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I like the people here and the environment. The sports bring everyone together I would like the university to price food better. It seems like they just try to make as much money as possible with no regard for the students.
Terrible university! Gets too much credit for being diverse when in reality 70% of students are white. Classes aren't very challenging. If you apply to OSU wanting a better academic experience, try looking at Michigan, Wisconsin, or Penn St.
Attending Ohio State was like a dream. For such a big campus, everything felt small and it was easy to join clubs or make friends. My classes were rigorous and informative and there was so many opportunities to choose from. The campus life is always thriving and the diversity I see everywhere is amazing. IT has been 5 years since I graduated from OSU and I miss it every day and wish I were able to go back.
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Great academics, great involvement opportunities! I have enjoyed the connection with my instructors and my guidance counselor that has prepared me for the next step. The school spirit is awesome and I love being a Buckeye!!
i liked the diversity, but not the safety issues. i heard that the rape cases have increased which is not a good sign for a great university like Ohio State University. I love the food, and academics and also the athletics, which is one of my main reason to go there. Their medical school is fabulous and is great at finding jobs after graduation.
If you aren't worried about being at a big university, and are willing to expand beyond the campus scene and get involved in the community (Columbus is mainly the reason I like going here so much), then OSU is great.
I like the challenge that Ohio State gives to their students academically. The curriculum is dense but anything that is worth it in life will never come easy. The atmosphere alone is addicting and you will look forward to your next visit each and every time.
Classes are very nice, but the schedules are made to be convenient for students who live on campus. I think commuter students get the short end of the stick a lot!
In such a big university, you are introduced to many ways to get involved all the while making tons of new friends
Resources are a bit lacking for non-traditional students, and class times do not support a day job. However, the community is fantastic and the city is a great place to live.
I love Ohio State so much and it’s only my first year! Great school, great classes! People told me that professors didn’t care if you fail but they do they want you to succeed! I don’t feel like a small fish in a big pond I feel at home! My scholars group is awesome too I love it! Mount gave me so many friends! Definitely suggest looking into scholars programs!
i love this college. its the best thing that could ever happen to you. this collegeis the best. it helps so many academicly as well as socialy
I loved Ohio State when I visited! The campus is absolutely beautiful, the atmosphere is amazing, and the big city feel is very prominent! The tour guide as well as the students I saw while on the tour were very friendly and capable of answering nearly all of my questions! I hope that I'll be able to attend this upcoming fall!
THE Ohio State University is the best deal for the money, in my opinion. This school will give you amazing experiences and grow you like crazy if you get involved and jump in. Foreign professors and unnecessarily difficult weed-out science and math courses are deadly, but other than that opportunities are endless and campus culture is one of high achievement, while still learning to save some time for rest and fun with friends. People worry about the size of OSU but honestly that should be the draw of it. The real differences between a place like OSU and a small private college is that the resources here are more diverse but you have to search them out yourself. If you are a driven, independent self-starter and you desire a school that will equally support and push you to be the best you can be while helping you learn about yourself and others, come to THE Ohio State University.
People are just mean. Administrators are unhelpful and obstruct students; domestic students are openly hostile to international students; faculty members are too busy to be civil.
OSU for undergraduate degrees is fantastic. My experience as a PhD candidate has been simply awful. Administrators just do not care about you. Everything, from online enrollment to waiver processing is severely broken. Everyone, including faculty members, are expected to do too much resulting in little PhD student mentorship or care. I think one of the most distressing aspects of Ohio State is that the Graduate School HATES students. They are just downright rude, incompetent and unhelpful.
I have a lot of friends who go to Ohio State. It has great programs in many academic fields. I also like the campus because of the social aspects and the outstanding sports programs.
Review Ohio State University
Attending the Ohio State University was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The campus is beautiful, Columbus is exciting and engaging, and the academics are challenging. I made lifelong friends here as well. This is the best "college experience" you could ask for.
The school is very big for a reason. Its size enables the school to cater to the diversity population of students and their individual needs. The teachers are great, parking not so much.
OH-IO! This large school always feels like family, I would repeat all 4 years if I could! The campus is beautiful and Columbus itself is a great city!
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