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Ohio state university is a great overall school. Have had problems with accounts due to student health center.
I just transferred to OSU from a community college and I have loved it. My advisor was AMAZING. Throughout my time applying, we kept in contact through email and she always thoroughly answered my questions in a timely manner. She specifically made sure my personal situation would be worked out for a smooth transition. OSU also has a ton of clubs, activities and resources available for students. I joined the Sportsmanship Council, met some really cool people there and even got a spot on the Exec board for next year. I spent some time rock climbing with my brother, which is one of many free resources to students. OSU also has a free bussing service that goes around campus, which is convenient when there is inclement weather. Columbus itself is fun and has a lot to offer. Finally, I really enjoyed my classes and professors - they weren't there just to teach you things in black and white, but they encouraged discussion, thought, and open-mindedness to help us all to expand our worldviews.
Overall the university is beautiful and has amazing facilities. it also has a great selection of clubs and extracurricular activities for all of its students. Even though the campus is big, it is easy to feel like you belong.
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I went here 1974-1980. I began as pre-pharmacy major, couldn't handle it, and switched to a history degree. History dept. was very good, but the job market was awful. OSU is best for professional, graduate, and some undergraduate majors. Don't do pre-med here or other pre-profess. programs. You are most likely to flunk out, or not make a high GPA to enter profess. schools. Come with dating skills, money, a driver's license, and some maturity. I lacked those things and I had an awful freshman year . M/F ratios were not good when I was there. It was very hard to find girls to date. Academic advisors were the worst part next to foreign TA's. It was not an experience I would want to repeat. It's a very cold and competitive place, and this can be overwhelming. College years are precious--don't be in a large factory school. I don't blame OSU or the town for my unhappy time there. I went to college too soon, picked the wrong school, and the wrong major.
As a school student who is still planning for my future, i believe that Ohio State University is the place for me. They have great people and programs that are right up my ally. My main goal in life is to become a nurse and study Pre-med. OSU has great programs for both and some of the best that can help me achieve my goal. After touring and learning so much about that college, i can't really see myself going somewhere else
My first year at Ohio State was a rollercoaster, but I would highly reccomend this school to anyone who wants to have a variety of experiences and a quality education. You will be challenged; this is not the school for people who want to coast through their college years.
The Ohio State University is a wonderful place to go to college. It has turned into my home away from home and it really gave me the college experience I wanted, along with many future life skills. They always answer any questions you have as well as making information readily available to you. It's also pretty affordable and there's plenty of tuition help guidance.
This college is the best, the academics here are incredible. The classes are challenging but not too challenging to where you can't pass the course. The professors are kind and they really care about your success at the university. There are so many resources here including libraries stocked with research book to help you in any way they can. There are tons of activities and clubs to get involved in and as a student, the experience here is so worth it. Everyone is so helpful and we are all trying to achieve the same goal. Ohio State has a great atmosphere, and when you go here you just know you are going to succeed.
The Ohio State University offers something for everyone. While daunting at first due to its enormity, students find that the OSU becomes "small" in many ways within the first few weeks of classes. You develop fast friendships with students on similar paths as yourself, though they may be from a wide variety of backgrounds that differ from your own. Additionally, it is incredibly easy to find students that share your interests in the multitude of clubs and student organizations on campus - or in a random fitness class at the amazing RPAC. While it can sometimes feel like you may be lost in the mix, these friendships and connections will reassure you that you have a perfect place at OSU.
I al an architecture student at The Ohio State University. Overall I have no complaints. Everyone within he architecture school is welcoming and interesting in helping the students to succeed. Not only is it staffed with excellent teachers but also has great technologies that the students are able to use.
Ohio State is an incredibly large school, but is so diverse that it is easy to divide the school into smaller communities
What I love about it , is that it is one of the best collages and it has many mayors for what you wanna do for a career . Also it is very popular when it becomes to football they are one of the best football teams in collage in the nation .
All this school cares about is its sports teams. If youre coming for academics look elsewhere. I know more people who have come here and now have mental issuse, enough to be sent to a psych ward for a week, than I do those without. Save yourself the pain and go to a dofferent school.
Dance Department. I auditioned and was accepted into the dance department. Students and faculty are friendly. Campus is very clean
Everything here at Ohio State has been great! Campus Food (Scott Traditions), New Dorms on North or Res on 10th, Football, everything.
Ohio state is an amazing and highly diverse university and one that truly feels like home. Students here are so accepting but the academics are very challenging and a degree here requires an immense amount of work. Overall, I wish students became less of a "number" here and were viewed more as an individual.
My experience at The Ohio State University was, dry. My personality does not call for a huge campus, but I stuck it out. I felt like an empty number among many other numbers walking around campus. Also, I was a commuter my entire career and this school is not commuter friendly; that goes for parking, activities and so on. If you did not start out as a freshman on campus and live with dorm-mates, making friends is not as effortless and in my opinion it is harder to connect with the university otherwise.
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You're pretty much on your own depending on who your adviser is. It's a pretty impersonal experience when it comes to faculty and staff. Campus is pretty overcrowded right now.
The Ohio State University is one of the most well-known and well-respected colleges in the nation. Living here has taught me that this university has irrefutably earned its title through its high quality staff, irresistible scenery, and incredibly diverse environment. The community is very friendly and welcoming. Additionally, the many tutoring options OSU offers have helped tremendously.
OSU-Newark is a great campus to really get hands on experience in class with instructors, due to the smaller class sizes. The campus is well kept, the parking lots are nice, and everyone is very kind!
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