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Ohio State University - Lima Reviews

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The teachers are very invested in helping you learn and forming professional yet friendly relationships with you. They take the time to explain, yet make it a safe and fun learning environment.
Absolutely love this school! Great place to get my degree, and had wonderful experiences here! The cafeteria food is great and love the new star bucks on campus! Made tons of new friends from just attending school here! Such a great experience.
I loved the openness and the environment of the Ohio State University-Lima. When I was there on a field trip in my junior year of high school at Ottawa Glandorf High School we got to sit in on a class and the professor explained to us about the class and how she taught it to her students. We also got a tour before we were handed a schedule and had to attend the class and find where the next class was in time.
The college has a grass lawn for students to sit on. They offer a great education at Ohio State University-Lima. The students have many olpertunies for one on one learning with their professors at Ohio State Iniversity-Lima. The college campus is also close to home so I will not have to worry about finding somewhere to live and laying for food. I can just commute for my classes.
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The only thing good about going to this regional campus of the Ohio state university is that you save money as opposed if you went straight to the Columbus campus.
Ohio State University - Lima is honestly the best campus if you're looking for a small community feel. All the staff and faculty are caring and engaged with the students. They ALWAYS have your best interest at heart. Even though Ohio State University- Lima is a small campus, there's so many opportunities to be taken and even more ways to get involved on campus to make your college experience worth while!
I love the small class sizes that provide a better learning environment. The professors are amazing and provide the material in a way that's interesting and enables everyone to understand it.
Ohio State Lima was a nice small campus which allowed for better connection with professors and lead to better grades in my classes. Ohio State Lima also allows for easy transfer to Colombus to finish your degree and further your education. It was a great experience.
I love the small campus. I can actually get to know my professors and the staff of the school. I have made a lot of friends my freshman year, met a lot of people and we have all grown together as a community of students. They offer a lot of courses, but because of the small size they cannot have these classes every semester, sometimes you just have to wait to take a class you need/ want.
Decent for the price. Smaller classes is the biggest plus, however the academic advising and lack of large pool of options for scheduling leave a lot to be desired.
It's easy to meet people and it's over all pretty easy and the professors are very nice. It's a small step up from high school.
The campus shares buildings and space with the local community college, Rhodes State College. Most of the building are in fair condition and the grounds are kept clean. The parking lots are in terrible condition and in need of repairs. There's currently no Student Union/Student Life building. The food offered is edible but as far as taste sandpaper would be better.
I really loved going to this school. I transferred to a different college, but the Lima campus is great. You can have a flexible schedule, and there are many great professors. The advisers were also great as well. There are many programs at the Lima Campus that you can complete all four years there.
It's a great school to begin your degree and start off your college career with a good GPA. Everyone on campus is very nice. Its community college based so there isn't a lot always happening. The price is very reasonable though, so that's why its great to begin at a regional campus.
The atmosphere is very nice, I definitely feel that the faculty genuinely care about their subjects and want to see the students succeed.
My experience at Ohio State university- Lima has been very interesting, this is a great college for your first year if you are thinking about transferring to the Columbus campus, it will prepare you for whats coming, i have enjoyed my first two years, but i'll will be transferring to the main campus, Ohio State University- Columbus, for more and bigger opportunities regarding my major and career field.
This school has the ability to get you a degree with the many choices it offers. Class variety and professors knowledge makes it a very pleasant experience
I've never had a problem or know of anyone that has.
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I don't really know of any faternities
I love this school. The professors care about your success and challenge you to learn. Also it's close to home.
School spirit is high at the lima campus, but sports aren't as popular considering the main campus is at osu Columbus
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