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Olivet is great! It's a very safe place to be, and the campus area has a pretty good variety of things.
Going to a Nazarene University and being a member of the Nazarene church myself, I have many positive things to say about this university. I have felt my spiritual life blossom and grow while in fellowship with my classmates. My professors do devotions and prayer requests before class, and if I'm struggling with a personal issue or request, they are willing to talk during office hours.
The academic aspect of the school is incredible as well. My particular major here at the university is Mechanical Engineering, and I am testing my mathematical skills more than I thought I would every day. I am being challenged, but I believe that it will also be worth it in the end.
Olivet Nazarene University is inviting to all people. The campus is small and students and faculty are friendly. There are plenty of activities and things to help you becoming involved in student life. I was a commuter and the staff was very accommodating and the school even provided a lounge area and an optional morning meeting to meet other commuters and enjoy some breakfast snacks. The academics are outstanding and the teachers really take the time to get to know you.
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Olivet feels like home as soon as you step on the beautiful campus. The workers that I met while there were extremely polite and ready to perform their work to its fullest potential. The dorms, the Williams dorm in particular, are in need of a little bit of home improvement, but all of the other buildings have beautiful exteriors as well as a homey interior. I was very impressed with the campus's upkeep and beauty, and I look forward to returning soon.
I got enrolled to the pre-absn program at Olivet Nazarene University. The professors are really good. They give a lot of feedback on one's progress in course. The materials for studying are truly detailed and interesting. The lectures on power point are representative of what would be asked on the exams and tests.
Olivet Nazarene University is a wonderful place to be. The university not only facilitates academic growth with their rigorous programs but social and spiritual growth as well. You will find the campus and people quite warm and welcoming. ONU will become your home away from home and the family you never knew you needed.
I loved the low student to faculty ratio. It was integral to helping me discover my major. Additionally, it is a fairly small campus with a decent amount of things to do. On the other hand, chapel attendance is required twice a week, and sometimes the classes could be more challenging.
I like that Olivet creates a sense of community among the campus. The professors and staff are very dedicated to their work and are always willing to put others first. One thing I would like to see change is the dress code or the "open dorm" rules. In my opinion, Olivet, although private, is still a college. The students should be able to wear (modest) shorts and hang out with the other gender whenever they please.
So far the staff at Olivet Nazarene University have been so helpful during this process. I have found that everyone is really caring and willing to help you.
I visited Olivet Nazarene University and instantly fell in love with it! I loved how the environment and staff members there made me feel welcomed and right at home. The professors truly care about your success and will aide you if you are struggling. Professors and staff members are not only helping you grow at Olivet but also your future and career outside of Olivet. I loved how the environment is God based and it is so easy to make friends there on campus.
Olivet is an extremely nice environment, and everyone associated with Olivet is there to help you prepare for the future, as well as educate you with a Christian purpose.
Having been in their ABSN program in Oakbrook, this is a terrible place to attend nursin school. They are liars and chest their students for money. Making money is their only priority and they use Christian name for it. Do not come to this here if you really want to be a nurse. You will suffer a lot.
Being a Student in their Oakbrook ABSN program, I have to say it one of the worst nursing programs. I am not a cry baby to go post on yelp to complain but rather someone who saw many of my classmates struggle under their treacherous and unprofessional professors. Their professor spend most time complaining, gossiping about students, finding problems in them that doesn't exist, and making them run in loops to have questions unanswered. They spend very little time teaching and guiding their students. They are always finding a reason to blame their students for this and that. Such a waste of time and money. I would have transferred out of this program if I knew this was such a terrible school at the beginning. Now I cannot because their credits wont transfer to another program as I am done with my first semester.

Do not come here if you really love nursing. By the time you are done you will hate Christianity and nursing. I hate every minute of my time here
Olivet is a great university for those seeking a strict judgmental campus. You have more freedom at home. I totally love the christian campus, but you have a curfew, dress code, many rules in the dorms, etc. Student life sucks very few clubs and opportunities.
I love all of my classes. The professors are fantastic and truly take the time to make sure you that you understand the material.
I love it here. I'm a sophomore and everything seemed right from the beginning. The environment is safe and I feel free. The people are so friendly and loving. The campus is beautiful. There are many food spots around, and food is awesome! Also, the professors are amazing! I love love love it!
Olivet is a great place, but it's true that it's not for everyone. There are a lot of rules so the whole "free range" college experience doesn't really apply here. But if you're looking for a great community of Christian believers at a reasonable price with great academics, then consider Olivet!
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I love this school, it centers around Christ and has such a welcoming environment. There are so many events that give opportunities to meet all kinds of people and make friends.
Olivet is a wonderful school. It has a beautiful campus and the christian education is unmatched. I am very happy with my decision to come here and pursue my degree in Social Work.
I am an International Student here at Olivet, and there is no place I would rather be. I have had profs helping me and my friends till past midnight, that is a rarity. I think you get a lot more than just a diploma here, it get to grow as a person. Lots of options for housing, there are like 6-7 off campus apartment complexes that cost no more than dorms, and then there are also dorm options for upperclassmen.
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