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Oklahoma State University provides a top notch education to everyone who attends school there. They have a wide selection of degrees and genuinely want to see you succeed during your time there. Along with a great education you are provided with many opportunities to get involved in and off campus. There's plenty of clubs, you're bound to find something. If you're looking for a job while you got to school, there is always somewhere on campus you can find a job. Oklahoma State is also a friendly place, you walk onto campus an instantly feel comfortable here.
I really love this college. I always continue to feel like home when I am in Stillwater. this university is amazing. plus their traditions are really great as well. The admissions counselors are also always there to help.
I really enjoy the campus living as a freshman. The dorms are nicer than most universities. So far all of my professors have been awesome. They are really interested in their students and are willing to help them.
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The comradery is awesome. They are willing to help but you have to be willing to put in the work. Most of the advisers do a great job with fast tracking you to get the classes done quickly.
The community at Oklahoma State University is so welcoming to everybody, once you step foot on campus you feel like you're at home.
I love OSU! The campus is beautiful and the academics have been amazing. The professors I have been helpful and if you keep up with your school work. Oklahoma State has been a second home, with friendly staff and students it is easy to acclimate to the new surroundings and my new life as a college student. The housing is nice and the food options are in variety. The one thing I would like to change about the campus is the grocery store options, there aren't a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods to cook with that I can charge to my meal plan.
Oklahoma State University is a university filled with an abundance amount of students craving new knowledge. The great amount of students leads to filled classrooms with students filling up almost every seat. Due to the large amount of students in several classrooms, there is little room for one on one personal contact with a teacher or even the ability to ask a question during a given lecture. One thing that I wish would change at Oklahoma State is the overflow of students in a classroom and a smaller classroom for students to be able to have that one on one contact with a professor.
I enjoy its wide range of academic opportunities and always improving engineering program. Oklahoma State holds many clubs and community programs to insure each student finds their own friend group. I have asked most of my friends about their experiences going to the school and it has been filled with overall positive reviews. The school has amazing facilities such as an enormous library with helpful staff to a free communal gym that has anything a new collage student would need. I have also heard incredible things about the schools ever growing drama program and graphic design program. For a student with many passions and high ambitions Oklahoma state University is an incredible school that I would recommend to anyone.
Great school. Everyone is friendly especially the professors. Campus is a nice size not easy to get lost at. Many food options to appeal to everyone. Clubs that anyone could join if you're interested in something they have a club for it. Beautiful campus.
The University is a great campus the Professors are caring and really helpful and want their students to achieve in their profession.
The campus is safe and the security is always around to give a hand if needed. I attend the campus in Tulsa,OK The professior's has a good policy of having office hours to meet with them when a student need help or referrals if they cannot answer difficult questions. The learning labs are open at good hours for students to do their home work and they have workshops as well.
I like Oklahoma State University's overall atmosphere. My residential building is peaceful, clean, and comfortable. Even the buses were a major help during the bad weather. Most importantly the professors provided a great learning environment and made the transition to college easier.
Plan to attend this school and had a chance to tour the school but have not started the freshman year until Fall of 2019 so not much experience to share.
I love the fact that the school is very helpful when it comes to academics. They care about you & actually want to see you become successful. I would like to see more diversity around the school
Oklahoma State university has been so accommodating and has made my educational experience so incredible. I am an older adult re-entering college after 10 years and they have made this transition for mean seem flawless. Always willing to help, numerous resources available to me to see that I achieve this long overdo goal. I wish that online classes were more reasonably priced, but attending campus classes were doable too.
I've only ever been on a couple college visits and to a couple football games, but what I can describe about Oklahoma State University will exemplify what that wonderful campus is. OSU is not only one of the most friendly and most student-empowered campuses in the state, its a place where students go to learn life lessons and practice them in their own everyday lives. I would have to say that I have never had a bad experience at the campus and I have never met anyone who attended the college who did not love the campus and staff themselves.
I love how caring everyone is. I love how people care about becoming the best they can be and OSU is awesome about this.
Oklahoma State has a beautiful campus that brings out of a good and happy atmosphere. The school is very welcoming and comfortable and makes you want to attend the school. Next, the classrooms are very comfortable and all the necessary supplies are accessible to those who need it. The sports program is very put together and exciting to watch. And the amount of scholarships are helpful to those who work hard. The campus of very free and safe to the students and secure and I would want my child to attend the school to receive a good education.
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I liked everything about Oklahoma State University, definitely one of the best colleges in Oklahoma.
I loved every minute of college in Stillwater! The campus at OSU is beautiful and everyone is super nice. It is definitely a college town and makes you feel right at home. Joining clubs or the greek community builds a lot of connections as well for the future!
I absolutely LOVE it!!! The environment is very welcoming and the campus is absolutely beautiful! I am extremely excited to pursue my future college career here!!
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