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Everyone is very helpful, supportive and encouraging. Due to my return to finish my degree with this school, I was able to secure a new position with my dream company.
I love OBC. The instructors here are amazing, helpful and very skilled. The other staff here are just as amazing and helpful as well! I would recommend anyone to this school!
p.s. There are no "parties" no athletics and no dorms or housing here.
Ohio Business College offers flexible credit transfers from other college. OBC does have several articulation agreements with area and online college for students interested in pursuing a higher degree after they graduate from OBC.
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Ohio Business College doesn't offer online courses, but Hybrid courses are in development, which will offer classes that are partially online.
Career Services at Ohio Business College will make sure that all graduates will have the opportunity to get a lucrative career. Even if you have just started at OBC, Career Services can find a little part-time job for you that will offer great experience to add to your resume.
All of the professors at Ohio Business College are knowledgeable and professionals in their fields of study. Each course at OBC is valuable and class sizes are generally small, so each student receives individual attention.
A degree from Ohio Business College is very valuable because each student is provided with the necessary tools to excel and achieve great things in their future careers. OBC offers career fairs, career workshops, and several other events that are used to make students more marketable in our competitive economy. Job prospects at OBC are excellent. 89% of graduates are hired once they have graduated from Ohio Business College. Career Services at OBC are great because they reach out to students and help students create a resume and do mock interviews.
I'm an Accounting major at Ohio Business College. This program is vigorous, which is good because I love challenges and vigorous coursework will help me obtain a career in the Accounting field. The workload is quite a lot, but the professors at OBC are always willing to help students with whatever problems they have. OBC offers an externship program available to all students that gives the students a hands-on approach to their field of study.
Ohio Business College is one of the best career colleges in Ohio. With three campuses across Ohio, OBC offers competitive programs that will transform you into a professional in your chosen field of study. Small class sizes and individual attention ensure success at OBC and they offer career guidance to put you in the right direction. Each program gives students the opportunity to become certified in a specific skill such as Microsoft Office, CompTia, and Paralegal certification. OBC is a wonderful college and I would for sure choose Ohio Business College if I had the chance to do it all over again.
Personally, I haven't had any challenging classes yet. Maybe it's because I went straight from high school directly into college and majority of the things I've already learned, so it's more of continued education right now. In my particular degree I deal with a variety of people which I enjoy.
Even after you've done your scheduling and the quarter has started you still have two weeks to drop the class if any problems arise. The teachers are usually pretty cool about it and they understand that life happens.
I personally haven't taken any entirely online courses. Most of our work is submitted online however we still have lectures in class and do activities in the classroom.
The professors are ALWAYS available to help you and are consistently checking on you to see if you need help with anything. The courses can be difficult at times but that's to be expected. The classes are relatively small which is helpful because it allows the professors to be more personal with you. Students are also always helpful.
We have a young lady who helps you to look for jobs and internships if you need it. When new jobs open up and she is informed about it she sends out a mass email to the students to let us know, if interested we contact her for more information and she's a really great help. There are many services readily available to us which is great. There are three or four computer labs that are available to us when needed and a small but valuable library. An amazing student break room that's stocked with all sorts of goodies (drinks, snacks, couches, and a tv!)
All of my classes are pretty small which allows a lot of one on one with the teachers which is very helpful especially for me. I am very comfortable around everyone that I have classes with and know majority of their names. Even in my largest class my teacher had all of our names down in one week which is very impressive and makes you feel more comfortable. It's better than high school but it also feels like high school because of the sizes of the classes and the friendliness of the other students.
this will be the third school I have attended. it has been great. they are so nice, and will help you with anything you need from classes to budgeting your money. They want to help you succeed, and they want to help you succeed through the community. They want to get you involved and do anything they can to make you successful.
They offer morning, afternoon and night classes. Full time classes are 3 a week.
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The network is the best. I have to say I haven't had a issue with the network.
Wonderful curriculum. School has many resources to help.
Medical Office programs, legal programs, business programs and computer programs
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