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I live in Parkersburg, West Virginia so I know all about Vienna. It's a very good place to grow up or go to college because it's pretty safe around these parts. There's not too much to do here but it's just a good area to live in. I'm studying energy management and production engineering (EMPE) and so far I'm loving it and I just got straight a's for my first semester. Dr. Blair is the main professor for EMPE and he's one of the best people that you could ever meet. We have 4 social groups for students to join in; which are delta, kappa, sigma, and theta. Joining a group is a good way to make new friends, make memories, compete in sports against other social groups, and a good way to get community service hours. I'm also a thrower for OVU's track and field team and it's also been a lot of fun but challenging at the same time because this has been our first year. We have a lot of other sports for people to do here also.
Depending on your major, but finding jobs is relatively easy.
Everyone here loves you and that's a nice environment.
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There isn't technically a health center on campus for medical or mental health, however, there are services avilable to the public.
Ohio Valley University is helping me grow into the person God created me to be.
There hasn't been any known criminal activity on campus since I have been there.
I truly wouldn't pick another school to go to if I had the opportunity to go anywhere. I feel that Ohio valley University is preparing me well for law school, and everyone is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you graduate on time.
For me personally, I'm going to have to go to graduate school, but that's because I want to be a lawyer. Most people I know that have graduated with typical degrees in things like accounting have found jobs right out of school.
My school's Greek Life is different than other schools in the sense that we don't have houses, and our clubs are co-ed. That being said, my club is called Sigma, and I love it because everyone is a family, and we all spend lots of time together. I've made some of my best friends because of Sigma, most of whom I wouldn't have met otherwise.
The athletic department is very prevalent at my school as many of the students that attend Ohio Valley University do so while receiving an athletic scholarship, so the facilities are decently maintained.
I really do love Ohio Valley University, especially the small class sizes. Teachers are incredibly helpful and truly do care about your success in and outside the classroom. They help shape you into the person you want to become and ultimately the job you want to get after graduation.
The security is okay. You're on a hill in the middle of nowhere, so you pretty much only see the same people every day. Since the professors are around more than security, I've seen them break up problems more often. Security mostly just patrols sometimes and tickets cars in the parking lot.
The classes and professors were hit and miss. Some you could tell that they wanted to express a more liberal standpoint but were afraid to because of the people who control the school. Others were proud to speak out against homosexuality. A few were pretty sexist as well. The courses were average quality. Nothing to write home about.
To give OVU credit, they do try to find jobs for their students. But the area around OVU is dead job-wise. You need to go 100+ miles away to find a good job, even further if you want to work in a major city.
There are some fun events thrown by the social clubs, like team games and parties. It all depends on who is the leader at the time.
School spirit doesn't even exist. Either you play sports for a scholarship or you don't care about them at all.
Very conservative Christian and therefore a toxic environment for a gay person. Professors are influenced heavily by the conservative Christian donors that the school relies on, so topics on homosexuality and evolution are biased. The school is incredibly close knit. It functions a lot like a small town in itself. People compare it a lot to a family, which is accurate if your family is over-controlling and bigoted. If you happen to be like everyone else there (Church of Christ christian, straight, conservative) or can at least keep quiet, then you're golden. If you don't fit in to this tight mold, you don't belong there.
Review Ohio Valley University
It is great except for the fact that we don't get much help from the school other than with living on south campus.
Could use student discounts, but is fine otherwise
needs to be more strict on the drug usage (usually strict, but cases of certain students getting away with smoking weed in the dormitories and nobody saying anything about it), and needs to be stricter on the noise violations in the dormitories during certain times of day, but is fine otherwise
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