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Olivet Nazarene University is a wonderful school to attend. The faculty, staff, and students are very respectful and friendly. The local area is alright, it has some activities for students to do on the weekend, and it has a lot of restaurants. I just prefer my own hometown since we are bigger and we have a lot more to do.
Most professors rely too much on technology. I prefer to do more paper work and individual projects. Some professors get side tracked with stories and get off track, resulting in confusion of topics. However, the professors are extremely caring and friendly. Most do a terrific job with handling classes and questions, also with expressing the material covered in class sessions. I love my college so far.
Almost every professor would say a word of prayer before the start of class. Professors care for our well being by asking if any of us needed a prayer request.
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Wonderful school if you are looking for a personal education with a Christ-centered mission. The professors are highly qualified and very invested in the students. Olivet has many connections so it seems like many graduates have jobs lined about by the end of their senior year. Overall a great community that helps you grow as an individual spiritually and intellectually.
I have been at Olivet Nazarene University for a year and a half now. There are many great things about this university. My favorite things about Olivet include the Bible-based education I have received, the ministry and mission trip opportunities, and the intramurals. Intramurals and the ministry opportunities have been great ways to connect with other students on campus and make new friends. The food is not the greatest which is one thing I would change. I would also make the hours longer, especially for dinner over the weekends. The professors I have had thus far have been wonderful. They care deeply about our learning and help when I have had questions.
When you first arrive on campus, there are many get-togethers to make you feel like you made the right choice. After the first few weeks, the campus gets dry as students begin to start leaving most weekends to go back to their families. There is a curfew on campus and only certain days/hours when a girl can enter your room (monitored). There are nightly checks at each dorm room to make sure this isn't violated.

Olivet Nazarene University is a religious school, and when I say religious, I mean religious! Most classes are started with devotions and prayer and you are required to attend 2 chapel services a week. If you exceed a certain amount of skips, because they do take attendance, they will start fining you $25 per skip, so be on time to those morning services. Most of the student organizations on campus are religious-oriented.

If you here for a quality education or love the religion, you can find it here. For any partying or "real college experience" find elsewhere.
Overall, Olivet Nazarene University has helped me grow as a student and a person in many ways. I am an athlete on campus and also involved in several clubs on campus. Throughout my time here, I have realized that because of the involvement ONU has offered me, I have faced many challenges. However, those challenges have helped me to become the person I am today. In general, I believe that ONU is a school that invests in the students who attend in a real-life and applicable manner.
Olivet does a very good job at advertising their university and making you think that this school is going to be the greatest experience in your life. During visits and tours, you feel like you are at home and that the school really cares about you. Once freshman year starts you will have a lot of fun meeting people and going to different on-campus events. After the nostalgia of the first few months wears off, you will begin to realize that there is nothing to do here at Olivet, and after the first few weeks of the semester, the school does a very poor job at hosting any events for students enjoyment. You will find your self constantly getting scrutinized by RA's, RD's, and Public Safty. Chapel is required twice a week and you are allowed only three skips all semester before you will start receiving $25 fines. It feels like the school is all out for your money and will do whatever they can to nickel and dime you.
In all honesty this institution may seem good at first, but is bogged down by multiple problems. If you aren't a sports or a nurse person this is probably not the place for you, especially for engineers you can get much better for cheesier. Olivet doesn't really excel in any area and feels more so average in every area of study except Theology and has a heavily enforced religious atmosphere. There have been several controversies regarding non-religious issues and people being expelled there is also a fine enforced chapel every week. Administration is often slow, ineffective, and barely cooperates with student groups. Students are unaware of how local communities feel about the campus, and are entitled. Diversity isn't a priority and is mininal. Any activities are usually student lead with administration only pitching in merchandise to sell for over-priced prices. Don't come here unless you're a nurse or athlete and really want a (barely) Christian based education setting
Olivet Nazarene is a fantastic college that is close to God. The staff at Olivet truly believes that each and every student belongs here. The small campus is well maintained and beautiful year round. Academics challenge the student in all the right ways for maximum learning. There are many clubs available and Olivet has an amazing community of people.
I love Olivet because it is such a close-knit community that feels like home. Though many of the rules are very strict, I find comfort that I am with people with similar values than me. I have meet some of my closest friends at Olivet.
I have stayed on this campus for the NTS camp event 3 times. its a beautiful school and i hope to attend in 2 years, all the staff are nice and helpful, this has been my dream college since the 6th grade
My time at Olivet prepared me academically, professionally, and spiritually to find success in the workplace and in life. It's important to choose a university that won't let you get lost in the crowd, and I am so thankful for the investment of my professors in me personally and academically. The friends I made, the organizations I was involved in, and the experiences I had have shaped me in ways I never even knew I could hope for. I'll always be a proud alum and so grateful for the university.
What an incredible place. I majored in Business Administration and enjoyed my studies. However, it was the balance of extracurricular activities, Christian programming and events, and safe spaces to have fun, all in close proximity to Chicago, that made Olivet Nazarene such a great experience. There is a clear design of faith formation built into every class that I took there and the professors brought a great wealth of knowledge and experience of being Christians in the workplace. I am proud to call myself an alumnus of ONU.
I went to Olivet and loved it. Great education and great professors. I know have a great career, and credit my success to the university. Beautiful campus too.
It has the great academic program here. The professors are very friendly and good. They explain lectures very well. However, the college experiment is too serious. The classes sometimes very hard. There is not much fun to enjoy here.
I’m in love with the Olivet Nazarene campus and atmosphere. The professors really get to know you, and they are there to help you.
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I love the close-knit community at Olivet. The school is very small, so its easy to get to know your classmates, dorm-mates, and professors. I have become very close with some of my interior design professors, even going over to their home for dinner as a class (all 8 of us), or going out to breakfast at a favorite diner. I also love the way Olivet encourages me in my faith.
As a current student in ONU, I am taking classes in regards to my Biology major in order to advance myself in medical school after my undergraduate studies. On the side of that, I have become more aware about getting more involved with my college, and I decided to be a part of the marching band of that college called the Marching Tigers.
Olivet Nazarene is an excellent school. They have wonderful Dr.'s and professors that are willing to go the extra mile for any student. Olivet Nazarene has excellent athletics that are very fun to watch and enjoy. Student life is all over the campus. Their are so many clubs and activities to do, you will never worry about being bored!
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