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I've enjoyed OPSU because it's like being a member of a little community. I feel like I know everyone on campus, there are many opportunities to be involved, and the professors know students by name. The class sizes are smaller but the material is still challenging. I highly recommend Oklahoma Panhandle State University!
At OPSU it is good to see that the professors know you by your first name and not just as another student that is in the class. Really like that it has a small community feel within the college and everyone knows everyone.
Great campus I came to a school where I knew people. Great meeting new people as well. Also getting to play ball in a new environment with people who actually want to see you do good.
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I have attended OPSU for the last year. It is a small university in the heart of the Oklahoma Panhandle. I enjoy the fact that class sizes are small and diverse.
This is a great university, since I enrolled and started school everyone has been very friendly and nice, the professors are really great as well they explain the material just fine.
Oklahoma Panhandle State University lies in the small town called Guymon. Lots of People are complaining that there is nothing to do and that the town is empty. However, that is exactly what I like about it. The campus is nice and paceful, people are extremely nice and friendly and my overall experience is positive. Plus If you do not know what time it is, the train that goes around every hour will tell you the time very reliably.
The admission process was really easy and fast.The admissions office was really helpful through out the whole process, they took time to listen to my difficulties and questions and always had useful information for me in return
Here at OPSU the teachers are great and get to know everyone on a first name basis. They actually care about your well-being and are concerned for student progress. Class size is relatively small which is great so that your questions are more likely to get answered. We have great agriculture, art, and computer information systems programs here. The people that attend here are outgoing, friendly, and courteous. It is easy to find friends here. We have a great set of apartments and our dorms are actually getting redone this year so they will be real nice as well. The only downside to coming here is that there is not really much to do besides hang out and go watch movies. There are not any restaurants in this town and the nearest place to get groceries is ten miles away. So definitely keep that in mind if you plan on coming here but do not let that stand in the way of your decision.
Before coming here I lived in a big city where I had things to do if I got bored. Being out here I cant do anything but go to class, practice, and back to my room. I'm not big on partying but I never hear of party's out here so I have yet to actually live life like a college freshman. I would like to see the school change simply by getting stuff out here for students so they wont be bored.
I just don't like anything to do with sports. They drive me crazy.
I haven't really been in it for very long. The school is pretty good so far.
I feel safe all the time on campus I'm never worried about anything while I'm on campus.
There's a ton of variety of courses, class size is small, professors know your name. Its a great experience.
They have different companies come to the ag building a lot, that always are offering jobs or internships.
They take sports seriously and are always working to improve them.
My professors are all great. It was easy to get a job on campus that is flexible with everything else going on in my life. OPSU is great.
It is like any other campus gym. It is nice but it is very overused.
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It's small and the town it is located in is small. Despite those things, it keeps me focused.
The school accepts and treats all students the same, I have not noticed any type of discrimination.
I love OPSU, I have not experienced any problems with registration or getting into a class.
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