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I loved the campus. I automatically fell in love with the buildings. I liked how the program for nursing was set up. I liked the students there.
I love the diversity Ohio University offers! All of the professors really take the time to get to know their students and take pride in making each one of us see our full potential. When driving to Ohio University you feel like going nowhere but, when you get there the campus is breathe taking. Old brick roads, tons of trees and trails to walk on. It's really a great campus.
I am going to Ohio U online I love the courses. I went to school on the campus many years ago, loved the hills!!
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I love the beautiful campus, and all of the life that comes with it. The professors care about you and are always willing to help. There are hundreds of campus clubs, so there's never a doubt that you'll be able to find a friend somewhere. Overall, it is a wonderful place to live and learn, and I would recommend many others to apply and attend.
Over all love the campus life, truly feels like home to me. Everyone and all students and staff are always so nice to me; and you can tell they want to be there because they all love it. Ohio University is like my second home, truly is one of the most beautiful campuses on this planet. I would recommend Ohio University as a top college pick any day.
I like how there is a lot of ways to get help with classes but also a lot to do on the weekends to relax
I love the uniqueness of the people. Everyone is so willing to help all the time. At first, time management was an issue because I wanted to join so many clubs and organizations, but my advisors made sure I had a plan. I love how diverse the student body is because everyone has a different background and is always willing to share their experiences.
The first thing I noticed about Ohio University is how charming the campus was! It had a balance of the "little-town" life and city life. Ohio University is so up-to-date and allows new generations to have an environment that reaches to their views and ways of thinking. One of the most important features of OU is that they are huge environmentalists and they want to promote it in any way they can. Also, you never have to worry about not being able to attend parties because of your busy schedule; OU has a lot of parties every weekend. There are also many cops trying to take good care of the campus and students. As for clubs, there are hundreds of them that cater to different individuals! They also encourage you to create organizations! Study abroad trips are highly encouraged as well, which is great because they have more offerings for classes on different trips!
I love it here! I'm a music student in the College of Fine Arts and my experience so far is really wonderful. The faculty is great and really cares about your future. The Athens area is also wonderful in general. The culture down here is something unlike any other place you will visit. I am constantly grateful that I chose to come here to complete my undergraduate degree. I know that when the time comes I'll have a very hard time leaving OU!
Ohio University has opened up new doors for me already! The faculty and students watch out for each other constantly and are always looking for ways to help and support each other.
Ohio university is a beautiful campus with more people in the university than the population of Athens. There is always something to do, from HallOUween to Christian Cru Church group there is a lot to get involved in. I personally love it here. One thing that could be better is the diversity. There are people from different backgrounds but there could be more.
I am having a great experience so far with Ohio university. The admissions team have been very helpful with any questions or concerns I have had.
The program I am in has been very carefully and thoughtfully designed. The course material is applicable to "real life" situations and the facilitators and professors are always willing to help. It is simple to get a hold of advisers, faculty, and technical support. I feel that I have been given the tools to succeed in this program.
Ohio had a beautiful campus! Students on campus also seemed to love their school and loved to be apart of the OU community and I think that is very important when going to college.
Absolutely in love with this school. Great experience, beautiful campus, many opportunities and friendly community!
Ohio University is an amazing school. The faculty and staff are there to help you when you need help. The diversity on campus makes you feel very welcome. The campus is so so beautiful and makes you never want to leave.
I am a freshman studying within the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism here at Ohio University. So far, I absolutely love it! From the brick streets to Hocking Hills, the campus is gorgeous, especially in the fall. Secondly, everyone here from the professors to other students are so kind and welcoming- the friendly Bobcat attitude truly does exist. Lastly, the amount of opportunities both professionally and academically are immense here at OU; everyone really wants to see you succeed. Overall, I highly recommend this school and am looking forward to the next three years.
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I love the "green" campus. The scenery is beautiful! My professors have been great thus far. I haven't had much trouble with any classes because materials are thoroughly explained. I also loved the Leadership Program they conducted in August 2017. It was an amazing experience.
Tucked into the hills of Ohio there is a hidden gem. This gem is none other than Ohio University. Ohio University is one of the oldest and oddest universities in Ohio. Ohio University sits in the middle of a town called Athens, Athens is rich in history and truly loyal to itself. Whether you are looking for an abandoned asylum, a vast amount of locally owned businesses, a campus made up of beautiful brick, places to hike, or students that support one another, Athens has it all. It makes Ohio University unlike any other place you will ever go.
My favorite thing about OU was that everyone who attends is so friendly, and there are so many different clubs and majors on campus, you're bound to find a crowd that you gel with.
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