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Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City Reviews

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The Professors are very helpful and willing to work with the students when they fall a little behind and just need some guidance. The ITP department is amazing.
Oklahoma State University is an excellent school. They are all for you excelling in your schoolwork and personal life. When I visited I recieved a lot of help with lots of answers to my questions. The town is all for he school which reminds me a lot of my hometown. I'm excited to call this school homes
The campus is beautiful everyone in this town is friendly and down to earth! OSU is awesome!! Go Pokes!!
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Oklahoma State university-Oklahoma City is a good, easy, cheaper place to go to school. If you are looking for somewhere to grow and learn this is a good place the start. In some degree plans you get fully prepared for the future you want while getting the degree you need I love this school and highly recommend it
I transferred to OSU last year never being away from home. This was one of the best choices I have ever made. I got myself involved with student life. I took challenging classes to prepare me for what I wanted to be as a graduate. Finally I felt more mature and almost ready to take on anything in being independent and growing up.
I am in the police science program here and the classes for this degree are very informative. The instructors take their time to prepare you for the future and your career. The skill courses required for this degree are also very helpful. Im very satisfied with my experience so far. If I could pick something that I'd like to change it would be to lengthen the skill courses because of how helpful they are.
I have loved my experience at Oklahoma State University. My family has all gone here, and this school is full of rich tradition. Sporting events are always so fun, and your major classes are never oversized. The professors and staff feel like family and want students to succeed.
I had a great time at Oklahoma State University as a freshamn. The campus life is a mazing, and beautiful. I dont have many complaints.
Currently in the nursing program at OSU-OKC and going into my fourth semester. It has been tough but I am strong. I've gone through a pregnant and a divorce throughout my program and the instructors have been right by my side and supported me through everything. I strongly recommend this great nursing program here at OSU-OKC
Oklahoma state university is a place I have grown very fond of and comfortable enough to call my second home. Besides all of the different people you will get to meet and interesting extra-curricular activities, Oklahoma state's campus feels some welcoming and comfortable you will have no choice but to say Go Pokes once you step in front of Edmond lows library and stare at the wonderful orange fountain .
OSU is a great school. I love the classes, it's very safe, the dorms are nice, and the professors are helpful.
I have been able to most of my classes online, which was very important to me. I work full time and needed flexibility. The few classes that I chose to take in the classroom had options for night classes.
so far everything is going well with osu the college visits where amazing I can't wait to get here this fall!
The experience has been very welcoming and tight knit. The teachers, faculty, and staff truly care for you and your well being after school. I am proud to be a cowboy and use this degree to open doors that wouldn't be open for me.
It is one of the cheaper colleges in a bad area in Oklahoma City. It is very accessible and the workers are friendly and helpful. Depending on which professor you get they are willing to help a lot.
I would love to see cheaper tuition and more knowledge given to freshmen about degree options. I was unaware of how many subsets of engineering were offered until I became a junior.
The campus is student friendly! The professors are easy to talk to about assignments, getting around campus is a breeze and everything is easy to find.
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I absolutely have loved attending OSU-OKC! I started my pre-req's there and continued on into the nursing program. I have enjoyed all of my courses and most of my instructors. I feel like the financial aid department is fairly quick with turn around on applications and the advising department is well equipped to help students with their issues. Unfortunately, in the expansion project for the Allied Health building, land used by the agriculture department was used for the parking lot. I would like to see OSU-OKC purchase more land so that the agriculture department can have access to an area to practice what they are being taught.
I am currently taking online class at the OSU-OKC campus. I love it and it works great for me. I am a single mother of two children and I am trying to further my education to make a better life for my children.
There are many things that I love about Oklahoma State University, but what really brought me here was the overall atmosphere. The people here genuinely care and are devoted to getting you involved and not be left out. When I stepped on campus during my first tour, I knew that this was the place I wanted to continue my studies at.
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