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The community is great, having diversity is a positive influence on my experience at the university.
If you are looking for a small school to offer good one on one opportunities with professors who care about their students OC is the right place for you. Academics is where OC excels, but bein a small private school it lacks in some areas that larger colleges might be better suited to provide
This school really cares about the success of their students, the genuine love goes around and you can feel it!
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Oklahoma Christian is Home! I love that the campus is small. You feel like you belong to family rather than an University. The professors care about you and your success. I have always felt comfortable approaching professors with concerns and questions. Class sizes are perfect and the students are friendly. Oklahoma Christian University has impacted my life with rich blessings of friendships and a great Christian atmosphere.
I like the most about Oklahoma Christian is that everyone is nice and talk to you and all the professors were understood. And everyone says hi to ya and the safety around the campus was nice.
Oklahoma Christian University attracted me because of their highly rated engineering program and post-graduation placement rates. I enjoy the diversity of views and opinions among the student population. I also enjoy the focus on morality (it is a religiously based institution), which encourages me in making good life decisions. The religious setting is encouraging and I do not feel that it is overburdensome, as with some religiously based institutions. As far as negative aspects go, I would say that the food is mediocre (3/5) and the campus and student population are both rather small.
I currently attend Oklahoma Christian and am a member of the Honors program. The school offers a wide variety of majors, and is well-known for its engineering and biology programs. The professors are well-versed in their field of study and care about their students, making an effort to get to know them.
At Oklahoma Christian University everyone is like a big happy family. Students from all over the country move to Edmond Oklahoma to study at Oklahoma Christian University. You get your money's worth because the classroom environment is smaller so there's more one on one with the professor. They have recently added a Chick Fil A and Alfredo's Tex-Mex to the food facility, and will soon have a coffee shop and a new cafeteria. During labs students are able to do hands-on work instead of having a TA demonstrate the procedure. OC is truly home.
I love the professor's at Oklahoma Christian University because they really stand behind their Christian values. They want to see you succeed as a student and are always willing to help you. However, this year I was a Resident Assistant and as much as I still love it I find it difficult to have some getting away time. I felt that Resident Assistants didn't have a time or place on campus to relax from the people they not only live with but see on campus and attend classes with. That would be something I'd like to see improve.
I like the small class sizes, because it allows the professors to take time to help students and get to know students better. I don't necessarily like having to go to chapel so often. I don't believe anyone can earn their way to heaven, and I think that's what the school seems to let on.
I am a Sophomore at OC. So far I have really enjoyed my time here. The professors are helpful and involved. The only downside to OC is that you tend to get drawn into "an OC bubble". It's hard to get outside of all the homework and school events....even church seems like it's still at OC since Memorial Road COC is right next to campus. I personally go to downtown OKC for church just to have time away from everything. Other than that though, a really good experience so far.
Oklahoma Christian is an incredible university; all of the faculty I interacted with were helpful and friendly. The classes are small and the professors are exceptionally well-versed in the subjects they teach. Campus is beautiful as well. The only downside is the cafeteria food.
So far in my college career, I have made a lot of friends and have kept decent grades thanks to the amazing teachers. Great school
OC's engineering program has deals with lots of major corporations allowing them to get first pick of graduates, OC's Computer Science program was rated by Forbes a few years ago as one of the top 10 in america.
most of the professors I've had have been fantastic, but as always there are exceptions
There was a bike thief like 6 years ago, and I think a dude got robbed in is dorm at gunpoint, but that was a long time ago too. Over all, it's not a criminally exciting campus
While the academic buildings are kept up-to-date, The dorms and apartments are terrible. In my suite of 4 rooms Sophomore year (8 people total), we had one working shower. and it was gross and moldy. The guy's dorms don't have a dorm kitchen so if you want to cook something, you're out of luck.
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I'm a member of the the greatest Frat on campus, Delta Gamma Sigma, and we have tons of fun. I'd say the most fun part about OC's greek life is the intermurals. that's where friendships live and die.
No one cares about our baseball team. No one comes out to our soccer games. Most people didn't even know we had a lacrosse team. And even at our basketball games, which are the most popular, only about 25 students are sitting in the student cheering section per game.
Socially, the school is fantastic, however, I'm not a fan of some of the requirements for being a student of OC. Mandatory Bible classes means if you wish to transfer past freshman year, you're losing a lot of credit hours. On top of that, being forced to go to Chapel every day really breaks any roll you be having that day.
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