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Ohio technical college is a very good school. The atmosphere and friendly people is a very big plus. I am in the welding and associates degree programs, both just one year. The welding department could use their funding for new equipment but decides to try and fix out dated machines, which needs to be replaced. Collegiate housing has a few problems with there placement of students and to be very honest they are very greedy. My roommate and I are looking to move into our own place because we live in an apartment and pay $400 per person every month for a not nice apartment, also because of our other roommates we were placed with. I would recommend this school to many people but advise personal housing options, not collegiate.
I am currently enrolled in Ohio Technical school and would like to describe my thoughts. First the communication is fantastic. Anything you need help with your OTC represenative gets back with you almost instantly. Its always nice to know that they are willing to help no matter the question. You are required to visit the schools open house program which is good to see what you are spending your money on or if you will still want to go. I will admit the school from the outside looks like a old building. But once your inside you can definetly see where they money is spent. Very nice and big shops. No class rooms really either which means you will constantly be in the shop learning. As long as you put in the work you will leave with knowledge and will be able to get a great job which OTC also helps you get know matter where you wanna go.
My experience has been great everyone is very nice and very helpful. The only thing I would change would be phone call response time.
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Going to Ohio Technical College is an awesome experience. i am learning so much being there right now. I am extremely happy i have chosen this school. Everyone there gets treated about the same. there are so many opportunities to get involved in and participate in. This school is just a overall great school.
I love the amount of different vehicles to work on and get a feel for. The support system is amazing from the students to the stuff. I would like to see more up to date trucks in the diesel shop.
Iam going to be attending ohio technical college this fall.While i was attending a walk through their campus i was amazed by the equipment and tools that they supply to their students.
So far I really like the school, and the programs in the way the curriculum is structured. I think that they need to get their priorities together when it comes to funding the programs and stop worrying so much about aesthetics and neon signs and focus more about getting the right tools into the right classrooms so that we can get the most knowledge and experience out of our time here at otc
Overall the school and staff are good, the people in the front offices are great, some of the instructors and facility leave things to be desired but overall it is a good school if you put your mind to it.
How you went to school for only 4 days instead of 5.
It is just you instead of 20 to 30 people so you would get more help.
It helps you get a very good job and you can make a lot of money.
My experience was very good.
I would make a lot of money in the motorcycle career
The motorcycle program is very fun.
They have so many different programs to choose from.
When it comes to the academics you can't beat them!
Going to GCIT was the best decision I have ever made. It opened up a whole new area of interest when it came to the welding program. It inspired me to do my very best. I made great friends and learned more than I would have in any normal high school. My welding instructor became one of my biggest role models. There is a wide array of programs you could choose from. Construction, automotive, culinary, engineering, business, IT, dance and drama. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to get a head start on their careers!
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I have a job lined up
Awesome working on Power sports
School is within a routine you start early morning. And are out early afternoon, Monday-Thursday. You miss a day Friday is your make-up day. You have all day after class Monday- Thursday. And you have open weekends.
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