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Ohlone College has beautiful campus with various students support. There are lots of opportunities the school provided for students, particularly for the transfer students .
I start to take online classes at Ohlone College since the pandemic. All the college stuffs worked hard on the online platform to ensure the learning experience for students. I like how they generate the information for us to provide the best online study environment.
Again, I attended an entire semester online, taking four classes. The online tools we used were Canvas and Zoom. Though there were some difficulties, overall the teachers did a good job of communicating to students and being considerate.
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I recently finished my first semester at Ohlone. It was during COVID, so all classes were online over Zoom. I think my experience was pretty good overall. All the staff and teachers were very helpful and did what they could to help us students through this challenging time. One thing I like about Ohlone is that it’s a welcoming place, and a student can figure out what he wants to do. As for what I would have them change, maybe it would be to make some of their processes and instructions clearer.
The on line program offers many classes and is very user friendly. The instructors offer very clear direction and guidance.
So far my experience has been great. The counselors have been very helpful in guiding me on my education and establishing a clear plan for my goals. They offer many classes and the instructors are very personable.
Ohlone College provide a great community college experience for me. I feel extremely closed with all of Professors and learned a lot from them. I also got to know a lot of people with diversity, make a lot of connections, and help each other.
During COVID-19, Ohlone has made online learning less stress. They are made sure all students will have access to technology, such as providing hotspot, laptop, and other devices. All of the Professors, as well as the students, are trying hard to connected with each others. The school also offer stress relieve activity, which priority the student’s mental health.
My online classes were okay. Teachers were more laid back on work and provided bonus work if we were falling behind. It is hard to get ahold of teachers and staff but teachers provide office hours online which is a helpful tool to use. They made the best out of our current situation which was really good.
I really enjoy the variety of workshops and opportunities that Ohlone provides. They have really good programs like Puente and E.O.P.S. which have really good counselors. Ohlone has many different options of majors and they try to provide the best they can to their students.
I’ve only just started, but everything is online learning via canvas. Canvas is fairly straightforward to use and has good options allowing you to connect to zooms and other websites through their app.
I’ve just started but it seems fairly straight forward and has good resources to send you to the university of your choice. A good option for those that are unsure of their career aspirations or are struggling financially
The faculty and students are great. Though it takes a long time to talk to counselors and other staff members, the Great campus, and great services, amazing!
The faculty and students are great. Though it takes a long time to talk to counselors and other staff members, the Great campus, and great services, amazing!
Online classes are very flexible and allow each student to work when they have time. I personally do not like online classes as I feel they are not as engaging as in person. I feel that teachers should devote more time into each lesson to make students want to learn. From past experience, it’s been difficult to reach professors as they do not respond to email when help is needed. But over all it’s an okay experience and it’s beneficial upon everyone’s circumstances.
Ohlone college is a really good community college that offers an extraordinary student life on campus. The campus itself has beautiful views from the bay that make each individual enjoy amazing sunset view through the main campus. The school is filled with resources such as tutoring labs, counseling, Fafsa admin offices that are willing to help when In need.
Up until this point, everything was running smooth. I got my CAR appointment out of the way, and the counselors were really nice, assuming you could actually reach one. If you want to reach a counselor via appointment or drop-in, good luck. They are all booked. I called the number to make an appointment, the person who I reached was very rude, and all the counselors were booked for the entire week. I tried leaving voicemail messages, no response, I tried emailing some of the counselors, all automated responses that were of no help. Then I tried a drop-in appointment. I waited for a full hour before I decided to just wait it out and get an appointment whenever one came up. Thanks for wasting an hour of my time Ohlone!
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Online classes were fine, just a little hectic and inefficient was all. Definitely not as good as in person learning
Ohlone College has a lot of dedicated teachers who truly care about the work they are doing there. Professors here will actually make time for you, and will help you with any questions you have on transferring to a four-year institution. Not only do they have a second campus in Newark, CA but they also have a great Transfer Center, Office of Student Life, Health Center, a beautiful campus, and they’re really close to San Jose and San Francisco! Also, the campuses are very safe.

The only con is that until they finish construction, there isn’t going to be any good food on campus for awhile.
Honestly, the professors really do try and be very open in communication and are quite understanding in the online learning environment.
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