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Ohio University of Chillicothe is an average school. Its not very big with only three buildings including the gym. The professors are decent but some are very hard to understand or are not well at teaching the material. There is a small cafe in the library and a couple vending machines but no other food is on campus. If you are looking for a small college in a small town then this is for you.
OUC is close to home. Very short drives to the closest restaurants for a break between class. Small campus keeps everyone close, and the party level down.
I enjoyed that Ohio University-Chillicothe was centrally located in Chillicothe and that it was extremely affordable to attend. Unfortunately, with my degrees I still had to commute to other campuses in order to earn my degrees at a reasonable time. This commuting did have the benefit of introducing me to other people with different world experiences so I do feel that it was more of a bonus than a burden.
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I am currently going to Ohio University Chillicothe. I am takening my general's right now. I will eventually get my RN. I have had no problems with anything, from finding my classes, registering for classes, getting in to talk to my advisor, the loans, the classes are small and the teachers are awesome. The cafe food is sooo good. I would recommend this school to anyone! Lots of kids from right out of high school to older adults. Ive been outta high school for 6 years now.
The professors were amazing. Very detailed, thorough and friendly. U thought college lectures would be boring but to my surprise it wasn't dull at all.
I had a terrific experience with Ohio University- Chillicothe! The classes are perfect sizes and all of your professors know you by face and name. They are very dedicated in making sure all of their students succeed in their respective fields of study. The academics are tremendous and get you prepared for transferring to the main campus which makes things go smoothly and you don't feel left out or behind. The return on investment is outstanding! OU-C has a really good tuition fee and makes college affordable for everyone seeking their college dreams. . The athletics are not much of a standout but are there for the local high school graduates who may want to continue their athletic careers.
Ohio University- Chillicothe is a great place to go to school. All the professors I have had seem to genuinely care about all their students education. They are always willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed. Also, there is always something going on on campus even though it's a commuter school.
As part of helping finding new students, I can say that the passion shows through!
I have the most amazing advisor! He has helped me with any questions I had. I can not ever repay this man for actually caring for the students in the nursing program. He understands that life and own own mistakes can set is back but I will never quit, just like he never quit on me.
College is the best thing that happened to me! Sure it is a lot of hard work and you have to have a lot of self discipline but the experience is something no one can not replicate.
So far my experience at school has been great. The school has been very student oriented and very welcoming. I feel like the faculty and the student helpers all have made me feel a part of the school. once I put my bobcat apparel on I feel like I am genuinely a part of the school.
Unless you make sure to schedule right when the semester options are posted, it can be difficult to get into some of the classes that may be needed. However, the advisers do a pretty good job at helping you get into the classes when there is no availability.
The online courses definitely require self motivation. They aren't ridiculously challenging but they do require work.
A lot of the faculty have once been students at OU. I believe that once your a bobcat your always a bobcat.
I have had some remarkable professors at OU. They all have great teaching styles and have done a fantastic job at making sure the students understand the material.
I feel like the workload and the curriculum are very reasonable given the choice of major. I think the facilities are up to standard and the internship definitely opens up a lot of job opportunities.
Overall, I think that all of the people I have encountered have been super friendly. Between my instructors, my advisers, and all of the student helpers, I have felt welcomed no matter where I have gone. My favorite experience was my first day on campus of the semester. Seeing all of the students and teachers together and celebrating a new semester and experiencing all of the different clubs gave me a feeling of acceptance. I feel like the moment I wear my OU Bobcats clothing that everyone is united. I would choose my school every time if I had the choice to do it all over again. There is a huge amount of opportunities at Ohio University.
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The experience at my school has been great so far. It is so easy to get to classes, find all the important places you need to go.
I haven't taken any online courses yet so i don't know how they are. I do plan on trying to take online classes if its needed.
The post grade services at my school are amazing and very helpful.
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