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I have spent 2 years at Olivet so far, and unfortunately I am not impressed. Yes, I was excited at first to attend, but Olivet does not meet the standard that other liberal arts colleges here in Michigan do. Whilst I did have some memorable professors, classes were far too easy and posed nothing challenging. Intellectual conversations outside of the classroom were none, besides the fact that Olivet recruits lunkheads and people who barely got by in high school. If anyone is looking for a liberal arts college that prides itself off of academic rigor, merit, reputation, and character, Olivet does not meet the match. In the end, I decided to transfer because I would like to attain a degree from a school that takes my money and dedication seriously.
Well I’m a sophomore now that I’ve completed my freshman year. My freshman year was so amazing! The whole campus was involved, the staff was more involved and made the students feel like they were at home. I play football so pretty much the whole campus appreciates the athletes for working hard and performing. Academics is the number one topic at my college. They want to make sure everyone succeeds in life.
Olivet College is a very nice school all together. What it distinctly lacks in activities to participate in on campus is made up for in the academic aspects of the college. The teachers are all available and extremely willing to help out the students almost all of the time. With Olivet having such a small student base, most of the teachers have plenty of time to help the students learn or better understand the content of each class. Besides this, the school's food is fairly decent for the most part with some exceptions. However, it has improved greatly in this aspect as this past year has progressed.
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Olivet is a great college if you like a small campus and even smaller classroom. The advisors and professors here all want to see you cross the stage in four years, they are very helpful. But, one thing i would love to change about the school is the food service we get it is not the best on a scale of one out of ten and ten being the best to me it’s honestly a 6.
Olivet is a very personalized college. The faculty and staff will always go above and beyond for you. The class sizes are very small so each student get a lot of one on one time. I love Olivet College because it feels like home. Every teacher after having them once knows your name. If you ever need help with any subject they have tutoring available at no cost. Your advisors are assigned based on what major you are, so that means that they have your best interest at heart. The teachers will always push you do do better. Olivet is like one big family.
Olivet College has a beautiful campus and small class sizes that make it easy to learn. However, a lot of class offerings are at the same time so making a schedule is a little difficult. Also if you have a professor that you don't want to take again, chances are, you are going to have to have them again.
I am only a freshman at Olivet, but I have finished my first semester and could not be more impressed and happy with the college. The classes I have taken were wonderful because due to the small, private college size you are able to connect with your professors and they assist you in any way you need. I love the small campus because I have not gotten lost once! They have a good tutoring program which has helped me greatly. I love Olivet College, and I am not just saying that. I really do!
Olivet College is a small, boring campus filled with African Americans who feel they own the place. The admissions folks purposely target the blacks, and let them flunk out after first year. The food is mediocre. Dorms are extremely crummy and with no AC in the summer. The professors are okay, but the programs are NOT challenging whatsoever, so this school doesn't really prepare an individual for grad school. The town is so dull and bleak. You would have to drive 30 minutes away to find something to do. If you are not an athlete, do not come to this school. You will be regarded as an outsider and you'll make no friends. Drug use and sexual assault on campus is high here. Don't be fooled because this is a private school. It's run by deplorable people who aren't classy, sophisticated, or mannered. Paying $35,000 to go here is absolutely not worth it. Go somewhere else.
They don't have as many opportunities for people going into the feild I would like to peruse which is pre-med.
I just think the school is too small for me and not challenging enough
There's not a lot of sexual assault on my campus
There is no air conditioning and the rooms are really small. My dorm is missing furnature and the college refuses to give me and my roommate the furnature we are missing.
I don't really get involved with the Greek societies so I don't really have an opinion about them.
The gyms and facilities are really out of date and small.
The academic opportunities at Olivet college are amazing however it is a very small campus, so the social aspect and getting involved aspect are very lacking due to the size and location of the school.
Greek Life students hold a huge role in the social atmosphere on campus. We have a student ran Greek government that organizes multiple social events, and we also volunteer at events around campus to increase student involvement and encourage students to a leader on campus. Greek students are viewed differently based in each organization by non-Greeks. The non-Greeks who want to become Greek, view Greeks as mentors and friends. Other non-Greek students have no idea what to think about Greeks on campus; the picture us as students from a wild Greek life movie. Olivet has housing for all 11 of its Greek organizations but two.
Olivet College is known for its athletics and student athletes. 85% percent of the freshmen students that come to Olivet are athletes for at least one year. Football is huge in Olivet, they recently won the MIAA conference championship with a record of 9-1. Every home game, the team leads a parade down Main Street, while fans flood the city with tailgates and cheer. Overall Olivet's athletics are climbing each year for each sport.
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My overall experience at Olivet College has been great thus far. The classroom sizes average 10-20 students which makes it easy to learn and give great opportunity to create and build personal relationships with colleagues and professors. The campus is fairly small which makes my commute from building to building fairly short. With Olivet only having 1, 300 students on campus, it's extremely easy to get involved, become a leader in an organization or team on campus; Olivet, also offers the opportunity for students to create new clubs and organizations to create awareness of interest in their choice of topic.

I hold leadership positions in multiple organizations and clubs on campus since joining Olivet in the summer of 2013. I'm the current President of Alpha Xi Omega: the first minority organization established Olivet's on campus. I'm the Vice President of Industry Relations in the Alpha Alpha chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma: a business fraternity for insurance based students. I've had two paid internships since joining the Insurance and Risk management major; last summer I interned at an agency called Bad Boys Bail Bonds, this summer I'm an intern at a coporation, Accident Fund Group, doing Underwriting/ Business Development. I'm a two time All American and captain in Olivet College's boxing club; our team is ranked first in the nation in collegiate boxing. Lastly, I'm a Hiram Archer Scholar in the Hiram Archer Society; a new organization created to highlight and mentor African- American students on Olivet's campus.
Great Athletic faculty
Everyone at orientation was very helpful and friendly
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