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Oklahoma City Community College Reviews

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Easy to get to anywhere in city. College is grown in size and programs offered.
Professors seem to care and usually approachable. prices is reasonable do to being a 2 year college. College does not have dorm rooms on campus.
I like Oklahoma City Community College. There are not sports teams. It has a nice campus with available parking. Professors are nice and schools offers office 360 for all students. Online tutoring is super helpful!
Overall a great school, super accommodating. But some parts of the school definitely need repairs. And all your classes are super spread out and the layout does not seem to have any reasoning.
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I've taken four semesters of concurrent enrollment courses through OCCC and have had amazing results. The instructors are very thorough and they are for each individual student. The college itself provides resources to help one succeed. The only complaint I have revolves around an online chemistry course I took - that subject should never be taught online. It is far too complicated and the textbook too contradictory to be able to teach oneself online effectively. It would have been far better strictly as a lecture.
Great community college with great staff and professors. I feel safe at the school because they hired legit police officers to monitor the campus. The classes provide the material I need to future my career.
It’s my first year going to school and i am going online. The school is very big. I walked to the welcome center and it was very busy. Lots of students and i got a lot of help with my classes
I like that there are a lot of time options for classes. You have options of online or in class as well. Classes are easy to find it is a friendly atmosphere.
A decent enough community college. Hardly going to get you anywhere prestigious but it's a good place to knock out your associate's and get a base skill set to move on to a four year.
The staff is helpful and accommodating. The enrollment process was made to be quick and simple. The professors seem friendly.
First of all, I love this college so much because I was fortunate enough to attend high school in this amazing facility! We had everything at our reach to successfully & fully understand everything. I was very lucky to be one of the few in my senior class to graduate with an associates degree from here. Everyone that works here is incredibly helpful & very nice. They really care about their students & the entire experience has been amazing. Best decision in my life was to choose this as my college.
Oklahoma City Community College is the perfect place to start out! The professors are wonderful and know they subjects extremely well. The staff and students are always so helpful, and spectacular at their jobs. I love my experience there because I have become more successful since being there. Oklahoma City Community College is wonderful because they drive their students to become the people they know we can.
It is different experience for me, a good one to be honest because it is not like what I am use to, there is more interaction between lectures and students. Good environment and friendly people too😊😊
I have been a current student in OCCC for 3 semester and the entire faculty and staff gives you a great treatment as well as the opportunity to attend to college and get a associates for a really low price compared to others colleges.
Friendly staff and great courses. I believe that OCCC has a great transfer ratio into OU. Lacking in the “disabled vet friendly” department.
This is my first semster of college! I love it! oklahoma city community college has a great gym for students. a great library resource as well. the academic side of things is amazing and the professors are great. The party life of the school from what i know isnt really there which is fine by me and it really is a great school to start at or to earn an associates from.
LOVE this school, too bad it does not offer a Bachelor's Early Childhood. It would BE AWESOME if that could happen. LOVE the smaller class sizes and is SUPER close to home!
I am new to this college and it seems to be a nice community college. Easy to get to from any part of city. College has been through a lot building through the years and has gotten bigger. The staff seems friendly and professors have seemed to be engaged with students, at least the ones I have so far.
I plan on staying for awhile and then transfer to a 4 year college to my final degree.
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The professors are pretty helpful, I would like a better program at OCCC to help find housing for students making minimum wage.
The classes are the perfect size. The faculty is competent and caring. The facilities are great and they truly want every student to succeed.
I loved it here. You have some great options for professors and they are amazing. I had nothing but an amazing experience here.
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