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Oklahoma Baptist University is a well disposed college that allows you to connect with others and also get to learn more about God and his son Jesus. I am in my second semester at this college and have only had positive experiences. The professes here really want to get to know me and help with any situations that I might have. Being apart of a Christian-based college has opened so many opportunities to grow closer to God. I have learned so much about the Bible in just my short time being here that I have been able to share my faith openly. Oklahoma Baptist University is also very keen on making sure that every student is safe. There is an on-campus police force to ensure our protection throughout the university. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a highly dedicated staff and Christian-based college to apply to Oklahoma Baptist University. It is a time that you will never forget.
I have finished my first semester and I would like to say that the professors are very smart and I really appreciate how they keep me on track. They really care about me as a student and a Christian. I am very glad I chose OBU. This University is a great place to learn and grow as a student and a Christian.
My experience at OBU was decent, I did enjoy my time there, but the constant worry about being able to afford to go there was a struggle for me and my family. The education is great, but why does it have to be so expensive. We should want everyone to be apart the educational experience at OBU.
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Oklahoma Baptist is phenomenal in their academics, personal relationships, and the integration of Christianity. The professors and staff really care about your well being and do what they can to help you succeed and do your best and the people at the school are kind and genuine. It is an amazing environment with incredible people!
Their drive for excellence is evident in their classes. The profs are professional, well versed in their field and have a general love for their students education.

I love the family atmosphere that surrounds the campus . I feel loved and at home
All of the people I have met are so nice! I can count on at least someone helping me no matter how big or small my problem is! Overall amazing school!
Excellent faculty and staff who want their students to succeed! Student life is amazing because there are so many different ways to serve and be in clubs.
I have loved OBU for the whole time. From the moment I walked around campus on my first tour, I knew this was the school for me. It is a great, small school where the professors and staff truly care about the students. It is a liberal arts university, so you do have to take some classes outside of you major. This can be somewhat annoying, but I think it is good that we will have such a well-rounded education when we graduate. All of the professors genuinely care about the students, both in their success in the class and also their spiritual life and lives outside the classroom. The classes are very rigorous, probably harder than some schools, so if you’re looking for the easy route OBU is not for you. However, if you are wanting a place where you will truly be able to learn and challenge yourself, then it is great!
What I enjoy about currently attending Oklahoma Baptist University is it’s small size compared to the majority of other four-year universities. This allows the student to have a more personal college experience and be able to retain more information instead of the stereotypical view of being overwhelmed and feeling alone. Their Christian-centered education and student life provides a very safe and welcoming atmosphere. I overall enjoy my time attending here.
The small-school atmosphere is a great experience, especially if you like to integrate your faith and learning experience.
honestly, OBU has been one of the greatest blessings in my life! The people are so kind, the campus is small and beautiful, and there is so much culture to be found in the community! My professors have had such a positive impact on my education and the way in which I view the world and my place within it. It has been worth every single second and I wouldn't trade my education here for anything else.
All Staff are friendly and helpful! The campus is great! Not too far from Oklahoma City if you want to get away for a day or two and have some fun.
I like the people and my cheer team. But the classes are harder than they need to be for pre requisite courses
Oklahoma Baptist University provides excellent programs with an amazing academic program with proffesors who envole themselves in students lives and invests their time with every one of their students
I love this university a lot. As a Christian it is interesting to see my faith intertwined into all the course I am taking. Along with this all of the staff are great and the students are welcoming. However, there are no on-campus jobs despite their claims of having plenty. They also claim to be a diverse school which they are racially. But there is no diversity in sexual identification. Meaning homosexuality is outlawed on campus which i find wrong and ignorant.
At Oklahoma Baptist University, I found a place where I was challenged academically and spiritually. To put it in the simplest possible way, I have never heard a student talking about their coursework at a different university that convinced me that their degree was harder earned than my own. In fact, I am convinced that OBU is about as good as Bible Colleges come from an academic standpoint, and I am very prepared for ministry and seminary. Also, they do an incredible job of integrating faith and learning to create a Christ-centered community of students and professors.
I love the professors and the atmosphere of Oklahoma Baptist University. It is a small university, so students really are known by their professors and fellow students. It is a private school, so the price is in the upper range, but OBU also gives out more scholarships than most schools, so look into it to see if it works for you. (It also has a very simple application process-no stress)
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Oklahoma Baptist University is a very small and close knit college. The staff are amazing and great teachers. The biggest downside is the insane price, and advisement is not great. In some departments they set you up for failure and due to them being a "prestigious academic college" some classes are harder than they should be.
Oklahoma Baptist University is a beautiful campus and the inside of the buildings are state of the art. The admissions office is amazing and will help you with anything you need help with! If you are not sure where to go to college and you think you would like a smaller college check out OBU!
I like that the gospel is openly integrated in the curriculum. However for a private school that is receiving a substantial amount of money each year... some serious updates need to happen within the campus housing and meal plans.
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