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I am in the middle of my freshman year. I have had an excellent experience so far. I love the campus life and the multicultural socialization. my freshman class is one of the largest classes to enter this campus. I was nervous at first but all the peer helpers and counselors help ease my anxieties and made me feel comfortable. It has been my dream since I was a little kid to attend THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. I wear my scarlet and gray proudly.
The university is not a bad university. It is just a place to take classes. If you want to really experience the college life, choose a different school.
Ohio state at Newark is very nice place and well organized university and i think among all the regional universities the one in Newark is the best
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Kind of the Vanilla Choice in my opinion, Not my highest and not the lowest just sort of a meh school.
Doesn't have sports. Vast majority of student's are commuters. no party scene, must go to Denison University to party.
I like how personal the classes, staff and students are. Everyone is super friendly and is willing to help when needed.
What I love most about OSU - Newark, is that the campus is full of friendly faces. From the professors, to the Tudors, and the staff, there is not a single place that you could find there where someone wasn't willing to help. I absolutely love Newark Campus and would recommend that any one seeking to become a Buckeye start out there.
I love the atmosphere of OSUN. Although it is not a huge campus, it's just big enough to make you feel the college atmosphere. All of the professors I have encountered are amazing people, and everyone I've met is very friendly.
I really enjoy Ohio State Newark. It's a good transition before I go off to Ohio State Columbus Campus. This place helped me get an idea of what college is all about. I worked hard and still am working hard to get my degree and I highly recommend Ohio State Newark if people are nervous on how big Columbus campus is.
Its very diverse. I love meeting different people and its a good environment to explore and learn different things around you. Theres help around you. They're willing to help you through your journey. You have a better opportunity with the professors since theres smaller glasses
This is a great college, especially for those who want to go to OSU’s main campus. Students also have the option of going only 2 days a week.
The academic aspect of OSU Newark is the strength of the school. The access to all the academic resources at half the price of normal tuition relieves headaches college's financial burden often brings. The recreation center is a great facility. The dining services are about average concerning the quality of college food. The new McConnell dorm breathes new life into the resident population at the campus. Probably the biggest problem with the campus is the community surrounding it. Concerning the interests of college students, the Newark area just doesn't provide the same excitement that you would experience at the main campus or other schools like The University of Cincinnati. While it might not bring the excitment and life of the Columbus Campus, OSU Newark is a good starting place, and your wallet will thank you later.
if you are someone looking to stay close to home and have less amount of loans in the future, I recommend Ohio Sate -Newark. It is a great school and allows me to get my bachelors degree there, I never have to move to main campus which saves me even more money in the long run.
It was my first time visiting a college and quite frankly I have to say that I was impressed! The only problem I saw was limited rooming but I plan on attending and then eventually transferring over to Main, The Newark campus was absolutely beautiful
My cousin went to OSU in Newark and then she transferred to the Columbus campus. This college will help me with my passion of Human Nutrition.
It is a beautiful campus with a lot of resources to help you succeed. The professors seem to really want their students to succeed and often have office hours. Some of the buildings do need remodeled, but the landscaping and general setting is beautiful. There are several ways to get coffee, but not many choices for food on campus. If you want a real meal you pretty much have to go the cafeteria or pack your lunch. There is student housing on cite, but it is limited. There are a ton of ways to get involved on campus with clubs and organizations along with campus events. There are a couple restaurants in close vicinity. Athletics are available, but I am not very familiar with them. It is a small campus atmosphere, which gives you more interaction with fellow students and instructors. Campus security is on staff for things like escorts to your car, dead batteries, and to protect the campus. Overall, a good choice for a quality education.
I love Ohio State University -Newark
It's an excellent college to start with. Very small and beautiful college and great advisor to help you out. I love Ohio State University
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A very great environment to take classes at. The campus is very nice and clean, and the class sizes are typically very small. Professors really get to interact with the students, and they are all very knowledgeable. Over all a very comfortable and convenient learning space.
When you enter the admissions office you are usually greeted by a disgruntled and unwelcoming employee or a senior student that couldn't work the drive through at Arby's.
When you get a chance to speak to a counselor you will get an obligatory line that you need to take prerequisites in order to achive your said degree. When and if you do that they will begin to smile and take your money in which you will take classes that fufill prerequisites and also fill the pockets of the undeserving staff.
Classes in the accompaniment of staff I attended often had the professors leaving on an 'errand' while we paired up and tought ourselves.
They give you a speal about how you need to work hard in order to move to the main branch to achive your goals, however shouldn't that be on the teaching aspect as well or is this a one way deal? OSUN staff can be lazy, careless, ungrateful, unsympathetic and rude.
This campus is extremely beautiful. It has amazing staff that truly care about you. The class sizes are small and great for learning. Also a big bonus is, it is super affordable!
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