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The student and faculty community of OCU is great. However, it's very expensive and the facilities and amenities need a lot of improvement.
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As a student athlete and musician at Oklahoma City University, I experience a wide variety of things. One day I will be playing volleyball or watching another sport compete, the next day I will be watching my roommate act in a play. Everyday is a different day and it is a great experience. It is an everyday thing to hear students singing on their way to class. I also hear different languages and accents all around campus. OCU has a very diverse group of students, they come from all around the country to earn their degree from here. I feel that my college experience is more diverse than most!
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Oklahoma City University fosters a nice, small community for college - small class sizes, nice relationships with teacher, short walks to class. But it is over-priced, the food in the cafeteria isn't very good, and most students there were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
The faculty and professors at the Kramer School of Nursing at OCU are incredible. They have the student's best interest at heart and ensure that the students utilize every possible avenue for success.
The facility is super clean, the campus is nice and clean and small enough to get to different buildings on time. I love the drama department and all the different performing arts classes available and love the student body.
Good school overall especially if you are into Dancing, Singing, or acting. Smaller school makes in easier to get to know everyone which is always a good thing. Good professors with small class sizes makes it easier to work with.
This college is definitely worth all the money, but it was just way too busy for me. I was in constant stress mode, but I know people who can thrive in that kind of environment. Unfortunately, I can't.
Oklahoma City University is rapidly becoming the leader of the arts in the South/Southwest. Class sizes are small, and curriculum is molded to you. The music education department has exploded within the past 4 years with the addition of Dr. Michael Raiber on faculty, a national and leading expert in the field. The program is breaking new grounds working hand-in-hand with the extraordinary El Sistema Oklahoma, and the program is supported by the state's most prolific Collegiate National Association for Music Education (CNAfME) chapter.
The professors are all experts in their fields. I have not had one professor who was assigned to teach a class in which he was not highly experienced and had already taught in the past. Many classes are lecture based, but the professors are able to review or clarify information upon a students' request, as the average class size is 17 students.
100% of business finance and accounting majors are employed upon graduation. 98% of nursing majors make it into nursing school upon graduation. The school has the second highest turn out on Broadway in the country. 80% of biology majors make it into med-school upon graduation.
Students had to do a course load on the safety tips and statistics before entering OCU. Of the entire last school year, there was one reported rape. Sexual assaults rarely, if ever, occur, as the student body of the undergraduates is slightly over 1200, and reputations would be very much at stake for anyone involved. Also, the atmosphere is committed and focused on pursuing careers, so the party scene is minimal.
The housing I am in is called Walker hall. It is set up for the purpose of privacy and efficient space... It is very difficult to run out of storage space, as every piece of furniture in the rooms are built with slide out drawers and are able to be moved into convenient, out-of-the-way spaces.
I was recruited by Lambda Chi Alpha but did not join due to financial difficulties. I plan on joining as soon as funds are available, as the fraternity life at Oklahoma City University are beyond all expectations I had due to observing State School fraternities. The guys are very diverse in their background and culture, and being with them is the closest thing to a brotherhood I could imagine.
I am a walk on to the rowing team, and the boat house is an Olympic training center on the river in OKC. It's pretty hard to beat the facilities we have; OU and UCO both send their teams up to our boathouse to share in the amazing opportunities we have to train.
Oklahoma City University is commonly referred to as Over Committed University. The dance program and the musical theater program are of the top most renowned in the country. It has the second highest Broadway turn out in the country, yet there are only 1200 undergraduates. The school offers a liberal arts education, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a broad spectrum of studies and activities. I personally am a double major in Music Performance and Economics, I am a walk on to the rowing team and I am a member of the undergraduate investment club.
A friend had an issue with assault and it was dealt with seriously and efficiently.
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Received personalized emails every step of the way. Way to go OCU!
Never had any issues with campus housing. There is definitely one dorm that ranks above the others, but there are options and that's always great!
I didn't join, but easily could have. They include anyone and I don't feel left out by not going Greek.
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