a pleasant, encouraging place to learn. The environment and student body at Olympic College helps to foster the highest level of education.
Great advisers. Helpful staff. Welding program is top notch. Campus has lots of resources and college also offers great online services to aide you in successfully completing classes & graduating.
I like the diversity of Olympic College and there are decent professors. The campus is inviting and there are a lot of clubs to join. It's overpopulated.
Over the past two years I have spent my time on both the Poulsbo and Bremerton and online campuses of Olympic College. I was able to successfully complete an associate in arts and then transfer to a four year university. The advisors, professors and faculty do a good job of providing assistance to the students and making the overall experience one that prepares them for the future. The Bremerton campus has many more class options and a busier environment. The Poulsbo campus is quieter however, its professors and classes are still just as helpful as they are on the main campus. One drawback for the Poulsbo campus is the lack of security on campus.
Has a variety of classes to choose from. The financial aid is helpful for those who need help financially. They have open office for anyone who doesn't know where to start and they even buy used books if needed. They also have rooms open for people who need help in certain classes and the school stays open late at night and early in the morning. they even have help on the weekends.
I've had a great experience with Olympic College. The teachers I've had are very understanding and friendly. The Staff Members are always there to assist you with answering about whichever kind of questions you could possibly have, and the support team I've managed to have is a great team as well.
The campus is beautiful and I feel that the school provides plenty of resources to help students with anything they need. I also feel that the academics are very good quality, the math department is very strict about placement so that students are in the class they should be in, not the ones they want to be in. I love the small classes and everyone has been very nice and helpful so far.
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OC is a nice affordable community college. It allows Running Start students to earn credit while still in high school. I've not been super involved in any extra-curricular activities here, but from the academics I've received it seems pretty decent. Some professors and classes are much better than others and well worth your time, though occasionally you come across a professor or two who just doesn't care. You get what you pay for. Overall it's good quality education.
I like Olympic college but compared to other community colleges I do not feel like it offers as much as in AA's and more programs to help kids to get up to college level classes.
I had to choose the campus farther from my home, but it allowed for a flexible schedule.
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