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Old Dominion is a perfect fit for me but I can understand why it might not be for others. The school has provided me with a cheap, easy, fast, and fulfilling way to get my degree. Personally I'm on track to be getting my masters in my niche degree in 4-5 years almost all paid for because of ODU. Also, this is a school where you get what you make of it, you have to be resourceful and put yourself out there, there is a wealth of untapped opportunities available if you just reach out to a professor.
Expansion in English department could benefit the university. As well expanding the journalism department to attract more funding.
Old Dominion University is a very diverse collage where you will enjoy your college experience, The campus is safe but if you leave campus it becomes a little less safe in some areas . Overall Old Dominion University is a good collage.
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I like that the campus is open to local businesses. Campus dorms give you a feeling of home while also inspiring you to pursue academics. The Webb Center offers a comfortable selection of food chains
Very nice campus, they keep the grounds clean and trimmed. But they really should have better food choices for the students other than chi-fil-a and subway. Most of the food choices and little quick shops are over priced and offer little in the way of healthy options. The sushi place is promising, but sometimes you are not sure how long it has been sitting out. Students are friendly, they could have more seating around the lawn areas for those nice sunny days. Curriculms are good, can be hard and sometimes I think the professor's forget what it's like to be on the other side. Overall, great learning experience.
Old Dominion is a unique school with a diverse atmosphere that's perfect for anyone's background. The school spirit and genuine faculty and staff help to push students to excel in not just academics but in athletics and social situations.
My overall experience at ODU was great. I started at ODU my sophomore year as a transfer from VCU. Upon starting my first semester at ODU I instantly felt welcomed by the faculty as well as the students. There is always something to do on campus especially during activity hour. There are clubs and activities for everyone no matter your ethnicity, personality, or interests. My time at ODU made a huge impact on my life and will always be cherished.
The classes are great. Professors are easy to approach and talk to. Campus is amazing! and Beautiful!
I love the atmosphere at Old Dominion but I would like to change the criminal activity surrounding the outside of the campus.
As a freshman, college here has been an up and down experience with making new friends, going out, and constant homework in all classes.
A very beautiful campus! Extremely clean, positive and warming social experience. The way the classes were set up were nice, neat an made it easy for students to stay focused and determined to learn. Old Dominion has a great history and diverse culture which brings in a lot of free thinkers so everyone has an open opinion . On the other hand I feel like there could be more events that could bring the diversity to the forefront and encourage people to come out their comfort zones an be open to trying new things. Other than that Old Dominion is a wonderful university an I would love to be a student one day.
I love Old Dominion University. The people here are so kind, the campus is beautiful, and there is a beautiful cultural diversity here. The housing is cozy, and their food is also good. Most of my professors have been very helpful, and I always feel at home the moment I step on campus. The only thing I would change is the parking situation. Old Dominion University is constantly expanding at the expense of their parking lots, giving students less places to park on campus. It is really frustrating leaving the campus and not knowing if you will even be able to find a valid parking spot when you come back.
Old Dominion University is a great school. The application process to move in day are well organized that it eases the stress of transitioning into University life.
I like it this is my first time going there. The only thing I do not like about it is the area can some times be a bad area to be in by yourself at night especially if you are a female. Depending on where and when you are wanting to park you may have trouble finding a parking spot.
Old Dominion University is an highly commanded school to come too! it is very school spirit and pride! they have plenty of jobs and organizations to join and have a lot of courage for there students and there dorms are nice and so are their food.
I love ODU. In just the year that I've completed, I've learned so much about myself and what I want to do with my life. I've gotten to work with some amazing professors that have opened my eyes to a world I hadn't known to exist. Everything here is innovated and forward thinking. I just hope ODU stays on this path.
No complaints so far. I am enjoying my first semester at ODU! The academics are good and my professors for the most part seems to enjoy what they do. My dining hall in Whitehurst dorm is the best on campus, but the other dining halls are good as well. The selection of dining experiences will increase next year, so I am looking forward to that. ODU just built a new stadium and I have attended a home game. A new freshman dorm is being built ready for the next class. ODU is flourishing and I am glad to be a part of it.
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A great experience overall, but no school is perfect! ODU has so much to do and the staff has always been great. There’s a great selection of online classes. There are so many student success resources, you just have to ask!
Inexpensive college compared to other options. Great hands-on engineering program and highly-funded. Many opportunities available on campus.
My time at Old Dominion University prepared me for the workforce. In my first interview after graduation I got my first job. The professors and academic rigor of the university enabled me to excel in my career. The university invests in the students and the campus. I enjoy going back to campus and seeing all the new development. Diversity is a main component of the university but this should not be their calling card. The university's investment in STEM majors needs to continue also the university needs to be a leader in sea level rise. The schools national rankings have slipped in the past couple years so increased investment in academics would bolster the schools rankings. The university needs to move away from the diversity pitch and focus more on the academics provided. I am a proud alum and would recommend Old Dominion University to anyone!
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