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First of all, I'm a sociology major, and I'll preface this by saying the sociology courses are an ABSOLUTE JOKE. Some of the most basic concepts in sociology fail to be covered, specifically thinking of the section on Gender Identity, which spent more time talking about Bronies than trans people...

The administration is terrible. This is blatantly clear not only in what has already been mentioned (8-week only all online courses has essentially AUTO-FAILED our older students who may not be as tech-savvy), but also in the fact that OCCC took away Student-Workers' only benefits during a pandemic. They get away with paying student-workers $4.50 an hour because a paycheck per month goes to the school-- not only this, but you have to pay for at least 6 credit hours to ensure they can pay you half your hourly rate. The higher-ups have barely even toured the facilities (I recall a higher-up having to take a tour of a tutoring lab that she was in charge of-- never even been there before).
The online courses are lackluster, like any other course in their "MasterCourse" plans. My psychology course not only had me pay tuition and the textbook, but considering the textbook was attached to the course-work, I had to pay for the course-work separately from tuition. The professor's syllabus stated he managed to "Get us a discount" from 100 -> 75 bucks, but when I asked him about this in an email, he claimed to not have any knowledge of such a thing (after telling us to read his syllabus thoroughly). The course-work was attached to McGraw hill, with repetitive homework averaging around 200 questions each (all the while teaching us way more effective ways of actually teaching somebody-- failure of applying knowledge as profs)

Discussion posts (essentially forum posts) are no replacement for an actual in-class discussion. No one wants to do them, and the replies are always completely devoid of content (just trying to hit the requirements in the "Discussion Response Guidelines".
While this is my first year and everything has been switched on to online, it's still lively, professors and advisors are really focused on their students doing great in their classes and never giving up!! They push their students to have a successful path for the future.
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My first class was when I was still in high school as a senior and I thought it was best to take it online. My professor was very understanding when I asked questions, and would even extend due dates if I needed more time. It was very helpful and I was able to pass the class with a very high grade and finish high school at the same time.
Staff is helpful and someone usually answers the phone and is helpful. Only issue I really have is being charged for two classes that I never attended & thought were dropped over the phone with an advisor. I was not expecting to be charged for those classes, but next thing I knew, my state tax return was intercepted for tuition owed on those classes.
The professors are very helpful with online learning from what I have heard. This is my first semester attending Oklahoma City Community College myself, so I am not sure.
I did not like the rude lady in registration. I had one question and she was rude. Plus she was kind of fat and ugly.
The registration people were rude. I simply wanted to ask one question and the fat lady behind the desk was all over my shlt. She said I had to sign in to ask one question.
My online classes went well overall. The only class that did not really have my satisfaction was biology, since the lab that goes with this class was on line too. I did not like that part of the class on line.
I did not really get a college experience, because all my classes were online. This did take away the social interaction with the professor and all the other students. The cost of my classes is great, because starting my first year at OU would have been more expensive. I plan to transfer to OU after my degree prerequisites are finished.
My classes transitioned to fully online courses halfway through March 2020. OCCC was easily equipped and prepared to go online. I missed being on campus but I did not feel my education quality faltered any.
I've only been on campus a short amount of time, but the overall experience has been great. The technology is new and nice to work with - especially the science labs. Everyone's also been helpful and willing to answer any question I may have.
I love Oklahoma City Community College. I am an older, adult student and was convinced that I could not go back to school, but OCCC proved me wrong! Everyone here is very welcoming and encouraging and want you to succeed.
Online courses are great. I love the online experience, classes are designed in easy and smart way and it is very helpful when you have a full time job. Online classes are easy to navigate and access. I prefer online classes.
I attend Oklahoma City Community College in South Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Called "O-triple-C" for short, it has 2 year Associate Degrees. OCCC is dedicated to art majors like me, and they demonstrate it from their well supplied classrooms to the ascetic beauty of campus.
My 1st semester i took and completed 4 classes in their "8week" format and finished with a 3.0 gpa. The cost for all theses classes and supplies were about $1800. With a student employee position in the school's gym I was able to pay it off by Thanksgiving and start saving for the Spring Semester!
Next semester I look forward to continuing my education and displaying my art at OCCC's "Student Presentations " in their 2,000 sq ft Art Gallery. They teach you how to market your art work, describe it and details such as the proper lighting to see your art work. OCCC is an Official Tree Campus and it is amazing. Canopy covered walkways are around the campus. Finally a guaranteed transferable degree to a 4 year!
OCCC uses "Moodle" for its online classes. It is has a user friendly interface, but does require lots of repetition to get familiarity. You can see notices for upcoming assignments. Loading assignments are easy.
Moodle does have an odd look about it. It takes time for your eyes to get use to where the information is located. There is nothing extraordinary about the software, but it sure the job.
The administration clearly only gives lip service to caring about students. First, they cut all class terms to 8 weeks, making college even more difficult for those with obligations outside of school such as jobs or children. Then the administration doesn't answer phone calls or emails, and the campus is closed due to the pandemic. If you do manage to get someone, anyone, to answer your questions, you've got a 50/50 shot that they'll be rude or dismissive, or straight up lie to you. Seriously, they told me I would not be allowed to CLEP out of any classes and had to take (and pay for) classes I did not. It was shocking to me to discover that even community college only cares about money, but there it is. The professors (some of them) have been the only redeeming aspect of my experience with OCCC, which has otherwise been awful. If you want less expensive education in OK, go to Rose State.
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I was forced to take classes online, and the experience was very poor. See, I'm a science major, in lab sciences. While my professors did their best, you simply can't do a lab science online over videos. Online doesn't work for me, but I didn't have a choice. As long as I'll be forced to do lab science online, I will be taking a break from school. There were no options offered other than spending more of my time to come up to the college and run labs on my own, which is impossible due to work tripling during the pandemic.
The financial aid office is very reasonable and actually accomodates students based on their level of need and ability to pay, the professors are all amazing. OCCC is also one of the few schools in the state that's actually stuck to their guns and conducted classes all online, which is sad but is a great relief that I don't have to fear outbreaks at school. I'm proud to go to a school that's following CDC guidelines more than most others. The courses are just as rigorous as you'd find elsewhere and the professors are very helpful. I feel like I'm getting a genuine opportunity to better myself and get an education that I wouldn't have had at a bigger university. The student body is also amazing, people are generally very welcoming and kind, and even in the midst of covid there's lots of student life to take part in for those who seek it! Only complaint is that 8-week courses make things crazy sometimes, but there's an added benefit of more credits in less time.
There's lots of resources available to help give computer access to those who need it, and professors are generally very helpful when dealing with the unique challenges of online classes. Online learning is always unpleasant, but this is about as good as it gets!
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