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Overall, it was a disappointing experience for me especially as a person of color. I felt like I lived in a bubble due to the remote and rural campus in Athens, Ohio. There are very little ethnic and racial minorities who attend there so it was a culture shock to me and others like me. Racism in the community and campus is prevelant and it never seemed like the administration really cared to make changes. Outside of that, I received a good education and was able to meet the love of my life.
It's a very pretty campus and people are very friendly about helping you find the resources you need.
When I visited Ohio University over the summer, I absolutely love the social atmosphere as well as the kind faculty and staff members. I plan to attend there next fall in the year of 2020.
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Ohio University is a beautiful school with lots of options for education. For me, it's media program is good, offering many courses in several different areas. They also have numerous clubs that can help you with your career.
I am attending Ohio University through there e-campus. Even though I am online, I feel as though I am on campus. From the professors to advisors, everyone is easily assessable and the workload is the same as it should be if you were attending classes on campus.
I love the intimate class style and the amount of help every professor here wants to give you. The campus is beautiful and the local towns people are very nice and gracious. Feels like home!
I am a small-town girl. I love the feeling of a small community with a big personality, and Athens is the perfect destination for anyone looking for just that. It features a high-quality education, strong athletics, and beautiful facilities that make any student feel at home.
The campus in general is in a great location, especially in the fall. The staff and students are always willing to assist you in whatever you need.
I had a great experience at OHIO. There are a lot of organizations to join. I enjoyed the numerous academic help when needed. Overall great experience.
Overall, my experience with Ohio University has been great. The honors and scholars programs in particular are above average and have proven to be very helpful to me as a student. The campus is beautiful and very welcoming. The squirrels are not very welcoming but they are entertaining to watch from a distance. The environment here in Athens is pretty relaxed for the most part and most people tend to be very open minded and accepting. Although the hills look intimidating, getting to classes on time is rarely an issue with proper planning.
I like Ohio University because it is bigger than my previous college (Ashland University) and because there are so many more opportunities here and so many more things to do in the neighborhood. The campus is very beautiful and there are so many different organizations to be a part of.
I love it here at Ohio University! Some aspects aren't so great, like the food, but I genuinely think this is one of the best schools around
Ohio University is a place where the you can feel that the staff cares about each and every student.
Beautiful campus and facilities. Located in a nice area, student atmosphere is full of life. I have not met any faculty members but i'm sure they are very friendly as well.
Good school. Decent professors. Nice environment and weather. Most things are within walking distance
Awesome school! I love the location as Athens is a wonderful college town. Lots to do and all of the students and faculty are great! You cannot go wrong choosing Ohio University . Simply the best.
Truly the worst decision I have ever made as an out of state student. My friends and I all intend to transfer at the end of the year. The healthcare out here is non exsistent. They cap the hours you're allowed to work at 25 ( some students are paying for their own college), there are roaches and there is absolutely nothing to do in Athens Ohio but to drink. OU? Oh no.
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I like the professors and staff at OU. The campus is beautiful and has gorgeous scenery. There's always deer walking around and roaming the campus.
Its a relatively small college campus. The professors are mostly nice but there are some that have no idea what they are doing. Other than that, its pretty good.
I was very unsure about choosing Ohio University when deciding on a college my senior year of high school. Being that I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, I knew that I would be very far from home and my family. However, it turned out to be the best thing. My classes are intriguing and challenging, despite OU's "party image." However, still I'll admit I have a lot of fun outside of classes too. There are always things going on and I am often wishing for more hours in a day to spend here on campus.