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Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute Reviews

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The Ohio State University ATI is an amazing campus. The professors and staff are very kind and friendly. Everyone there wants to help in some way. Even the students are nice. The campus is very safe place with the police always there. Which puts any parents and students at ease. Making life on campus overall fantastic
What else can u say it’s OSU! Love the small campus at ati and the hands on learning. Plus it is very affordable!
This isn't a's a community. I appreciate the professors and other staff, as everyone is so personable and willing to help whenever you need it The housing is great, also!
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Not bad, could have been much better. Some professors are amazing, some are absolutely horrible. Alot depends on the program. Apartments are nice but expensive.
One of the best schools I have been to. Fantastic teachers, staff and students. I would recommend this college to anyone looking for a 2 year degree or any majors dealing with agriculture.
Having the schedule builder to show you all the different combinations for all the classes you can schedule is very convenient.
Having not taken any online classes I can not speak on their behalf.
Having higher than a 90% job placement through my school was also a main reason why I chose this university. The buckeye network is a website put on by the university and the amount of employers that want Ohio State graduates is really impressive.
Having professors that offer to stay after class and set up any time that is available to the student means that they care more about the student than they do themselves. The small class sizes mean it is easier to just raise your hand and just ask a question.
The alumni network and the amount of networking with employers are unbelievable. About once a month there are career fairs put on in the school for students to talk to employers.
My major is Agriculture Systems Management. The breadth of this degree will open up any career field in Agriculture I want. I just have to try hard enough to attain it. The workload I am expected to undertake is not something to worry about because it is manageable. The internships, you can go anywhere where you are in a leadership role or an important role to any company.
Being able to attend a small college was very important to me, because that is what I am used to.
Since ATI is a small school, some classes are limited. Therefore there are only certain times available to take the class. It's college, you take the classes when you have to. They can't accommodate for everyone.
ATI is willing to help you find a job/internship during or after you are done with school. ATI will offer many opportunities for you as a student!
The classes are small, easy to get help when needed. There are many courses available to take, for ATI being such a small school.
ATI is great! If you ever have a question about anything they are willing to help.
ATI requires a internship for all 2 year students, which is great because I get to learn what kind of job i will be doing later in the future. It's a awesome experience, and glad that ATI requires a internship to graduate!
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Personally I love Ohio State ATI, small and friendly. Easy to get help when needed. Teachers are able to work one-on-one thanks to the small class sizes!
there are no weekend classes, but there are lots of classes offered morning-night.
The online courses are quality courses, and are frequently extensions of the Columbus campus classes.
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