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What I like about the college is that it's small which means it is easier to get to know people, make new friends and have new experiences. What I believe should change is how professors handle those who have disabilities. They should have a meeting with all professors explaining to them the difficulties and struggles those with disabilities go through and how they should treat those students with those disabilities. They should also tell them what should be expected from the students and what is unacceptable from professors.
The classes are great and the campus is beautiful with its old architecture. Food here can range range from very good to okay, but they have different cafes around campus. The sports teams are are pretty average.
My experience here at Ohio Wesleyan University has not been the best. If you are conservative, someone who doesn't like to party every weekend and doesn't play any collegiate sports then maybe OWU isn't for you. I am all of the said things and I have made no friends here. I was extremely social in high school with friends, I was captain of my soccer team and I was on prom court. This adjustment has been horrible and I am transferring out after this semester.
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The environment here is great. There are many interesting, weirdly wonderful people that attend here. The professors are encouraging and helpful, but also tough.
I love the small, close-knit community. The professors really want each student to excel and get to know them on a personal level that does not happen at larger schools. The range of majors is excellent for a campus of about 2,000 students. I have had such a great experience with Ohio Wesleyan so far, and I can't wait for the years to come.
Ohio Wesleyan is a great, small liberal arts school. Student-professor relationships are very strong, and academics are rigorous. Student life isn't very vast as the school small, but it is still interesting and fulfilling.
Ohio Wesleyan does everything they can to make a strong community. Though this can be very useful and a good aid to freshen, a few mandatory events and policies have made me feel almost claustrophobic like I’m being forced to always socialize.
It has the best professors. On some occasions, the weather is pretty hectic due to the weather in Ohio. If you have the chance to attend here, take certain classes with professors because they have the best and insightful lectures you can ever see and attend. This is one of the highlights of Ohio Wesleyan Universtiy. As a student and an investor in my education, this is one of the best place to invest in yourself due to the amount of help you can get in this school, Ohio Wesleyan University,
Ohio Wesleyan is the most beautiful campus I have ever stepped foot on. The beautiful historic buildings, with very historic backgrounds! Every person I pass by has a welcoming smile, to accommodate a very welcoming school. The professors are very helpful, and can help lead you to success. I am OH-WOO!
It's a wonderful place, small and safe, to take your first steps of semi-independence from your family and not only learn about the world through academic pursuits, but also to learn about yourself. It's fairly self-contained, but a short drive away from the city of Columbus, OH, where those who may enjoy the hustle and bustle of a big city can go and explore and have fun. I would like to see more diversity in terms of some of the course offerings and areas of study related to the subject of international studies, but that may just be a personal nitpick of mine. Overall, Ohio Wesleyan is a great place to step outside what you've always known and get opportunities to travel and learn about places and people different from yourself.
I love the university. It is very friendly and there are a lot of of different opportunities, not just in academics, but in other ways as well.
Ohio Wesleyan University is everything I could ask for in a university. The people -- students and staff alike-- are very welcoming, caring, compassionate, and driven. I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend this college. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. The professors make me feel intelligent, inquisitive, important, and safe. I have learned so much about the world, too because of all the culturally diverse lessons taught in every field of study. Every day I walk through campus or attend a lecture, I feel grateful for the educational opportunities granted to me and for the worldly knowledge I gained during my time at Ohio Wesleyan University.
My experience my first year at Ohio Wesleyan was incredible. The faculty goes above and beyond for students at this school to help you not only understand the material being taught, but to give you a better experience in your first year and allow students to feel more comfortable while adjusting to so many differences we have coming from high school to college. I also became a Greek member during my second semester and so far it has been an amazing experience. I have made countless friendships, have became more involved with the community in Delaware, Ohio and it is a great way to have study groups for all kinds of classes.
The professors I've had have been great: they're excited to teach and talk to students and most are very friendly/helpful if you're struggling.
There are also lots of travel opportunities. I've been able to take courses that include 1-2 weeks of travel as part of the class.
However, housing is terrible. I've been forced to move in the middle of the year; various buildings have mold, bedbugs, and collapsed ceilings; and even though I have documented medical housing needs that the school recognizes, they won't accommodate me (there aren't any rooms left because they made half the dorms freshman-only for this upcoming year). Even the new sluplexes that they just built are in bad condition after 1 semester (leaks dripping through the ceiling, cracks in the walls, uneven stairs) because they were built cheaply and quickly. I've had such a bad experience with housing that I would have transferred if I didn't just have one more year to suffer through.
I personally enjoyed the close-knit nature of the school. The small size of the student body allows me to get to know more people better. I personally did not enjoy the layout of the campus, as the academic and athletic facilities are on the polar opposite end of of campus from the dormitories. This makes for rather long walks to classes and sometimes results in me being late simply because of the distance.
I am an incoming freshman that just completed orientation at OWU! The professors care about you and want you to succeed and the community is very inviting. The campus is beautiful and looks amazing, and the residence halls are maintained well and very clean and beautiful.
I would not have wanted to go to any other school for my undergraduate, but OWU has a lot of flaws. While we have rigorous curriculum, some departments professors can be very overwhelming and are extremely smart, but present the information poorly. We are a small school, but athletics is a major reason why people come here, but the amount of students who stay committed to their sports is relatively low and attendance is low as well unless it is a community day game where people get in for free. The food is below par, Smith has gotten better, but still lacks any quality food, other than the grill. Other places on campus get old really fast because they serve the same thing day in and day out.
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OWU is a very small, connected liberal arts school. If you're looking for small class sizes, professor involvement, and travel opportunities--this school is great! The housing options are not ideal, but there are options to live in communities that are not dormitories.
I loved my time at OWU. Would like to see more adult education classes for non-traditional students like myself.
Very welcoming, it is absolutely perfect for me. The environment is very friendly, professors are very accessible. So many different groups to get involved in.