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I have stayed on this campus for the NTS camp event 3 times. its a beautiful school and i hope to attend in 2 years, all the staff are nice and helpful, this has been my dream college since the 6th grade
My time at Olivet prepared me academically, professionally, and spiritually to find success in the workplace and in life. It's important to choose a university that won't let you get lost in the crowd, and I am so thankful for the investment of my professors in me personally and academically. The friends I made, the organizations I was involved in, and the experiences I had have shaped me in ways I never even knew I could hope for. I'll always be a proud alum and so grateful for the university.
What an incredible place. I majored in Business Administration and enjoyed my studies. However, it was the balance of extracurricular activities, Christian programming and events, and safe spaces to have fun, all in close proximity to Chicago, that made Olivet Nazarene such a great experience. There is a clear design of faith formation built into every class that I took there and the professors brought a great wealth of knowledge and experience of being Christians in the workplace. I am proud to call myself an alumnus of ONU.
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I went to Olivet and loved it. Great education and great professors. I know have a great career, and credit my success to the university. Beautiful campus too.
It has the great academic program here. The professors are very friendly and good. They explain lectures very well. However, the college experiment is too serious. The classes sometimes very hard. There is not much fun to enjoy here.
I’m in love with the Olivet Nazarene campus and atmosphere. The professors really get to know you, and they are there to help you.
I love the close-knit community at Olivet. The school is very small, so its easy to get to know your classmates, dorm-mates, and professors. I have become very close with some of my interior design professors, even going over to their home for dinner as a class (all 8 of us), or going out to breakfast at a favorite diner. I also love the way Olivet encourages me in my faith.
As a current student in ONU, I am taking classes in regards to my Biology major in order to advance myself in medical school after my undergraduate studies. On the side of that, I have become more aware about getting more involved with my college, and I decided to be a part of the marching band of that college called the Marching Tigers.
Olivet Nazarene is an excellent school. They have wonderful Dr.'s and professors that are willing to go the extra mile for any student. Olivet Nazarene has excellent athletics that are very fun to watch and enjoy. Student life is all over the campus. Their are so many clubs and activities to do, you will never worry about being bored!
I came to this school for the education not for the religious side of things which is heavily enforced.
They have an awesome environment if you are looking for a small Christian college. It is easy to find awesome people who you can make lasting friendships with. Most professors want to invest in you and see you succeed.
I absolutely love Olivet! If I could see one thing changed it would probably be more diversity as it is a predominantly white college.
The professors are very well versed in there area of teaching and they make every effort to help students understand the material.
Olivet is has a great community that makes you feel at home within minutes of entering campus. Professors are professional but also caring and strive to see you succeed in their courses. There is a vivid campus life that is booming with activity for much of the year. There is endless support for you at Olivet and everyone seem to be rooting for you and your success.
Olivet is a fun, caring university that creates a fantastic atmosphere all around campus. People here care and go out of their way to create relationships with you. Olivet gives you an education with a Christian purpose. There are lots of opportunities to get involved on campus outside of class. Intramurals happen year-round and are competitive and fun. Olivet puts on all-school parties/events during syllabus week and around holidays with free food and games. Olivet really caters to freshmen to make sure they have a great experience and feel like they belong. There are always plenty of jobs on and off campus as there is a pretty large community around campus. Every room comes with a Tempur-Pedic bed, making it impossible to get out of bed in the morning. High ceilings for bunking beds to create more room. After freshman year, you have an option to live off-campus in an apartment. All rent is included in the room and board fees. All laundry is free on and off campus.
Olivet Nazarene University is a great medium-sized school with plenty of resources and excellent instruction.
ONU is such a great university. There are so many nice people here. The campus is beautiful and there are so many events to be part of here.
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As a current graduate student I feel like the program fits to my current needs. I am able to continue working part time while still being enrolled full time. This program requires a lot of dedication outside of the classroom but being able to manage my own schedule makes everything possible for me. The communication with professors and advisors has been great from the beginning.
I loved the friendly environment and the people in it. I would definitely recommend going to Olivet.
I love the atmosphere here at Olivet, everyone is always really friendly. I have made lots of friends through playing soccer and classes. The food quality could be a little better but it is still good. All of the professors are great and try to incorporate God into classes.
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