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1,212 reviews
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I love this school, it centers around Christ and has such a welcoming environment. There are so many events that give opportunities to meet all kinds of people and make friends.
Olivet is a wonderful school. It has a beautiful campus and the christian education is unmatched. I am very happy with my decision to come here and pursue my degree in Social Work.
I am an International Student here at Olivet, and there is no place I would rather be. I have had profs helping me and my friends till past midnight, that is a rarity. I think you get a lot more than just a diploma here, it get to grow as a person. Lots of options for housing, there are like 6-7 off campus apartment complexes that cost no more than dorms, and then there are also dorm options for upperclassmen.
Olivet had such a positive impact in my life! They encouraged me to grow deeper in my walk with Christ as well as challenged me academically.
I loved my experience at Olivet. It is a great school that provides incredible opportunities. Just like any school, your experience is what you make it.
I really enjoy being a part of these campus and so glad I am able to receive an education with a Christian purpose!
I Went on a visit to Oliviet Nazarene University in November. Had a great time and it is a great school. I look forward to going back as I my senior Year of high school comes up to decide whether or not I want to go their.
I have loved the environment at this school. Most people seem extremely genuine and authentic. Moreover, from an academic standpoint, the professors are excellent and I couldn't ask for anyone more devoted to providing an excellent educatioin.
I love the Christian atmosphere. I enjoy going to Chapel two times per week and how professors will pray before classes. I also enjoy the size. It is small enough to walk anywhere in 5 minutes but big enough I don't see the same people all the time.
Olivet is an amazing community to be apart of. I really miss it. The university is very good at making the college experience a memorable one. All the community events bring the campus together as a family. The staff make it an effort to make sure you succeed in your classes and in your future carriers. A professor saw that I was struggling in her class; and she gave me ways to study affectively for her exams which in turn helped me to pass her class. The atmosphere about the campus is very welcoming and enjoyable.
Olivet has a great Christian community. The surrounding area is kind of sparse in regards to entertainment and restaurants but there is still plenty to do and see if you get a little creative. The campus provides a lot of stuff for students to do. The housing is pretty nice if not a little small. The food is mediocre but there are a lot of options and flexibility. The professors are invested in the students. There is more diversity than in previous years, but there still isn't a lot. There are a lot of sports teams, but there isn't great student enthusiasm for them. We have chapel twice a week which i enjoy. Some people don't like having chapel. There are a lot of ministries and clubs that you can get involved in. I really like this school, but there is a curfew and a dress code which doesn't sit well with some people. I recommend Olivet for the somewhat conservative Christian. I like the size. It's small but not too small. And ONU is pretty good about giving out financial aid.
Olivet Nazarene University is a great Christian environment. Because of that, they have strict rules and harsh punishment if broken. But a great place to grow spiritually.
So far I am really enjoying it. I would like it better if I hadn't overloaded myself with 18 credit hours and 13 classes total because it definitely takes a lot of time management. The only thing I would say that could be better is that a couple of the majors such as music (which is my major) has credits that you can choose for 0 credits. I have a friend who technically has 18 credits but if you counted up all the classes she decided not to count, she was at 23.
Olivet Nazarene University offers something for each student. Between the strong academics and its incredible statement of faith, each student feels a sense of belonging and worth. I chose Olivet as a place for me to grow, not expecting for it to change my life completely. Thanks to the supportive faculty, I can confidently say that I am not the person I was before entering this school. The challenging academics push us as students to reach our highest potential; in addition to the strong education, I feel motivated daily in my walk of faith. It is refreshing to walk this life-altering journey alongside faculty and staff who want us to succeed and lead us in a Christ-centered education. Olivet really is one big happy family! With three more years as a student at Olivet Nazarene University, I am excited about the opportunities God is providing me with through attending this university.
There definitely are jobs available on campus, but a limited amount of those are for students who are not eligible for a work study so there is a lot of competition for those jobs.
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Although the classes were a bit bigger than I expected, they are still great and I am not just a number to the professrors. There are many courses offered, and all the profs definitely enjoy the subject they teach, and they love the school they teach at.
I definitely feel very safe on this campus, but of course things do happen. But I do believe that the Campus Safety team and the Security work hard to help maintain a safe environment and help whoever does not feel safe. There also is a Nurse Practitioner on staff who is available for students and those services are free for the most part.
The dorm buildings are pretty old, and they don't have elevators. But the ACs work great, and all the furniture is lovely. I think the closeness of all the girls on my floor is wonderful, and I really love my RA. The RD is amazing too. Overall it's great for living.
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We don't have it at all. I don't see why this is important for college...
Honestly, not many attend the football games and if they do they end up leaving at half time. But it was fun to be there and watch the guys play even when they did lose. Other sports may be more popular, but I didn't expect football to be the least attended. Intramural and club sports are definitely more popular and seem to be much more exciting.
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