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OWU has a small, tight-knit campus. The students really get to interact with their professors.
(currently enrolled here)
Requirements are difficult to meet while also achieving your major requirements. Classes are fun and interesting but hard to get into depending on the class.
I begin my sophomore year this August, and at first, I was very unsure about attending a small university in what some people would say is located in the middle of nowhere. However, my experience thus far has been nothing but positive at OWU. In all areas, whether it is academics, student life ... etc. I've met amazing people and made significant and unique connections. I will for sure be here until my senior year.
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I would give this school one star if I could. The two years that I spent at OWU were without a doubt the worst two years of my life. The campus sucks, Delaware is sub-par at best, and the parties are wayy below average. The professors and classes are ok but honestly nothing special. Not at all surprised that this school has a garbage retention rate. If you are considering attending this school I'd highly reccommend you discuss other options, unless you want to spend four years at a below average school in a shitty midwestern town. That being said, I'm happy for those who have had a good experience at OWU, just be wary before you send a deposit.
I believe it is the place where students can be themselves. The academics is excellent. The professors are great!!!!! Love the schools.
Small town atmosphere, safe, plenty to do, liberal arts, fun fun fun! Professors are readily available to help grow my learning.75% of all students are involved in Division 3 sports, with excellent facilities. Great coaches who want to see you grow and be better. Close proximity to state capital and job opportunities after graduation. 90% of graduates leave college with a quality job offer. Students are well rounded and able to overcome all issues faced to them in real life experiences . Career opportunities are plentiful, with over sees classes also.
I've truly enjoyed my last 3 years at Ohio Wesleyan. The small school atmosphere provides a great sense of community and I appreciate the small classroom size. The professors truly care about your success.
I love OWU so far!! The academics are wonderful and my classes are very enjoyable and push me to work hard. I am happy with my choice of school and have joined many clubs and extracurriculars.
I enjoy OWU due to it's small classroom sizes and the athletics programs. The food situation is poor, but they are making drastic changes next year. I would like to see the party scene be stronger, not that many people go out. The campus is beautiful, but it has some what of a depressing vibe about it that is caused by the students.
I so far love Ohio Wesleyan. I have visited many times, met most of the professors I will have, roomed on overnights with current students, tried the cafeteria food, went to a football game, and so much more. Since I live relatively close to OWU, I am capable of visiting much more than the average prospective student. Since I will be beginning classes in August 2018 I have been able to meet so many kind people who are so willing to help.
Not enough acceptance, staff (not including professors) are horrible and rude to us students. If you don’t fit into the “liberal” state of mind, you will have a hard time going here.
What I like about the college is that it's small which means it is easier to get to know people, make new friends and have new experiences. What I believe should change is how professors handle those who have disabilities. They should have a meeting with all professors explaining to them the difficulties and struggles those with disabilities go through and how they should treat those students with those disabilities. They should also tell them what should be expected from the students and what is unacceptable from professors.
The classes are great and the campus is beautiful with its old architecture. Food here can range range from very good to okay, but they have different cafes around campus. The sports teams are are pretty average.
My experience here at Ohio Wesleyan University has not been the best. If you are conservative, someone who doesn't like to party every weekend and doesn't play any collegiate sports then maybe OWU isn't for you. I am all of the said things and I have made no friends here. I was extremely social in high school with friends, I was captain of my soccer team and I was on prom court. This adjustment has been horrible and I am transferring out after this semester.
The environment here is great. There are many interesting, weirdly wonderful people that attend here. The professors are encouraging and helpful, but also tough.
I love the small, close-knit community. The professors really want each student to excel and get to know them on a personal level that does not happen at larger schools. The range of majors is excellent for a campus of about 2,000 students. I have had such a great experience with Ohio Wesleyan so far, and I can't wait for the years to come.
Ohio Wesleyan is a great, small liberal arts school. Student-professor relationships are very strong, and academics are rigorous. Student life isn't very vast as the school small, but it is still interesting and fulfilling.
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Ohio Wesleyan does everything they can to make a strong community. Though this can be very useful and a good aid to freshen, a few mandatory events and policies have made me feel almost claustrophobic like I’m being forced to always socialize.
It has the best professors. On some occasions, the weather is pretty hectic due to the weather in Ohio. If you have the chance to attend here, take certain classes with professors because they have the best and insightful lectures you can ever see and attend. This is one of the highlights of Ohio Wesleyan Universtiy. As a student and an investor in my education, this is one of the best place to invest in yourself due to the amount of help you can get in this school, Ohio Wesleyan University,
Ohio Wesleyan is the most beautiful campus I have ever stepped foot on. The beautiful historic buildings, with very historic backgrounds! Every person I pass by has a welcoming smile, to accommodate a very welcoming school. The professors are very helpful, and can help lead you to success. I am OH-WOO!