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I am a freshman at Okkahoma State. So far, i am really enjoying it. I had a lot of fun attending the football games. My classes and my professors have been really good. My major is Management Information Systems and i look forward to taking more classes in this major. I made the Dean’s List first semester and hope to do the same this spring semester. The dorm life has been good this year. Next year I hope to get my own room in The Villages on campus apartments. I am enjoying my freshman year at OSU.
Oklahoma State football is always exciting. The stadium is always completely packed. Almost every student is involved in organizations and clubs. Oklahoma State is aware of sexual harassment that goes on so they started a program called 1 Is 2 Many. Every student has to take the test in order to go on to the next semester. I believe they do this to make people aware of the things that can go on on campus or anywhere else.
I love everything about Oklahoma State from the school spirit to meeting the friendliest people I have every encountered. I have only had good experiences in Stillwater and I could not imagine picking a different school.
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I love everything about Oklahoma State. From the orange power to meeting the friendliest people I have every encountered. The experienced I have had thus far has been absolutely amazing and I could not imagine choosing another college.
Top rate college that makes you feel at home as soon as you set foot on campus, it feels like you are meant to be there no matter what. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is second to none. You feel accepted and you feel like you belong there every day. GO POKES!
Oklahoma State University feels like home, even though I am actually 1000 miles away from my "real home". The whole OSU community really is one big family. Everyone looks out for one another and the staff of OSU wants each of their students to succeed. I could not imagine myself attending any other four-year university. GO POKES!
Oklahoma State University is a clean, safe campus that promotes healthy and inventive and adaptive living.
I love everything about Oklahoma State. It feels like a home away from home, and everybody is very accepting. OSU does everything they can to make you feel involved and to make sure you never get into any “slumps”.
OSU has many opportunities to be involved and connect with people who have similar interest. It has become my home over the last four years and I've made many friends. I wish, however, that I would have known more about all the different majors , "submajors", and their requirements whenever I was a freshman or sophomore.
Oklahoma State is a great experience for those who want an affordable college with a meaningful experience that gives them a meaningful degree. I’m a music education major, and there are student working out Scales, practicing solo and ensemble literature, and collaborating nearly every hour of the day. The Music school is phenomenal, with multiple soloists competing and a few even winning national competitions such as MTNA among others. The drive to get better and work ethic is strongly present among students and faculty alike, as nearly all of the faculty play recitals and give performances regularly. General education classes are hit and miss, but most professors are very willing to work with hard working students that make their best effort. Overall, a good experience, and very worth it even after one semester.
So far my first year at Oklahoma State University has been amazing! The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the teachers are extremely helpful. It is a very culturally diverse school for living in the south, and the sports teams are fantastic! You can't beat Saturday football at Oklahoma State! Go pokes!!!!
Coming to Oklahoma State Is the best choice I could have made! I'm normally a shy person but the campus has so many things to offer that i never am not busy doing something! I participate in two clubs on campus and attend every sporting event possible to cheer on the Cowboys! I truly have found my second home!
I like the diversity of the staff and student body as well as the choice of studies. I like the atmosphere in Stillwater and the campus environment. The professors at Oklahoma State University hold themselves and students to a high standard and bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to their pedagogical practices.
I really enjoy Oklahoma State. The professors, advisors and all the students are the nicest people you could meet. Everyone is friendly and if you have problems with anything they are always there to help you succeed. The campus is beautiful and it’s a wonderful place to be
Everyone on campus is extremely friendly, the staff is always willing to help in any way possibly as well as your fellow classmates and peers
By far the best four years of my life. Made lifelong friends, many networking connections, learned a lot inside the classroom and many memories.

Will always be a Cowboy for life! Go Pokes!!
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Oklahoma State University is a great school. But, there are downsides to every school. One of them being it is very Greek Life based. So, if you do not find yourself in greek life, it is important that you find some other way to get involved into the school, or you will not be happy.
One thing that is great about this school is the people. The students and professors around campus are genuinely nice people. You can smile at people as you are going to class, strike up a conversation, and they will be generous.
I like how it is in bigger town community and not a city. The employees make sure to help make you feel comfortable and safe. There are always room for improvement and that is what Oklahoma State tries to do. The university is always open to suggestions
OSU provides a quality education for an affordable price! The class hours are confident for full time students that also work full time.
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