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I don't have much experience with old dominion as of now because I am entering as an freshman, but the atmosphere seems cool.
As a current sophomore, I can say that I have enjoy my time at Old Dominion University thus far. The school environment is well kept up, the diversity is great, and the student life is outstanding! I am very glad I choose to further my education at ODU.
My experience at Old Dominion University was amazing. There is so much diversity on the campus it makes it hard for you not to fee welcomed. The people there were extremely friendly and open to give you help wherever you need it. The campus itself gives off a very fun filled feeling. I truly enjoy the environment I am in when I go to Old dominion University.
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ODU is such an accepting place and it really makes everybody feel like they're part of a community. The school is very accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. Not to mention, the football games and basketball games are always a great experience.
I am a Freshman at ODU and from what I can tell it will be an amazing experience. I am also a swimmer who is hoping to earn a Biology degree and get into Medical School.
I love atmosphere and everything to do with ODU, cannot wait to attend in the fall. The mechanical engineering department is outstanding and I am eager to begin studying and earn my degree to secure the success of my future.
Old Dominion University is an amazing school, however, Norfolk, Virginia is not the safest place to live. It's noisy, and unsafe. The school has a lot of mean employees who handle financial aid and parking passes. They treat you like you are a customer and don't show to care about you. The professors are amazing and the school has a lot to offer academically!
Very welcoming campus , a lot of help for incoming students and or freshman , a diverse group of individuals on this campus.
They need to offer all classes online. The drive to campus is full of traffic. Teachers assign busy work towards the end of the semester.
I LOVE OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY! It's such a chill school. One thing I love about it, is their dorms are wonderful !!!!! The people their are great! They help you out a lot when you need it. They show much love there!
Everyone at Old Dominion is so friendly and supportive. No one is left behind and there is always somewhere to fit in on campus. The dorms and food is very nice and the staff are really helpful. you learn a lot in your courses and there's never a misunderstanding.
The students in the area are so welcoming. Everyone includinf the professors are more than willing to assist you in any way possible. I haven't been here long but the experience has still been great.
Old dominion university truly cares about each students academic passions, interests, motives and their personal experiences at ODU.
Overall ODU has been a great school to attend. The Professors are attentive and very educated. I am taking online courses so occasionally the instructors do not communicate too well, but overall no complaints.
My experience with Old Dominion university is they are very helpful. One thing that I like that they do is that they have lots of resources to help you pass. What I would like to see them change is the cafeteria food.
I am attracted to Old Dominion University because of the independence, confidence, and experience it gives to students. Personally, I have witnessed the dedication the professors possess, and It has made a difference in my academic career.
Old Dominion is a widely diverse University. There are numerous programs and activities for every student to join or participate in to enhance their experiences throughout the years. At ODU, there are also many resources for tutoring, writing help, and personal help so that is a plus. There are safety ambassadors there to walk with you safely to your dorm room or while waiting for the shuttle.
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After my first year at Old Dominion, I became fascinated with the culturally diverse atmosphere. I fell in love with the opportunity for multiple areas of involvement. Old Dominion made a lasting first impression.
I like the fact that majority of the professors will help you and make your experience personal. When I had issues with my health it took me over a year to get back into school because they could not track down my hospital information, which set me back big time. I will be graduating a year later that scheduled, but I am now back in school . I am scheduled to graduate in spring of 2018. Also, I was told during my sophmore year , which I thought was my junior year that I was missing alot of credits required to graduate, which also set me . I have had alot of bad encounters with Old Dominon University, but I am determined to finish what I started. I donot believe that I will be returning back there for my Masters.
I think the dorms need improvement, they are old and could use some work. Overall, the campus is great and has a lot to offer. The student body is very diverse and the typically the professors are very accomadating and friednly.
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