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Olivet Nazarene University is a wonderful place to get your degree. The professors are dedicated and caring and want to see students succeed. The campus is peaceful but also filled with many activities of different interest.
My experience at Olivet has been great! I really enjoy the athletics programs! Football, in particular, has brought me great mentors, coaches, and friends. The teachers care about the students and everyone is united to impact the world in a Christ-like manner.
I love the close-knit community that Olivet offers. I wish food allergy accommodations were improved.
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I liked how nice and knowledgeable to students and teachers were who were helping me when I visited. They have many opportunities available there for different people with different interests. I respect the fact that they learn with a Christian purpose and how there are different speakers who come to the chapel to talk to the students in a mandatory 15-minute, 2-day a week meeting. The campus layout is large, but easy to follow for the most part, and the architecture is superb and has a lot of character. I am planning on staying in the upperclassman girl's dorm and most campuses do not have this option. The school is very diverse with several people from many backgrounds as well.
I love the professors and programs. The people are all extremely nice and professors are helpful and understanding. The are many programs to ensure student success with academics. The Christian aspect is very amazing.
Olivet is so much better than I could have ever dreamed. I’ve recieved a Christ centered education and have made incredible friends and memories.
All the staff at olivet has been extremely nice. Some of the policies in regards to admission is overrated and I would like to see that change.
No greek life, dorm life is not great, no microwaves allowed. Professors are good, not a partying school =(
I love the atmosphere and the amount of activities that you can join!! The academic programs are top notch and they offer well rounded curriculums for each major.
Everyone is so helpful and concerned about one another. We enjoy every time we are on campus. Even though, we don't have any family that went to ONU, we are involved in the university in one way or another. If it's going to church on campus, going to turkey tournaments, football games, or bears camp.I cannot wait to start my journey at ONU.
I attended Olivet from Fall 2013 to Spring 2017. The school reached out to me, offering a wonderful scholarship that allowed me to pay the high tuition. I am glad I attended and made wonderful friends.
I was originally an English Education Major, but ultimately graduated with an English degree. The English department was amazing . You can tell that the professors are dedicated and enjoy their work. I loved my lit courses, especially Literary theory.
I liked the education school and the professors. However, I often felt that the Secondary education majors were put on the back burner. Secondary was obviously not a priority. This was a common complaint.
Olivet is great! It's a very safe place to be, and the campus area has a pretty good variety of things.
Going to a Nazarene University and being a member of the Nazarene church myself, I have many positive things to say about this university. I have felt my spiritual life blossom and grow while in fellowship with my classmates. My professors do devotions and prayer requests before class, and if I'm struggling with a personal issue or request, they are willing to talk during office hours.
The academic aspect of the school is incredible as well. My particular major here at the university is Mechanical Engineering, and I am testing my mathematical skills more than I thought I would every day. I am being challenged, but I believe that it will also be worth it in the end.
Olivet Nazarene University is inviting to all people. The campus is small and students and faculty are friendly. There are plenty of activities and things to help you becoming involved in student life. I was a commuter and the staff was very accommodating and the school even provided a lounge area and an optional morning meeting to meet other commuters and enjoy some breakfast snacks. The academics are outstanding and the teachers really take the time to get to know you.
Olivet feels like home as soon as you step on the beautiful campus. The workers that I met while there were extremely polite and ready to perform their work to its fullest potential. The dorms, the Williams dorm in particular, are in need of a little bit of home improvement, but all of the other buildings have beautiful exteriors as well as a homey interior. I was very impressed with the campus's upkeep and beauty, and I look forward to returning soon.
I got enrolled to the pre-absn program at Olivet Nazarene University. The professors are really good. They give a lot of feedback on one's progress in course. The materials for studying are truly detailed and interesting. The lectures on power point are representative of what would be asked on the exams and tests.
Olivet Nazarene University is a wonderful place to be. The university not only facilitates academic growth with their rigorous programs but social and spiritual growth as well. You will find the campus and people quite warm and welcoming. ONU will become your home away from home and the family you never knew you needed.
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I loved the low student to faculty ratio. It was integral to helping me discover my major. Additionally, it is a fairly small campus with a decent amount of things to do. On the other hand, chapel attendance is required twice a week, and sometimes the classes could be more challenging.
I like that Olivet creates a sense of community among the campus. The professors and staff are very dedicated to their work and are always willing to put others first. One thing I would like to see change is the dress code or the "open dorm" rules. In my opinion, Olivet, although private, is still a college. The students should be able to wear (modest) shorts and hang out with the other gender whenever they please.
So far the staff at Olivet Nazarene University have been so helpful during this process. I have found that everyone is really caring and willing to help you.
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