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Oglethorpe is awesome if you love learning in a small school setting. I have enjoyed having one on one time with my professors and I feel that I have learned a lot about my major of study as well as about current events and how they affect various groups of people.
The small class size of Oglethorpe makes organizing campus projects and events much more feasible. Any individual or organization can apply to allocate funds for their event, as well as reserve virtually any venue on campus, which isn't always a realistic possibility at a larger university. The small class size also means that you have more meaningful one-on-one interaction with your professors, which I think is important and invaluable to a good education. The professors here are great, but the downside is that the administration is...not so much. Dealing with the financial department and other issues here can be difficult, and communication isn't at the level that it should be.
Oglethorpe University is a small private university in the big and wonderful city of Atlanta. It's infrastructure makes you feel like if you are in a Harry Potter movie. Due to its size, you get to know lots of people and have one on one relationships with your professors. The professors have a lot of knowledge and first hand experiences since most have other jobs. I would say their CORE program makes you a well-rounded person.
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I knew as soon as I set foot on Oglethorpe's campus that it would be the place I would be for spend my next four years. They do a wonderful job at including all student's on their campus and because of its small size, the staff is able to communicate effectively and personally with students.
Racism lies within this campus specially athletics I was asked by the coach of the women's soccer team not to speak in my native language and then I was told by a teammate that they had a new rule "No speaking Spanish". FOOD SUCKS LIKE BIG TIME. Dual-degree advisor doesn't really care about you only about the money she's getting for her research. COR program is very unnecessary as well.
So far I've enjoyed my experiences with both teachers and overall university life. The only thing I would have issue with or want to change in the tech service for internet outages and such, as that has been a recurring issue in some buildings.
Oglethorpe University is a fantastic 4 year college to attend. It's located in a prime location near midtown and downtown Atlanta. There are also so many great things to see and do on campus. Some examples are the museum located in the Library, shows at the performing arts theater,various clubs, and the endless amounts of events created by the Student Government Association. Oh, can't forget about the sports! There is so much fun and excitement at every basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, and just about every other sport game. The professors are amazing, too. Small class sizes allows all students to have more personal interactions with their professor to aid in the best learning experience.
I enjoy attending school at Oglethorpe University. I love the campus, the professors and the programs. However a few things I do not like about the school is the Petrel Points program, parking and the required math course.
I went on a tour and the whole place was amazing! Not too far out of the city and not too inside of the city making it a perfect place for feeling close and comfy without being overcrowded as in the cities! :)
I graduated as B.S in biology. I participated in soccer, Greek life and student government. I have to say that I academics were though and very challenging. Most of my professor still contact me to see how I'm doing (small school advantage). The core curriculum help me substantially during an interview at Emory for grad school. You get what you put into this school. I have to say I did take a couple classes at KSU and Oglethorpe is more challenging academically speaking.
It's a beautiful small campus, but it definitely feels a bit sheltered. The smaller class sizes are awesome, but my experience has been other students don't participate much in the dialog in class so comes off as too one sided. I have better class interactions at my 300 level (also small class size) state university class. If I've ever had an issue I call the appropriate person and everything has been fixed same day, amazing service! Recommend coming here, but supplementing with some classes from bigger schools to expose yourself to a more metropolitan city.
Great school with amazing location! Greek life and parties are awesome. The accounting department is very good! I enjoy every part of it.
Oglethorpe is great! There are small class sizes with professors and faculty that are qualified and who truly care. At Oglethorpe, the students' voices are heard, it's safe, it's easy to make friends, and there's ALWAYS an opportunity for fun or free food. The academic experience is also out of this world, if you love your major you'll be in class with other people that love the same major...And if you don't know what major to pick, there's lots of people to help you figure it out! Networking is a big deal as well, and there are countless opportunities basically just thrown in your face, whether it's an internship or study abroad, or a job after graduation. It's expensive, but when you consider the top-tier resources inside the classroom and out, the plethora of student activities throughout the semester, and cafeteria food that actually tastes good.. it's worth it. Plus the campus is gorgeous! Many movies were filmed there. That being said, the wi-fi sucks. They're trying though.
The classes that I am in and the professors are all great overall. I enjoy being in class everyday.
I can tell that when people graduate from here, they get employment right away due to statistics.
The campus administrators make it clear that sexual assault is a serious thing and help provide a safe place for the students.
From what I have seen, the Greek Life here does a good amount for the community and for the campus.
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I haven't really done any of the activities yet, but from what I see, it's great!
The environment of the school is great. The campus is beautiful and it isn't too big or too small. My professors are all fun and easy to understand; they make getting a degree exciting and not as bad as other people say it is. I am looking forward to call this place home for the next few years.
It's been a good experience so far. Some things can definitely be improved like technology, resources, and food. But overall a good college.
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