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I have been here for two years and love it. The professors invest in students and do everything to help them succeed. The campus life is wonderful and there are people in place to help with any need academic or otherwise.
I love Oklahoma Christian University. Everyone is super friendly and helpful, and makes it feel like home. It is difficult to get an on campus job. I would make that process easier on students if I was in charge of that.
Sooo fun!! The atmosphere in Edmond, can only be described as amazing. The campus, simply breathtaking with amazing pieces that share amazing stories.
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The vast majority of the teachers here genuinely care about their students. Most of the staff are friendly. Most courses are well planned and taught. It is a comfortable and positive environment. However, like most schools. there are some teachers that either don't care, are too lazy, or get so caught up in their own interests that other course material is skipped. The school is focused on spiritual and academic growth, so there isn't much of a sports scene there.
I graduated with a Bachelors in Finance in the 90's. I'm now back for a second degree. The campus has grown. New buildings and degrees have been added. Professors are excellent!
Oklahoma Christian is a fantastic school. Now I know people say that about their school regardless of the fact but serious. Here at Oklahoma Christian the teachers care about you. The are willing to meet you on campus and help you with whatever the case may be. If you are sick and have not been in class for several days they will come to your dorm room and check on you. They do not do this out of being upset or trying to get you into trouble. They just want to make sure you are doing okay. Also, during finals week they have a ton of study groups and the teachers are on campus until 8pm during finals week in case you might need them. Oklahoma Christian is truly an amazing college. They have may activities and social clubs that do tons of community service projects, which is fantastic. This college is definitely something to check out or even schedule a visit.
I decided to attend Oklahoma Christian University at the last minute, and it is a decision that I have never regretted. For a school whose motto is " OC is home", it really does feel like home. It is a loving environment where you are constantly surrounded by like-minded Christians who, for the most part, share similar beliefs. College is a time where you meet life long friends, and I believe that I have done that. The professors are also amazing. They care so deeply about their students, and desire to know them on a personal level, and that is such a wonderful thing. It helps you to feel at home at Oklahoma Christian.
OC is truly Home. I'm a Marketing Major and the business department is phenomenal! All of the professors are there to help you succeed in your school work but they are also there to see you grow in your faith. I have loved the experience I have had so far and I look forward to more!
I love this school. While the Church Of Christ basis can be intimidating for a non-COC student, I have never felt personally attacked or excluded because of my different beliefs.
The school is small, which allows me to always feel connected. The professors genuinely care about us and want us to be successful.
I have lived across the street from OC my whole life and I'm excited to embark on my own journey on campus over the next four years.
I absolutely love Oklahoma Christian University! I'm currently a freshman and transitioning was fairly easy due to the atmosphere--everyone is like family! One thing I don't like about OC is the price, I do feel like it could be cheaper. On the other hand, you definitely get what you pay for here. All of the professors, faculty, and staff are loving and supportive.
The community is great, having diversity is a positive influence on my experience at the university.
If you are looking for a small school to offer good one on one opportunities with professors who care about their students OC is the right place for you. Academics is where OC excels, but bein a small private school it lacks in some areas that larger colleges might be better suited to provide
This school really cares about the success of their students, the genuine love goes around and you can feel it!
Oklahoma Christian is Home! I love that the campus is small. You feel like you belong to family rather than an University. The professors care about you and your success. I have always felt comfortable approaching professors with concerns and questions. Class sizes are perfect and the students are friendly. Oklahoma Christian University has impacted my life with rich blessings of friendships and a great Christian atmosphere.
I like the most about Oklahoma Christian is that everyone is nice and talk to you and all the professors were understood. And everyone says hi to ya and the safety around the campus was nice.
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Oklahoma Christian University attracted me because of their highly rated engineering program and post-graduation placement rates. I enjoy the diversity of views and opinions among the student population. I also enjoy the focus on morality (it is a religiously based institution), which encourages me in making good life decisions. The religious setting is encouraging and I do not feel that it is overburdensome, as with some religiously based institutions. As far as negative aspects go, I would say that the food is mediocre (3/5) and the campus and student population are both rather small.
I currently attend Oklahoma Christian and am a member of the Honors program. The school offers a wide variety of majors, and is well-known for its engineering and biology programs. The professors are well-versed in their field of study and care about their students, making an effort to get to know them.
At Oklahoma Christian University everyone is like a big happy family. Students from all over the country move to Edmond Oklahoma to study at Oklahoma Christian University. You get your money's worth because the classroom environment is smaller so there's more one on one with the professor. They have recently added a Chick Fil A and Alfredo's Tex-Mex to the food facility, and will soon have a coffee shop and a new cafeteria. During labs students are able to do hands-on work instead of having a TA demonstrate the procedure. OC is truly home.
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