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Every staff member I have come across with my transfer has been beyond helpful with my transfer for Fall 2018. I had a lot of questions since it has been a few years since I was last enrolled in a university and they never made me feel unwelcome or confused. The only thing I would change is cater classes a little bit more to students working full time.
All of my first year professors were very kind and knowledgeable about the subjects they taught. There are always tons of activities going on around campus, it's impossible to have nothing to do if you take part in clubs or events going on around campus. The other students on campus are nice, and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming in general. The campus police are very diligent and make sure all of the students are safe, and there's even an app for safety on campus! Oklahoma State shows a genuine care for their students even though the school is decently populated at this point. The only issue I really had was parking, as it's hard to find spots sometimes.
GO POKES! The best choice i ever made was coming here, the people i've met here have changed my life forever.
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Whenever I have visited the campus, I have always felt at home. I love how nice and friendly everyone is, and they always make me feel welcome. I can't wait to begin classes in August!
I am from Washington so coming to Oklahoma was a complete culture shock for me, however being on campus and attending OSU was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I quickly made lots of new friends, and the campus is pretty easy to maneuver. All of my professors were very kind and eager to answer questions and help out any way they could. It was really easy to get involved on campus because there are so many organizations to choose from that are always welcoming new members. Go pokes!
The Cowboy Family isn't just a marketing ploy - you really do feel like you matter and everyone cares about you. It's very easy to get involved and find your place.
I love Oklahoma State because it is exactly that small town feel with having everybody around you. I'm a big time hunter and it only takes me 20 minutes north of Stillwater to get to one of my prime ponds for duck hunting. I love just driving or on the other hand scouting for birds. It is the outdoorsmen paradise. The people are the nicest and it is so easy have conversations with everybody here.
it has a great gym with the colvin and the party life can get a little crazy in terms of drinking, such as with calf fry.
I love campus and all the amazing people I have met here. There are so many organizations to get involved in. There is a huge sports scene here, with almost every person going to all the football games. The only downside is the lack of things to do outside school.
am a low-income first-generation student at OSU in Stillwater. There are so many professional and monetary opportunities on campus if you know where to look! Every faculty member I interact with is positive and helpful. you can really tell that they care about you as a person.
Have loved my experience so far at Oklahoma State University. It has felt like home since I set foot on campus and have not regretted choosing to go here. Go Pokes
Great school. Lots of great resources to help get you on the right path! Beautiful campus. Happy environment. Awesome student life!
OSU is a great place to meet friendly southen folks along with a diverse group of people from all aroud the nation. With a town centered around the Oklahoma State University Cowboys, stillwater is never boring during football season. with friendly students and staff, anyone is sure to feel like they are at home at OSU. OSU also offors a top of the light flight program that includes nearyly all FAA certifications needed to fly commercial aircraft.
beautiful campus, very welcoming people everywhere, safe, lots of activities to participate in, many different academic majors, good places to eat, sporting events
I really enjoy Oklahoma State as a whole as it has provided me many opportunities to pursue my career goals. I have gotten an internship my freshman year and it has allowed me to gain new friendships and network in ways I never thought possible.
The University does an excellent job at bringing employers and abundances of resources to the students. There are events to grow professional skills nearly every week. The access to free printing and the use of free computers at nearly anytime is incredibly beneficial as well.
I am a second semester freshman at Oklahoma State and am thoroughly enjoying my time here. As long as you are responsible with your time and grades you'll do just fine. The environment is very friendly and kind and the professors are truly here to help you. Scholarships are a must though
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Oklahoma State University is a great place to go if you are from a busy city and want to get away for college. Before I came here everyone always told me how nice people are here, but it is so true. Everyone is so sweet and welcoming. I love walking around campus from class to class, or even going to the gym. If i could change one thing about Oklahoma State University it would have to be the prices at the connivence stores. Yes, this is one way the university gets their money, but it is very pricy. overall, It is the perfect little town and everything that you dreamed it would be.
There is a great atmosphere about living in Stillwater, OK. It's a small town yet the students make up the majority of the population making it feel like a big town. Just about everyone you meet will know someone you know and everyone helps each other out. The only thing negative is the roads, they are awful.
I am currently a Junior at Oklahoma State University and I have loved my time here so far. It honestly saddens me to call myself a junior. I have always felt welcomed and comfortable on campus. The faculty is great! I attend a university where the academic advisors truly care about your future and are invested in helping you reach your goals.
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