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I was in two programs at OU. Both were in communications. One of the programs, called ITS, went very well. I learned a lot about business and information systems and the professors mostly did their jobs. The other one was in the school of media arts and studies. Let me tell you from experience, if you are in the school of media arts and studies, be careful what professors/grad students you pick for your classes. Generally speaking, you will have political agendas thrown at you that you did not ask for. You might sign up for "video production basics", when the class should actually be called "video production and identity politics". I personally think the cult of identity politics is neurotic, divisive, racist, sexist, and puts men in particular into horrendous double binds, yet I could not avoid having the subject forcefully shoved down my throat through classes that were mandatory for graduation. Also, try to avoid dorms; they tend to be massive rip offs.
I have been attending Ohio University for four years. The professors at Ohio University are very accessible to their students at all times. They will help with any question or concern they can whether it is about their class in particular or any other question you may have. Ohio University has a variety of courses and programs that a students can attend and it is very easy to switch your major if you decide later you went down the wrong path in the beginning. This is an amazing school and a great way to get the necessary education to begin your future.
I love Ohio University. The campus is beautiful and the classes are challenging. The only thing I wish was better was communication wit advisors and a website that was easier to navigate.
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Ohio University is a great school with a calm but also fun atmosphere. Everyone there is friendly and open to accepting new ideas. The academics are hard enough to challenge your mind but with so many resources such as free tutoring, study sessions led by people who have already taken the class and the professors' flexibility with their office hours, it makes the probability of failing a class slim to none.The local food places around campus however are severely slacking, with the only food chains close by being Wendy's and Chipotle; each dining hall has a variety of options that makes it possible for everyone (no matter their diet) to have something to eat. As for the party scene, well we aren't known as the "number one party school" just for kicks and giggles. While there are some areas that can be improved, Ohio University is a great school where anyone, no matter there interests, beliefs, or mindset can find there place and call it hOUme.
I liked the nursing RN-BSN online program's five week classes. Typically, you are required to complete a discussion post and respond to classmates' posts and write an APA paper once a week. The five week classes helped me stay focused and allowed me to complete three classes easily each semester, one by one! I enjoyed the program and the fact it was all online was great for me as a full time nurse and mother of two.
I like that Ohio University makes you feel at home. I transferred to this institution in hopes of finding a place I could fit in and call home. I definitely am getting this experience at OU.
I liked the atmosphere and the campus is unbelievably beautiful! I wish there was more to do within the area because not having a car makes me feel trapped on campus without a lot to do on the weekends.
The Ohio University is an ideal place to attend all four years of college. The university has a very diverse scene of people and a very welcoming community!
I love going to school here. The Forensic Chem program is top notch. THe professors are friendly and willing to help you out as long as you are willing to make an effort.
Great community and academic programs. Always things to do, even events that do not involve heading to the bars. Large variety of student organizations and ways for students to become more involved at Ohio University and with the Athens Community. The faculty and staff are above average, the professors go beyond what is expected to make sure students are understanding the concepts and learning concepts they will be able to apply to jobs after college.
amazing campus and amazing student life. teachers and professors are always willing to help. the old buildings feel like home and the renovated buildings look amazing compared to the old ones.
Ohio University is a great school! The campus is beautiful, there are several parks on camps and the green space is never ending. The students of Ohio University are proud of their school and show it frequently. There is a positive vibe that comes from students and staff, as they are all friendly and cannot wait to help you. The are so many options for food and drink; with dining halls ready to accommodate your food allergies to the essential restaurants like Chipotle, and Wendys. Find your niche and Ohio University will become your home.
Ohio University is a great school if you are interested in Diversity. It has this great community feel to it and that is what drew me to the school. Even though everyone have their off days you can count on people still being nice to you especially during the final weeks. It has some flaws but honestly what school don't. I love it here and I encourage anyone who want to have fun in a safe environment, come to Ohio University
I absolutely love Ohio University. The campus is beautiful with all the hills and greenery. I lived in the new dorms and had a wonderful experience. All of the dorms have their advantages, though! The dining halls have a good selection of both healthy items and items to splurge on and I like that there are 3 different dining halls to choose from. Jefferson Market has just opened which is awesome! It has sushi, fresh-squeezed juices and a deli to name a few things. The classes are a good size and most of the professors are interesting and helpful! There are so many clubs/activities to get involved in depending on what your interests are. There are always social activities going on - free sporting events, fests throughout the year, and a lively bar scene. The students all seem friendly to one another and I have been able to make many new friends this year!
Ohio University is an amazing college. I love the beautiful campus and the great students here. It is a great college town and a great party scene. The only negatives would be that it is in the middle of nowhere, but Columbus, Ohio is only a little bit over an hour away.
OU is like most division one schools; however, a few things make it stand out (for better or for worse). First, the psychology, business, and engineering programs are great (e.g. staff, courses, opportunities upon graduation, advising, etc.) Still, the university requires a lot of general education courses. Many fellow students I have talked to feel bogged down by these gen. ed. and don't feel they are progressing fast enough.
Second, I personally find the party atmosphere disgusting. OU is known as a party college, and it lives up to the reputation. Hard to find friends that don't party and, thus, it is harder to find extra-curricular activities influenced by the party atmosphere.
Third, food is of insane quality for a cafeteria.
Lastly, plenty of study abroad opportunities.
Ohio University is a second home to me. The Patton College of Education is a great college to be a part of. The professors are always willing to help in any way they can. The community is like a second family. We always look out for each other. It is a great place to come and enjoy a beautiful scenery along with a great education.
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Awesome school. Very glad that I came here. There is an awesome social and educational environment here.
Ohio University is a very diverse campus. It is also thriving with clubs, athletics, and Greek life. There are many opportunities to get involved with other students. All of the classes that I have taken have been very interesting, informative, engaging, and understandable. I feel like Ohio University could improve on dining hall hours because some students do not have time to stop at the hours listed due to classes.
I am a freshman at Ohio University and I love the community and the campus! I couldn't have picked a better college to attend.
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