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I transferred to Olivet as a Junior and began taking classes to pursue a bachelors in nursing. During my time at Olivet I have met very kind hearted and genuine professors that were very supportive and I would recommend this school any day.
Olivet is a great school and has wonderful people there. Great atmosphere and environment. The area is very nice and pretty.
I am a junior and my experience has been very positive. The professors are excellent and I have liked all of my classes. I find my fellow classmates to be very kind and friendly.
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Olivet is clear on it's stance. There is 0 tolerance for drugs and alcohol (whether on or off campus). Each student signs a community covenant and nothing is hidden.
I have lived on campus in the dorms for three years and LOVE the community. College dorms are college dorms and many complain about community bathrooms and small space. but where is that not true? In my opinion, the people surrounding you in the community is what makes the Olivet residential experience terrific. I felt cared for and my RA was there for me when I had a crisis my freshman year.
There is no shortage of coffee around campus! Outside of the main dining hall, there are three coffee locations around campus. There are also grab and go meals for between classes, a fast food place, and a place called Tiger Den (mix between Subway/Panera). For a small campus, I would say the dining is better than most expect.
Tons of the restaurants around campus take our student discount card and offer specials to the Olivet students. Late night pizza is a favorite and super cheap with the discount card.
The areas around Olivet are pretty diverse. You can have everything from corn fields and tractors to standard suburban life. Kankakee is pretty active and there are many festivals and performances there. The state part is only 10 minutes away and is beautiful. One of my favorite moments is going kayaking down the Kankakee River in the fall. Seriously breathtaking.
Greek life is not a part of the Olivet experience.
Professors genuinely care. The curriculum is relevant and technology is integrated. Each student in the education department has an iPad which is a big help in reducing the amount of paper printing and increasing the amount of e-collaboration outside of class. There is not a huge pressure to get into overflowing classes. Student to professor ration is 17/1.
I feel challenged in new ways everyday. As I study to be a teacher, I am surrounded by professors who not only "talk the talk", but also teach through demonstration as they conduct their own class. I feel like I am learning from the best. The education department has 100% of it's students pass the Illinois licensure this past year.
The buildings on campus are both part of Olivet's history and some are brand new. The school just opened a HUGE engineering building and recently built a 4-floor recreation center and chapel - that's right...mainly on the donations of alumni (not out of student's pockets). The dorms, though not new, are improved upon each year. The campus makes an effort promote recycling by putting bins all over the place. Trash is rarely found on the ground. One complaint, there is definitely a strong population of squirrels...they are everywhere!
I was a varsity swimmer at Olivet when swimming was a brand-new program. Overall, Olivet coaches are Christ-centered and believe that the character of the athletes is more important than their performance. Football games are well attended, but soccer is a close second. :-) The most successful programs (we are NAIA Div 1) are swimming, cross country/track, tennis, and golf.
The campus location is right downtown so there are plenty of restaurants around. The Westfield Shopping Center is just blocks away and they have a high end food court serving a large variety of foods: Burgers, Thai, Seafood, Teriyaki. If you want to walk a bit towards Union Square there's plenty of places there too. Cheaper places are burger king. There used to be a Jack in the Box, but it closed down and is now a Japanese restaurant. Not bad pricing and food is good.
They don't offer on-campus housing so not sure how to grade. I'd give it an A- for the assistance the school offered. They let you know ahead of time that there's no oncampus housing. Each student has to find a place on their own but they can request assistance from the Student Life department. Julia from the department was helpful. She recommended several options and helped connect me with a roomate. I needed one to split the cost....SF is expensive! I used to live on Treasure Island with a fellow Olivet University classmate. There were lots of other students living on the island, mostly from the Academy of Art school. Location was decent as the bus ride to downtown wasn't too long across the baybridge. Rent was modest for a 2 bedroom house compared to other tiny apartments downtown. I'd take morning jogs and the view on TI is beautiful. Just don't come home too late, it gets pretty shady when nightfalls. Now that the city of San Francisco is converting Treasure Island into a tourist destination, we couldn't live there anymore. Now I'm settled in a cozy apartment, pricier, but closer to the school. If you can still get onto Treasure Island, its a good deal...or was.
Amazing University with highly qualified professors and kind staff. Can feel the fragrance of Jesus Christ in the campus!
It is exciting to study with so many students from different countries! We can talked with each other about our major in different cultural backgrounds, and I have learnt many things from my teachers.

It is not too hard for me, a Chinese students, to study Master of Divinity here.
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I am Master of Divinity student in my second year. It is such a blessing to me in my life to study in Olivet University. I met so many professional bible teachers and diligent students around the world. I feel very satisfied with the level of Olivet University in my area.
OU is located in the SF downtown, and it is near the Chinatown. As a International student from China, this is really sweet for me that I can eat the steamed bun and dimsum from the Haowangjiao
From where I live its easy to hop on the bus and it takes me to within a block of the university. The express 45 bus can get me there in 15-20 minutes. Pretty good ride and I can web surf during that time. Be careful not to flash your iPhones in public too much, I heard thieves will just grab it from your hands and run.
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