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Absolutely in love with this school. Great experience, beautiful campus, many opportunities and friendly community!
Ohio University is an amazing school. The faculty and staff are there to help you when you need help. The diversity on campus makes you feel very welcome. The campus is so so beautiful and makes you never want to leave.
I am a freshman studying within the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism here at Ohio University. So far, I absolutely love it! From the brick streets to Hocking Hills, the campus is gorgeous, especially in the fall. Secondly, everyone here from the professors to other students are so kind and welcoming- the friendly Bobcat attitude truly does exist. Lastly, the amount of opportunities both professionally and academically are immense here at OU; everyone really wants to see you succeed. Overall, I highly recommend this school and am looking forward to the next three years.
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I love the "green" campus. The scenery is beautiful! My professors have been great thus far. I haven't had much trouble with any classes because materials are thoroughly explained. I also loved the Leadership Program they conducted in August 2017. It was an amazing experience.
Tucked into the hills of Ohio there is a hidden gem. This gem is none other than Ohio University. Ohio University is one of the oldest and oddest universities in Ohio. Ohio University sits in the middle of a town called Athens, Athens is rich in history and truly loyal to itself. Whether you are looking for an abandoned asylum, a vast amount of locally owned businesses, a campus made up of beautiful brick, places to hike, or students that support one another, Athens has it all. It makes Ohio University unlike any other place you will ever go.
My favorite thing about OU was that everyone who attends is so friendly, and there are so many different clubs and majors on campus, you're bound to find a crowd that you gel with.
I love the involvement on campus as well as the classes. Ohio University was the one and only school I applied to and I love it.
While on a campus visit, the tour guides were very personable and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered. The campus is beautiful.
I love OU simply because of the unique qualities no other community or school could replace. It makes itself a home to anyone who steps foot in this town. Above all, it is imperative that every student breaks out of their shell and adventures around to learn about the community. While it may be hard to do it on your own, there are great reasons to help such as: the teachers making outside of the classroom events a grade, great people from all over the world to meet, athletic games to attend (with an awesome student section and band), unique restaurants to go to, a beautiful campus, and over 250 organizations to fulfill any type of interests a person may have. You can do all of these things safely because the university has an on campus police department with 24/7 security. Not to mention the free CATS Late Night Rides that OU provides for any student who may feel uncomfortable walking somewhere late at night. You may ask what I love about OU, but I could never give just one answer.
My mom is an alumni and we have visited ou many times, the one problem I see specifically with OU is you have to reside on campus first two years and living on campus and having food plan is very expensive causing me not to be able to afford to attend.
I enjoy it here and feel I am learning things. Sometimes I feel the classes are a little too filled with people that do not care, but that is not necessarily the university's fault. All of my professors so far have shown interest in their subjects and do an overall good job at teaching.
I love OU. OU Oh yeah! I am in the business school and have met a lot of amazing professors that are really there to support you and help you outside of the classroom. I like that I know professors on a more personal level.
Great campus size and architecture. Feels like at home and the students are failry nice. Faculty is decent with a few foreigners who are hard to understand. Great food options and recreational activities.
I pursued my BSN online through Ohio University and I have nothing bad to say. The courses went smoothly. The instruction was appropriate. The program was organized. I continued with Ohio University online for my Masters degree. The Masters program is newer. The Masters program needs to be a bit more organized. Several instructors are not very responsive but most of the instructors are great. The Masters program will be great soon!
I've gone to OU for almost 4 years and it has been the best experience of my life. I've had wonderful professors and met the best people.
The best school in the country! The campus is beautiful and there are so many things to get involved in.
this school seems pretty cool. they have a huge good looking campus and they are very well known throughout the state of ohio.
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Great atmosphere, wish there was better food. Overall amazing, beautiful campus. I stayed On the south end of campus and it's not as nice as the rest of the campus but it's still a fun experience, the people and professors are great.
I absolutely love the fact that I chose Ohio University. The teaching staff is 100% dedicated to helping YOU. The scenery and activities on and around campus will never fail you.
My experience with Ohio University was definitely an interesting one. When I first got there I was excited, being there I learned it wasn't as great as everyone made it out to be but it helped to shape me into the person that I am today which is educated, confident in my knowledge, skills and accomplishments and ready to go out and be able to battle real world issues.
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