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I am a transfer student entering my second semester. We started off rocky related to a delay in acceptance secondary to weather storm . I finally received my acceptance almost a week school started. In moving forward I wish the school would consider a transfer open house more frequently to support transfer students and invest in us as we have invested in you with our attendance to the University.
While attending ODU, the school and professors have shaped me to become a more social and academic student. In the future I would like ODU to focus more on the safety of the students on and surrounding campus.
ODU is very diverse. I believe there is something here for everyone, if you just go out and find it. There are opportunities for employment. The campus is big and beautiful. Overall it's been a great experience. You have to make it how you want it to be.
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I love the campus and the engineering program here at ODU. There are many clubs you can join. Like I am in the fishing club and on the executive board since my passion is fishing. I am also on the bass fishing team here at ODU. Coming from Maryland I got to meet a lot of new people while being in a diverse place.
This school has been fantastic! I have absolutely loved attending ODU and they have been great with helping me to reach my career goals!
I am from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, a place that is known for its agriculture as well as it aquaculture. The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a small town place, everyone knows each other. When I transferred to Old Dominion University one of the best things that I still find awesome is the diversity. I love how everyone gets along and also involved with each other. I find this particular change wonderful, at a place like this, I strongly believe that your views change on people and also learn to respect each one of them. The people at this university makes sure that no one feels left out, even the professors. Old Dominion also encourages students to attend certain events and in those events students may find something they love in common with other students. The professors I have had so far are great, they are energetic and very helpful. College should feel like a second supportive home.
I enjoy the Old Dominion Campus mainly due to the natural beauty of the location. I dont socialize much so I enjoy the comforts of my dorm room and the way that is it made to appeal to the incoming freshman is very pleasing. The food could be better, but I think that is due to the fact that it is constantly being eaten and there isn't much variety. Overall I would recommend ODU to others, I actually have.
I loved how spirited each student was about Old Dominion University. The students and staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The professors were knowledgeable about the material they taught. The campus was very well- kept and safe for all students. Overall, Old Dominion University is an amazing school.
The University is very well connected and fairly easy to access. The dorm housing is also fairly nice as well. Overall, the University offers a diverse amount of programs.
Old Dominion University also known as ODU is a great school especially if seeking diversity. The campus itself displays wonderful scenery and campus feel, however I do think the school needs to pay attention to its students a little more. The housing process is horrible and becomes worse each year and although Athletes and Athletic events are important, I personally believe so is housing for incoming and current students that would like to remain on-campus
Old Dominion University is a great school! So much diversity and the organizations on campus are good to get involved on campus.
Old Dominion is a great school to go learn, participate in activities, and make friends from different backgrounds. I currently go to this college and I love it.
I originally didn't want too attend ODU just because I am from nofolk and I did want to stay close to home. However after getting wait listed for my top choice I had to choose between Hampton, Norfolk State, and Old Dominion university. I am so HAPPY and PROUD of my decision of attend ODU the diversity is amazing no matter our personality you are bound to make friends.
Old Dominion is a school full of opportunities. The choices of classes are vast and the teachers are very intelligent. The social life is full of sororities and fraternities. There are tons of clubs and organizations that anyone could find something to join. The local area is not safe but if you stay on campus you will be fine. I have never felt unsafe on campus even if I was walking around drunk at 2am. The campus does flood when it rains so have rain boots, the wind is terrible and the campus isn't really big but it's nice that buildings are closer so the walk from class to class is shorter. The dorms are alright nothing like VA Tech or JMU but it's living space nonetheless. Don't live at The District, almost every week someone gets robbed. There's a ton of parties every night but some of the locals wander on campus to join and when they aren't welcomed in, shots are fired.
great on campus amenities, variety of course majors and exceptional faculty dedicated to student success
I would love to change how Old Dominion set up the campus. I feel as if the amount of places to eat on campus is very low, and it's ridiculous how certain places residing on campus should let students pay with the extensive amount of money on our ID's like our Flex Points, Meal Swipes or Monarch Plus. But even then, many students do not have Monarch Plus, they have what ever meal plan they purchased before the semester started. Also, dorm life really needs some upgrading. It's hard to maintain a good academic standing when the living space is difficult to maintain.
It's an amazing school. I love my peers, professors and staff! The professors want to see all their students graduate. Old Dominion University has great tutoring center for people that needs help in math and even science. I love my school!
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Although I'm still learning how to use the resources on campus, I appreciate the accessibility to help there is. I have yet to ask for help and not be given a way to succeed, or better understand something confusing me. I also appreciate the respect the professors maintain. As a freshmen, coming in I didn't know what to expect of professors. Yet, I'm learning that they're learning us as well, and they generally want to see their students succeed.
Old Dominion University is a very unique college with lots of great teachers and extracurriculars. As an engineering major, I have been very pleased with the quality of classes, experiences, and opportunities they have had to offer. As a sorority woman, I love our Greek Life here and how we are always striving to become more unified and inclusive.
As a school, I love ODU; as a community, I hated it. Though the academics are great and the student life flourishes, the surrounding area has an impact on safety. There are shootings and robberies numerous times a week in the surrounding city.
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