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This school has many available resource to reassure that all students have the opportunity to have a successful career. The professors are great with working with you. Especially knowing most students who attend have families outside of the classroom. This school is a wonderful and affordable school!
I love the small town, close knit community feel. It truly feels like home and everyone is extremely welcoming and willing to help. The staff as this University want you to succed and will go out of their way to help you accomplish every single dream you have.
I started at OU in fall of 2016! I have had great experience with everyone I have had to deal with! I highly recommended attending!
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I love Ohio university Southern so far, as I'm only 1 semester into my 4 year degree. Everyone that I've came into contact with as far as staff has been extremely helpful if I have any issues. The only problem I've had is with some of the professors- they're not thorough in their teaching and seem to be there for only a paycheck. I feel that I am paying big bucks to get a degree that will make a difference in my community so when I am being taught on a certain subject the professor needs to learn to teach it well, as my learning is solely in his or her hands. I recommend going to before choosing a professor in a class that you are required to take so that you understand how the professor teaches and how good or bad they are.
I absolutely love OU, because I feel as if all of the faculty is helpful and is always looking out for the best interest of the students.
My credits i received in high school transferred before I was scheduled for classes. I have had no hassles or bad experiences.
My online courses have been blended, which means we meet online and for about an hour in class. I have loved it because you can work at your own pace. Professors are easily contacted and reply fast. Discussion boards keep the peer-to-peer interaction outside the classroom
Most of the post grad degrees from OUS are offered online.
I love going into the classroom and knowing that I am able to ask my professor any question and they will answer without hesitation. The class sizes are smaller but that allows more interaction between the students and the professor. A course load for full time is about 15 hours, but with all the courses offered you are tempted to take more than 15 hours.
I am constantly receiving emails about job internships and summer internships. They are very helpful with this topic. Students of all levels are offered campus jobs.
This is my second semester, so I am just now taking my first nursing class. It is my favorite class I am taking this year because the material is interesting and it is an interactive class. My instructor understands our point of views. The workload is reasonable for my clinical judgment class.
My overall experience as been great. With smaller class sizes, the professor is openly willing to give you one on one time, and will answer your questions or concerns. The first full week of classes, they want everyone to feel welcome, so there was music, games, and root beer floats to kick off the year. There aren't any dorms, but at Ohio University-Southern I have made good friends that I will experience nursing school with. I would chose my school all over again because the price is reasonable and the professors care about their students.
I think that a degree from Ohio University will help me land a job anywhere I want to go.
There's a entire section of a building dedicated to what I want to do
There are a lot of resources for my field.
All the staff are very friendly and helpful.
I'm not aware of any career help on campus.
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Everyone works hard and we all help each other.
They're good about scheduling you for things you need.
I have one online class. My online class is okay. I don't really learn much from it because the tests are open book.
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