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I absolutely love Newark, the diversity, the student life, the access to so many amazing resources. The best part for me is how amazing the relationship between professors and students- they are so willing to help out any student, in fact they WANT to help students. I definitely would recommend this school to any graduating seniors.
The campus is small and super easy to navigate. All my teachers have been absolutely amazing and super helpful are always there to listen whenever you reach out. I think it will be an easy transition into main campus for me and overall has been a good experience. I have found it difficult to be a part of clubs and organizations but I know there are a few. Not a lot happening but there are ways to get involved just seem very small compared to big schools.
I am a freshman at Ohio State University on the Newark campus and I am so content with my choice to attend this school. This school really makes me feel that my education matters and that there are always people to help me reach my goal. I plan to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am learning so many new things from being at this school and I really feel that because of the support I am getting I have a high chance of achieving this goal of mine. The class sizes are small and personal and that is exactly what I like. The teachers really make an effort to get to know their students and it pays off. I feel more engaged in school because I am able to have such good relationships with my professors. I would not want to attend any other University to reach my goal of becoming a teacher.
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The environment is amazing. Everyone is surprisingly friendly and the small classes allow for a better relationship with the professor. The campus is very nice. The only complaint I would have with this branch campus is that there is not much to do in your free time. I think this also just fosters a better learning environment, though.
The Ohio state university at Newark is a great school for students that need extra help with their curriculum. Attending this school has its advantages due to the fact that the classes are smaller and tuition is cheaper! Because of this students are able to have more one on one time with their instructors for an awesome price. If I could change things I would change the transportation circumstances. Newark is a small city, meaning most students have to live next to campus or commute back and forth to school everyday. Being a full time student it can be a challenge in hash weather conditions and to your gas bills.
The teachers are AMAZING. They care about the fact that we are students and life is a factor that can't be avoided. They are all very accommodating and helpful and supportive. I have been her for 3 years now and love the campus and teachers.
There were many teachers that were willing to help if you seek it out. But you have to make sure to use the resources that are available early on. Great campus, just not much to do outside.
If you don’t like fancy big schools , Ohio State Newark is the way to go. From the fact that the teachers are great the school itself is one of a kind. I recommend people go to the university.
What I liked about Ohio State University’s Newark branch was the fact that its overall cheaper than going to Ohio State University’s Columbus branch. Another thing I liked about it was the fact that it was smaller than the Columbus branch which made adjusting to my first year of college last year really easy.
I like how small the campus. The campus has small classes so the environment is different. The professors are able to be more involved with students.
I liked the campus set up. The teachers from my experience were all okay. I felt like they could have done better on campus activities. They were little to none. I felt stranded as I lived on campus with no car and everyone who did went to main campus for everything, that’s how bad it was.
This school is not very welcoming and a large majority of students that go there are not very open minded. They need engaging activities that give students a chance to know each other. I was a student that participated in several activities and several did not appeal to a great deal of students.
The great thing about being at a remote campus is the class sizes. Usually there were no more than 25 students in a class. There are also limited majors which means getting to know your fellow classmates because you often have multiple classes with them. The smaller campus and free parking made it much less hectic than main campus.
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. It's the college experience you want. I love when I visit there everything is easy to find. The dorm rooms are very nice and buildings around the area are kept clean.
While I enjoy my time at Ohio State Newark, I feel there are not enough opportunities for socializing with other students. There are not many clubs or organizations on campus that help in connecting students.
I feel safe here. The class sizes are small and it is easy to become close with my professors and ask for help.
I’m a college freshman at Osu Newark campus. I enjoy it here, this campus makes feel safe. I participate in the student activities which are always fun to do with friends. Staff are nice as they work with students if there is something wrong. I like the small classes.
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Everything they say about getting an individual experience is true. Your professors really do know your name, and living from home provides its own unique advantages. You do miss out on some of the “real” college experience, but the money you save and education you get is more than worth it.
I am in the middle of my freshman year. I have had an excellent experience so far. I love the campus life and the multicultural socialization. my freshman class is one of the largest classes to enter this campus. I was nervous at first but all the peer helpers and counselors help ease my anxieties and made me feel comfortable. It has been my dream since I was a little kid to attend THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. I wear my scarlet and gray proudly.
The university is not a bad university. It is just a place to take classes. If you want to really experience the college life, choose a different school.
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