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I would love to see cheaper tuition and more knowledge given to freshmen about degree options. I was unaware of how many subsets of engineering were offered until I became a junior.
The campus is student friendly! The professors are easy to talk to about assignments, getting around campus is a breeze and everything is easy to find.
I absolutely have loved attending OSU-OKC! I started my pre-req's there and continued on into the nursing program. I have enjoyed all of my courses and most of my instructors. I feel like the financial aid department is fairly quick with turn around on applications and the advising department is well equipped to help students with their issues. Unfortunately, in the expansion project for the Allied Health building, land used by the agriculture department was used for the parking lot. I would like to see OSU-OKC purchase more land so that the agriculture department can have access to an area to practice what they are being taught.
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I am currently taking online class at the OSU-OKC campus. I love it and it works great for me. I am a single mother of two children and I am trying to further my education to make a better life for my children.
There are many things that I love about Oklahoma State University, but what really brought me here was the overall atmosphere. The people here genuinely care and are devoted to getting you involved and not be left out. When I stepped on campus during my first tour, I knew that this was the place I wanted to continue my studies at.
Name is Jason Walker. I am not anonymous. I am a freshman here at the Oklahoma State University. I am here to tell you about how this experience is changing my life and the way I view it. Just to walk these sidewalks amidst the some other twenty thousand students you immediately feel the difference in the air. It may be the research and knowledge, or the healthy aspect everyone seems to be in tune.
A feeling that we are all in this together and the goal is to be in a better place and help propagate the good. Can't believe I get to be here another six or seven years. Living the dream, baby, living the dream.
One really great thing about this college is that the professors really care about their students and the people in general are amazing and treat everyone with hospitality. I enjoyed going to school and learning here.
For the most part they are reasonably priced on tuition and school supplies. The professors all seem to know the subject they are teaching, at least the ones i have encountered. They are also very friendly people who are willing to work with you if you need help.
I only took online classes, so I didn't go to campus much, but my professors were very helpful and understanding. Campus was clean and felt safe.
I have recently just enrolled into the university, but the enrollment process was super easy. The admission staff and advisors help you get through the process easily.
Overall OSU-OKC is a great school. If you are looking for something with more of a student-life environment, this is probably not the school for you. But if you are looking for something that is affordable, has great classes and professors, and a nice campus this is possibly for you then.
OSU-OKC is a nice small community college that offers great education without the hustle of having to deal with so many students just to talk to your instructor!
OSU-OKC is a wonderful school! They offer so many opportunities in college courses in a small environment. The online courses are very helpful for those interested in getting a degree from home. The staff, teachers and counselors are very eager to make your college experience a good one. This is my first time going back to school in over 30 years and I am encouraged by all the help I have received.
Oklahoma State University- Oklahoma City is a great university. They do a great job of preparing students without being incredibly expensive. I was always able to find everything I need and the staff was always incredibly helpful. My professors were attentive and on task with making sure to answer any questions I had about the class.
Osuokc is by far my favorite college I have been to because you get help with work in class and outside of class
I liked how diverse the University is, It's also very affordable. I am a daughter of a widowed woman, so I don't have much money that I can spend on my education. Going to this college will save me a ton of money on many things, most importantly tuition.
I love the college for the small population of students that go there. You are able to get much more individual attention.
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I was able to transfer basic classes
I have taken all courses online thus far and it has been wonderful. I was able to get through instructions to have a successful outcome in each course.
I have had a great experience in all my courses as well as with my professors.
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