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I like that Ohio University is my home away from home. It is such a home feel campus and I feel so safe being on campus. I like that it isn't in a busy town, it is in the middle of no where and that gives the campus a different feel as well. I wouldn't want to spend my time anywhere else!
I am a freshman at Ohio University and so far I am really enjoying it. Although it is said to be a party school Ohio University is much more, we are all very close and protective as a bobcat family. From greek life to just every day interactions we all recognize each other and are there. The campus itself is beautiful, seeing college green in the fall was breathtaking, the professors are always here to help and watch you succeed as well. I am more than excited to be spending the next four years here.
Overall, Ohio University is a great college and once you get in the swing of things its a great experience. Professors overall are great and helpful, but some are less than that. However, Ohio University requires a lot of determination and patients because you don't always get help or guidance with your questions. Ohio University is definitely an independent environment that you have to be determined to fight through.
Let me say if your blonde, white, love the cavs and your life revolves around khaki, beer and getting lit your probably going to love it here. The school is great if your an in-state student but as an international student or even out of state your going to have a hard time. Assimilation is impossible with narrow views of most students and indifference from faculty
The reason I decided to become a student at Ohio University was due to the atmosphere provided by the students, staff, alumni, who attend or attended Ohio University. Everyone is very welcoming and respectful of who you are as a person and how you present yourself. I have never visited a place before where no one judged you for who you are. The students who attend this college really take being a "bobcat" very seriously, and if you are considered a bobcat, you are now part of a grand family.
Campus is really as beautiful as the pictures. From my experience in the College of Business, the professors are usually amazing and really care about you and getting you an internship and job. The only real complaints I have is that parking services and Jeff hill sucks. Actually really the company they hire to tow (Curtis) sucks. Overall I'm pretty happy to have spent 4.5 years here and walk out with a quality education. OU! OH YEAH!
Everyday I walk campus and think how lucky I am to be here. Choosing this university was the best decision of my life. Students and staff are so friendly you could ask any random person for help and they would be there for you. The food has its off days but for the most part I don't get sick of it. There is the best frozen yogurt you can get at these dining halls. The party scene is always fun and there is always something fun happening any day of the week.
Fun place to be at with a lot of fun things to do. Many people that are met are really fun people to hang out with. Athletics are fun to go watch and the academics are very fun to watch.
Ohio University is absolutely beautiful, and the staff and peers are all friendly and welcoming. One thing I would like to see change however, is the use of flex points. I would like to be able to use them in the markets, because otherwise I end up having to spend $500 on Starbucks every semester.
I've had a very good experience at OU. The math department is very strong, the students are diverse - everything from athletes to artists to business majors to sportwriters. There are frats and sororities, professional clubs, intramural teams; Ping Center, a world class workout facility; an outstanding theater program, a well-known journalism school, and graduate programs too. Outside classes there are parties, music festivals, and the fabled Halloween celebration. There are hockey, basketball and football games; a color run, food pantry drives, volunteering in Athens - you can find what you want, or you can start it, like the math and stats club I helped start. Athens is funky and mostly friendly. It is hard to get there without a car - and many students are locals, so some weekends are deserted. But give OU a look; it might be the place for you.
This campus is the most welcoming vibe you will ever get. When we talk about being a "Bobcat Family" it really is a family. We all love and take care of other bobcats no matter what. It does not matter if you are on campus or in another state. If you are around a bobcat, they treat you with the up-most respect. When you are on campus, it becomes your new home. We love to call it hOUme because it is our home away from home. No matter what, being a bobcat is one of the best decisions I could have ever made. We might not be the best at sports but we still rally together. Most of student life has made partying a sport. You do not need to drink to have fun at parties because everyone is accepting and respectful of any choice you make.
I love the classes and the professors. I absolutely love the campus! Everyone is friendly and there is always something to do.
I love Ohio University, it is my home away from home. Everyone is so friendly and wants to meet new people, therefore it's so easy to make friends here. I feel safe and welcome 100% of the time! I know I made the perfect choice choosing to come here!
I love Ohio University. I feel at home here. The people are so nice and the campus is beautiful. Academics are challenging so I feel like I'm really learning something. I would love to see the campus grow and see more and more students attending in the future.
Professors in my department are professional and patient to each student, so I have been learning many things from them. Since I am a foreigner, my department shows empathy and provides me time to accommodate this new environment. However, there are only three professors in my department. Thus, I believe that it will benefit to students if we could have more professors who have different expertise to teach us knowledge.
Ohio University is a great college to go to. Diversity is a great thing to experience. OU lets everyone be as unique as they want and they'll never be turned away. I love the welcoming air from students and professors. Professors are always welcoming in office hours if you need help with an assignment. if you missed office hours, they have SI sessions over a specific class where they help you with homework and review the next test. going to these guarantee a good score on you test. Ohio University offers a ton of on campus jobs that work around your schedule as well because Ohio University believes education comes first. There's alot of different ways to be involved on campus like joining all the different clubs and organizations. Meeting new people is not very hard because everyone is very friendly and opening to new faces. Overall Ohio University is a great campus and atmosphere to be apart of.
Ohio University is a great college to attend for those who are used to a country setting. The professors and staff are overall friendly and very helpful. They definitely want to see you succeed. In addition, Ohio University have so many great recourses to help you overcome obstacles and to become a professional that you need to succeed.
Being at Ohio University is like having a second home. I have found all my educational needs to be met with amazing student help. I would love for the campus to consider better routes to classes instead of walking up huge hills.
Ohio University is an overall great environment. Great staff and students, just fun and exciting time. The campus feels so warm and welcoming.
For a university with over 20,000 students, I feel more important and more at home than I ever have in my life. Perfect faculty, dining, dorm living, and atmosphere in general.
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