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the experience was amazing ! i would recommend on going there they have good medical classes and i wouldn't want them to change a thing
I love OSU! It is a beautiful campus with great people. It has plenty on class options for any field you could be interested in, and is very accommodating to different groups of people.
Oklahoma State University is a great college and they have nice people. They have a nice atmosphere. It feels like home and the football games are great to see. You will learn things when you come to OSU. It is a great college to attend if you are looking to join. The staff here is nice and they really want to help you succeed. The professors here are good at what they do and want to see you succeed as well. OSU is like a family here and they welcome anyone with open arms.
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The campus is beautiful! Everything is close and it is not too spread out. There are lots of people that want to help you succeed! There are lots of resources available to all of the students.
I have loved this university for over three years. not only are the teachers great but so is the curriculum.
Oklahoma State is an amazing school to attend. There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether it be through a club, Greek life, intramural sports, just about anything. While it is a small city, it really doesn't feel like it with a campus so large.
I loved the campus! When I toured it just felt like home. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. The people are incredibly helpful and the dorms are gorgeous! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I know that I found my home.
I was made to feel very much at home at Oklahoma State University. Everyone was extremely nice and my experience felt very personalized.
I like the atmosphere of Oklahoma State because it makes me feel like I am at home. The people are super nice and it's America's Brightest Orange.
I absolutely love it here! I’m happy and I feel so free! There’s always something to do and someone there for you! GO POKES!!
My experience has been pretty great so far. Attending football games, joining various clubs and organizations, and most importantly, meeting new people who eventually become life-long friends. But of course, not everything is 100% perfect. One thing that I would like to see change, is an expansion of diversity on campus. It's intimidating and overwhelming when I sit in a classroom and notice I am the only brown person in there. There has also been some racial divide between students on campus, especially within the Greek organizations. If we could have set activities in which all of the Greek organizations come together and have fun, then I think we would not only be one of the few universities to participate in something like this, but we would also increase the chances of people from all over the world to come to OSU and make this place their forever home.
I want on a college visit to OSU this past July, the campus was beautiful lots of plants around. Our student guides did a really good job of showing us around campus and showing us the classrooms, overall I had a wonderful experience
It’s been a very good experience being at OSU. There are always ups and downs with any school you go to, but with the help of the staff and professors it’s been a very great experience. I’ve loved every minute and wouldn’t change anything. From all of the tutoring centers and help from professors, it’s been a great way of networking and also a great setup for every student to succeed.
I love OSU! I wouldn't change a thing and I'm super excited to continue my education here! They are so devoted to helping me improve myself and I couldn't feel more welcome!
OSU cares about making money the most, they care about the football second and lastly they care about their reputation. They hardly care about their students. Attending has been a truly disappointing life lesson about universities.
Oklahoma State University has a large and beautiful campus that always has some kind of lively event going on. The dorms and amenities are always clean with few issues. One of the most important things to this school is safety and that's why there are multiple poles around campus with a blue light where you can push a button and the cops will be there in less than a minute. There are also so many different options when it comes to food and there isn't a dorm that doesn't have food within walking distance. They offer so many different majors and the professors that I've had have all been incredibly helpful and have seemed like they really know what they're talking about and even after teaching the class for many years, they're still excited about it every day. The campus itself is dry, however there are always many parties going on off campus. The town of Stillwater is relatively small, but when you find the right people you'll always have fun.
My overall experience attending Oklahoma State University thus far has been positive. Excellent Professors, encouraging atmosphere, technologically friendly everywhere on campus, brand new buildings with new and modern equipment. Atmosphere feels safe because there is a constant presence of the Police on campus and throughout.
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I really like how friendly people are and I really like how pretty and organized the campus is. Their academics are great! They want to get everyone involved and the town and campus itself give off a home feel vibe. I really like the energy that is given off by everyone there and especially the football games.
One healthy and awesome campus! So much diversity, and many happy faces. The departments and professors are great, they are always ready to help. So many research opportunities for those interested. Also many job opportunities on campus.
My experience at Oklahoma State University has been nothing short of amazing! The classes, people, school, and activities are amazing. This school will forever have a place in my heart.
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