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Ohio valley college of technology has been a great experience thus far. The staff and hours are fantastic. they do need to have a better back up plan for when staff needs to miss days.
i only just recently started attending and i already love it so much! The staff and office workers there are absolutely wonderful and they are incredibly helpful and make the transitioning process much easier!
I am currently set to start in September. So far my experiences have been amazing! They work fast to get everything together to get you enrolled in financial aid and school. I know many others that have went to this school and loved the experience.
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I am so happy that i decided to come to OVCT. The instructors are always so helpful, and I feel like they really care! I am not just a number!
I wouldn't dream of another school to attend!!
Well organized and easy to get a long with!! Very determined
They let you know about everything and Walk you through the process step by step and try not to over whelm you!!
The help you build a resume and do not stop helping you until you find a job that you want!
The professors make learning fun and easy to understand
I love every opportunity given to me and there are a lot!
Everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with! I love going to school!
The school does their best to work with you as much as possible. As long as you plan to succeed, they will not let you down.
What makes this school unique, in my opinion, is how small it is, how quickly you get to know everyone. If I had to do this all over again, of course I would, only because I am in love with where I know I am headed. That's more of a personal thing rather than an educational thing though. I wanted to ease back into schooling without being overwhelmed and defeated and I truly believe this school helped me climb to the top. I was never discouraged because the instructors would not let that happen.
The quality of the courses are either amazing or poor, this is certainly just my opinion but I found when the instructor was familiar with his/her course work, he/she taught more effectively which in turn got the students more involved. Some instructors were not enthusiastic and therefore were not effective in their efforts to get students involved either. Unfortunately, even some of the classes they offered, they were not prepared for them when the time came and the instructors were left to do their best with what they had to work with. I was honored to have an instructor who did her very best to make our time worthwhile.
The business degree does not offer internships, the campus recruiting officers have been let go since I have been here and the quality of the services here could improve.
There is not a lot online here. The attendance policy is strict, however, the option to keep up with your classes online is available to those who need it.
The student body is extremely diverse. Everyone who applies here, gets a chance. So there's a range of various ethnic, political, and religious groups. There tend to be more females than men but that is because of their medical degree and nursing, in my opinion.
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The school was surprisingly a little more expensive than other schools I was interested in, but I assume that is because of the short term associated with it. I believe what I learned here is worth what I will be getting paid once I leave here. I plan to stretch the limits to the very ends. My experience with the financial aid office is always to the point, straightforward, quick yet personable. It would be nice if the schools offered resources and activities for the students to find ways to lessen the amounts of loans though.
Everyone is required to take the career prep class as one of their last classes. The instructor for that class is always at the top of her game. She makes sure that her information gets to the students any way it possibly can and the school offers the help finding work for as long as you may need it. You do not leave this school without a job if a job is what you truly want.
It is awesome to be a part of the business administration major here. The instructors I have had the honors of learning from really care about your well being. The work here is plenty but not overwhelming. It is challenging but not back breaking, and I have come to appreciate that a lot. Maintaining a high GPA is not the hardest thing in the world here, and knowing that your efforts are not overseen feels great! Unfortunately, there is not an option for internships in business.
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