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My overall experience attending Oklahoma State University thus far has been positive. Excellent Professors, encouraging atmosphere, technologically friendly everywhere on campus, brand new buildings with new and modern equipment. Atmosphere feels safe because there is a constant presence of the Police on campus and throughout.
I really like how friendly people are and I really like how pretty and organized the campus is. Their academics are great! They want to get everyone involved and the town and campus itself give off a home feel vibe. I really like the energy that is given off by everyone there and especially the football games.
One healthy and awesome campus! So much diversity, and many happy faces. The departments and professors are great, they are always ready to help. So many research opportunities for those interested. Also many job opportunities on campus.
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My experience at Oklahoma State University has been nothing short of amazing! The classes, people, school, and activities are amazing. This school will forever have a place in my heart.
Oklahoma State is extremely welcoming to transfer students, however, it is a little daunting when coming from a smaller school. One-on-one advising and financial aid help must be actively sought out, but it is extremely useful once you make those connections.
I have enjoyed my time at Oklahoma State. The professors truly care about their students and want nothing more than for the students to succeed. The environment of OSU friendly and comfortable. There is always someone willing lend a helping hand, whether it be another student or a facility member.
Oklahoma State has a beautiful campus with friendly students, professors, and provides a great learning environment. I absolutely love the plethora of opportunities Oklahoma State offers to all students. There are a multitude of clubs/organizations, intramural sports, and student life events available for student enjoyment. My experience has definitely been extremely positive.
Great college town, good distance from OKC, very strong community. Still, not the best place to go for everyone. Best for ag/engineering/business, not as good for humanities or the arts.
I love my school. I was a transfer so at first I did not feel like I fit in, but after a couple weeks that went away. I'm excited to see where my schooling here gets me!
The best college experience in the state of Oklahoma! The Greek life is amazing and shines a positive light on campus rather than hurt it. "America's Greatest Homecoming" is something everyone should see in person. The campus is brand new with great long standing traditions. One of the best places to watch sports, a true college town. There is always construction and the campus keeps on getting bigger and better each year. Everyone should definitely check Stillwater out. What makes Oklahoma State so special are the people that attend and work at OSU! It is most definitely home away from home! Go Pokes!
I have already, in just one semester of school at OSU made connections and friendships that I am sure to last a lifetime. Being an engineering student, I don't have much free time, but when I do there are always campus events! Also, campus is beautiful.
The atmosphere is amazing and all the people on campus are very friendly! The food Is great and I've met many people along the way. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning how to become independent. They have a amazing bus that picks up students and drops them off closer to their destination or the exact destination. I was a freshman last year and my experience was amazing and I would want everyone to have an amazing college experience.
I transferred to OSU my sophomore year of college from a university in Texas. I found OSU to be so welcoming and offer a variety of extracurricular activities as well as an outstanding environment to be in. The campus makes you feel very safe, and the amenities OSU offers are more than I could have wanted. The whole student body, faculty, alumni, and fans of Oklahoma State come together and become like one giant family to support the athletic teams and other organizations.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and you can really feel the school spirit of Stillwater being a college town no matter where you go. Football games are so much fun, as is homecoming week. My dorm experience was okay. There are lots of different choices on campus for food, and even some kind of hidden places that aren't the university's website. I love that Greek life is so big, and that the neighborhood is right next to campus.
What I liked about Oklahoma state university was the pride every one had in this school. They held it as the countries brightest Orange. They wanted to excel in agriculture and natural sciences and leave saying they did something. What I would like to change is to develope a more close relationship with the professors and students of the campus
I knew the moment I first stepped foot on the beautifully maintained campus that OSU was where I further my education. After arriving I fell in love with the welcoming atmosphere and open disposition that the students generated. After spending a year there, however, I have realized a few things about the institution that I would like to see fixed. The Res Life-Student interaction is very poor, and the maintenance done in the dorms left so much to be desired that those of us who were forced to endure it fled from campus housing at the first opportunity. While it does have some definite shortcomings, I would praise OSU on its attempts to provide students part-time jobs and making them career-ready by offering more than enough opportunities to talk to companies and work on research. In all, if the right balance is found, OSU can be a wonderful place to grow and develop into an individual worthy of being hired into the profession of his or her choice.
I love the people at Oklahoma State University. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help with anything you need. The one thing I would change about Oklahoma State is the parking. They offer many parking passes but there aren't enough parking spots for all the people who have a pass so some times it is hard to find parking.
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I loved the campus at Oklahoma State University but the only down fall is the town Stillwater. Personally I did not enjoy the town and how few outside of school activities there are.
OSU is a very large university. Getting to know your professors and other students is challenging. There are lots of options for degrees and classes but not all of them seem to be valuable or respected. Some professors can be hard to work with.
Oklahoma State University is an incredible University in a wonderful town. The professors are committed to the success of their students, and I have had an overall very good experience here.
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