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Ohio Dominican has a beautiful campus that is small and provides students a 1-1 opportunity with professors.
My experience at Ohio Dominican University was great. The small class sizes enhances a one-one students teachers relationship. I can be a true version of myself at ODU.
Some professors are fantastic, others are mostly under paid adjuncts who couldn't care less about their students. The school is completely athletics focused, meaning there is literally noting to do besides play your sport and go home on your off weekends. The education department is the absolute worst and a complete waste of time if you are actually interested in being a teacher. The school claims they offer classes but in reality thy lie to get you there. To make things even better there have been two shooting instances in the past year alone. But to have no fear because a ticket happy public safety division is there to protect you with their creeper vans and bicycles. Keep in mind this school is in a very dangerous area and the only student life is deriving to Easton or going to OSU
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Ohio Dominican is the perfect school for me, even if I doubted it going into my freshman year. The small class sizes are amazing and allow you to really get to know your professors and learn a lot about the subject. The free resources offered on campus, from peer tutoring in the library, counseling in the wellness center, and career planning in the career develop office, help make this university great and sets students up for success if they choose to take advantage of all that is offered. I love ODU!
This school is excellent as far as hands on with professors who really acre and do their best to assist with any needs. The classroom sizes are pretty small allowing your learning to be more personable andh ands-on.
I really enjoy the small classes. This allows you to get hands on attention from the teachers. I also like how the teachers know your name and they can fully interact with you. Altogether the community is great and the people and teachers are wonderful at what they do
Very friendly community, professors are always eager to offer assistance. Plenty of work study opportunities on campus, and clubs to be involved in.
I don't like how the scheduling is difficult. Overall, it's a great community. It is very inclusive.
I love the school environment. I have only been there for a year but the school is great. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. The school is always offering activities for students to do in the evenings between yoga classes, intramural activities, hot chocolate talks, etc.
I like how the classes are, they are small with little amount of people. I like the sports that they offer. Its a welcoming school that allows people to feel comfortable.
Ohio Dominican has totally changed my view of college for the better. I transferred there my sophomore year with the feeling that every class and subject would be frustrating and difficult, I soon found out that wasn't the case. As soon as I started my classes I was welcome by eager professors who took the time to make sure I was comfortable and knew my way around. The atmosphere is unlike any other for this size of school. Earning my degree has been so worth while here and I am so happy I transferred to such an awesome school.
Ohio Dominican University is a great school. The atmosphere is home-like and the faculty and staff truly care about your well-being. It is a small campus, but still has everything academically needed to be successful. They have a wide range of food choices, and is also very enjoyable.
I love the community feel at ODU. It has really challenged and changed me in so many ways. The academics and the campus life is great.
I love Ohio Dominican University. My experience has been a great one. The class sizes are small so you get the attention that you need. Your advisor is in your degree field and are always willing to help you anyway you can. I am a single mom who returned to school to finally get my degree in education and it has been really easy for me to do this.
I have not heard of any issues on campus
The advisor was super helpful selecting my classes all the way to my graduation date.
I was interested at one time to engage in Greek life. However the sorority was not welcoming at all.
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I can tell how much sports is valued at Ohio Dominican. The football field and gym takes up about half of the University.
I learn about how my classes apply to the world. My school gives me the tools to be an effective leader in my community.
I Feel completely safe on campus. I've never had any issues
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